Living with an intelligent woman is good for man's health

Living with an intelligent woman is good for man’s health

Living with an intelligent woman is good for man’s health.

Are you single and looking for a new girlfriend?

So maybe you should think about the type of woman you want to live with if you want to stay in good health.

Indeed, a serious study tells us that living with an intelligent woman is good for health.

A study by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland conducted by Professor Lawrence Whalley, Emeritus Professor of Mental Health at the College of Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Aberdeen.


So why a smart woman is going to be better for man’s health.

In fact, it is rather simple and logical.

  • A smart woman will stimulate her companion’s brain by discussing various discussion topics for example.

It will make him think, force him to ask questions, to debate, etc…

In the end, the brain of her man will work more than with a companion who would discuss nothing and spend time in front of the TV for example.

Living with an intelligent woman would have a sort of buffering effect against mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease.

A series of studies have revealed that the intellectual stimulation that keeps the brain active can help to avoid the symptoms of dementia.

A smart woman stimulated by her work or activities will push her companion into reflections and discussions that will make his brain work and keep him ealthy.

  • With her keen mind, it affects the mental health of the man who lives with her.

A man who lives with an intelligent woman would therefore live longer, would be happier and healthier.

Also know that for people over 50 years, doctors advise to take vitamin B12 supplements.

You now know that living with an intelligent woman can be beneficial to your health, it’s up to you to see if it is an option that you are interested in with your future encounters or in the choice of your next girlfriend.

You will meet intelligent women in specific flirting places, cultural exhibitions, libraries, etc…

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