ONG Social, The New Facebook Killer?

ONG Social, The New Facebook Killer?

You probably read a lot of negative or alarming news about Facebook lately.

They offer a new VPN to better spy on you, they spy on you through your smartphone microphone, their Messenger app, to sell more and more targeted advertising.

Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal, you will understand:

As soon as a company becomes too big, it’s too late, it gets out of control, you lose all your privacy.

A few times, using Facebook Messenger, they did not allow me to send some links in private messages!…
How can you censor my private messages?… They have gone too far!
So now i use other messaging apps and I will not use Facebook Messenger anymore.

Things change and so is the internet, the blockchain technology is coming and will revolutionize many things you use in your daily life.
And so is Facebook who will be replaced by new comers like ONG Social.

Facebook like other big corporations will go further and further in your private life, to the point that one day people will say enough!

The other point is that Facebook makes billions of dollars with your content and photos, but you don’t get anything from what you post every day!
It should be the other way, you should get a % of the money you help them making, like does it, you get money for every article you write!

  • So what is ONG Social?

It’s a Decentralized Social Network and also a Crypto Community.

I talk about crypto and how you can get rich with Bitcoin and crypto currencies in this article:

ONG Social is a community with privacy, encryption, and it’s also about rewarding your content through the blockchain.
Yes, you will get paid for posting content on your social profile like you do on Facebook every day but Facebook does not pay you anything for your content…

You can also publish content to all major Social Media Sites in just one click.

It’s easy to sign up, as a social network based on crypto currency, the content of the website is also connected to crypto fans and activity.
The new generation will only know crypto currencies as Fiat will probably disappear.

Like on Facebook, you can create your pages for a business, a product, etc…

You will get paid for the content you post!
That’s the main difference with Facebook also, Facebook makes money with you content but you don’t get anything back.
Blockchain will reward new comers, assure more privacy and will not censor you like Facebook does every day even in you private messages on Facebook Messenger!

But like Facebook at the beginning, blockchain and crypto currencies are not mainstream yet so it will take time to get people there.

They could think of changing the name too, ONG Social might not be the best name for a social network so maybe they will come up with a new name like Antshares became Neo for example.*

Anyway, give it a try, it’s easy to sign up and to take a look at maybe what will be the new Facebook!

It’s great to see a Social Nework that will reward its users when they post content, it’s a revolution compared to Facebook who makes billions with your content but not paying you anything back and spying more and more on your private life!

They will also have a referral link system ready soon to refer your  friends and get more rewards.

A new social network, it’s also new people to meet and new girls and women to meet then!
Flirting and dating happen on Facebook so it will on ONG Social as it will become more and more mainstream.
So, you can create your account today and start looking who’s there, you have the advantage to be an early adopter in crypto so you have the advantage to see things before everybody else.

Take a look at the users and the girls already on ONG Social.
Online dating will move from Facebook to new social networks like ONG Social.

Things change and ONG Social might change the social network landscape.

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