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What To Say To A Woman On The First Date!

What To Say To A Woman On The First Date! First Date Conversation Tips on! Flirting and dating means you have a first date with a girl with whom you managed to have a date. This can also be a little chat at an evening where you have time to talk face to face […]


The Best Dating Apps!

The Best Dating Apps! You probably already know some dating apps like Tinder among the famous ones but it does not mean it is the best dating app. A survey about dating app analyzed numbers of downloads on the apple store and google play store for Androit phones and ios, the reviews by users. The […]


The Best Online Dating Sites!

The Best Online Dating Sites! To meet women, flirt and date, you must go online yes, plenty of fish but on which online dating sites? What are the most popular online dating sites? Dating sites are a huge source of girls to meet but first you will have to hit on them on internet. Then, […]


Xiaomi Mi Mix Smartphone, Design by Philippe Starck!

Xiaomi Mi Mix Smartphone, Design by Philippe Starck! To flirt and seduce, you must impress and have class! We do not talk about driving a Ferrari but having style is also having the best high tech gadgets of the moment. It also shows that you have taste and that you equip yourself with the best […]


How To Get Back In Shape!

How To Get Back In Shape! How to go back to the gym. To flirt and date, you have to be careful to your body and get back in shape. You like women who have a nice body, a nice ass? Well, women also love men with a nice body and who pay attention to […]


Perfume is Essential when flirting and Dating!

You do not wear perfume? Well, you are wrong! Perfume or fragrance is a main part of the charm of a person, his olfactory identity. If a woman sees you first, then she will smell you! You want a woman who smelled you in your back to come around and see you to discover who […]


How to make love to a woman?

How to make love to a woman? We often think that we are already good in bed but she will not tell you if you are not making her happy and come. After flirting and dating a girl, you’ll make love to her and if you are good in bed, you will have even more […]


Increase your Chances on Dating Websites!

Increase your chances of answers on a dating site with a simple detail that we don’t always think about but that will make the difference. Studies of messages sent to the girls on dating sites show how just a detail significantly increased response rate to messages sent. Women sometimes pay more attention to small details […]

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Online Dating Tips

There are many places where you can meet girls, internet is a great place for dating and socializing. Tinder, Badoo, Parship, edarling, Match, Eharmony there are many dating sites and you will not see the same types of people on every dating website. Tinder will be for the young people, Parship for people around 40 […]


Places to meet girls!

Before flirting or dating a girl, you need to meet one! 🙂 But where? In my book Top 100 Best Flirting Tips, there is a section about places to meet girls but I will give you a few tips and advices in this blog article. The Dog Park! If you have a dog already then […]