Art of Seduction

Seduction and Art of Seduction.

Since the world is a world, whether a man or a woman, we are all looking for the ultimate weapon of seduction that will make people crush on you.

The Art of seducing and seduction are the basics of flirting: what women want.

However, flirt and seduction are most often a subtle and unexpected game.
Of course, we do not take ourselves seriously, but beware, everything is not allowed either!

So how do we proceed? Should we look as good as possible or just be natural?

Moreover, the line is sometimes narrow between being seductive and being scary!

In fact, there is no ultimate secret to be irresistible.
There is only one thing that can prevent us from doing it.

It is not because we are not beautiful enough either, or because we do not stroll in a Ferrari or that we cannot afford the capricious surgeries of certain stars, we usually make it difficult ourselves!

So this: “in love, men go hunting… women go fishing!” Like Victor Hugo said so well, let’s talk about the art of seduction!

Flirting is an art of seducing that you must work on different points.

1 When you are a woman.

Women have a way of seducing more passive than men.

If you compare to man’s manners, their play is often much more subtle.

For this, they use gestural attitudes, ranging from gaze games, to an arched posture or elbows in support.

But it may happen that men do not pick up these non-verbal signals.
In such a case, do not hesitate to take the first step.

Without playing the fatal woman, at the risk of frightening a man, you can quite approach him and start the conversation. He then takes the initiative and continues the game of seduction… or not!

2 When you are a man.

In seduction or in the art of seducing, men will rather use speech.

Even if for some of them, a simple glance is enough to make a woman fall under their charm, for others, and even for those who have not had to take the first step, verbal language is inevitable.

At this precise moment, we must no longer hide behind our shyness.

The reason is simple, if the woman has expressed her receptivity, she expects a man to demonstrate all his mediation and his art of seducing.

If it does not, she will take this indifference as a repulsion and put an end to the process of seduction.

However, when used without great intelligence, you will immediately the persistent image of the heavy annoying and indelicate seducer, using his muscles and his beautiful car to seduce women!

3 Be yourself!

Being yourself is the key that opens all doors in the art to seduction.

But let us be clear, it’s not also about just being yourself and thinking that not doing any efforts is important. Being yourself is one thing, you also need to work on the girl in front of you to win her!
Just don’t try to be someone you are not, she will see it fast.

There must be some coherence. You remain youself, you assume yourself.
You are strong, therefore you can do it.
You are not here to ask, you are here take!

No need to hide behind a mask, nor to have to wear our Super-Seducer costume.
In other words, you do not cheat in seduction!

The more you feel at ease in your own body, the more the woman will feel comfortable with you and will be more receptive to your games of seduction and your art of seducing.

4 But we show off if we are a woman!

As stated above, in the art of seduction, you have to be yourself without nevertheless remaining banal.

Also, we emphasize on our strengths without doing too much.

However, if it sounds obvious, it’s sometimes an art to stay subtle, especially for women!

The trick is to do what it takes to sublimate the beast, but without one second doubt of the accomplished job.

When seducing, makeup is important for women to look good, just some advice for women who will read this article too.

The necklines, it can be done to bet on your breast, as long as it remains mysterious and that you don’t show too much.

Your art of seduction has to go with your personality, your body and your style.

5 We leave our minds available.

Seduction is basically a state of mind.
A encounter can happen anywhere while remaining unlikely, but often it takes us by surprise!

So, you have to try to always remain available, live the present intensely, and let yourself be surprised.

Put aside all superficial prejudices and this way of pushing the other person to our predefined criteria.

Don’t think too much about seduction, you are there to know the other person, to have a good time, and especially, to have fun.

Don’t try to constantly see some signs of interest nor to measure in real time your progress in the art of seduction.

Good surprises are sometimes the least expected.
We then let ourselves be approached, or why not, we go toward someone without any prejudice in mind!

6 Understand her coded messages (Body language).

Generally, women use their gestures, femininity and body to attract men. Nothing new there.

They have codes that they send to men who spot them during flirt and seduction.
I talk about it in my ebook The Top 100 Best Flirting Tips. Body language, how to understand what a woman thinks or tries to tell you with her body and attitude.

These are nonverbal messages: laughter, passing her hand through her hair, revealing her neck… invitations that men should not neglect.
With body language, a woman tells you a lot if not everything you need to know about her when you are flirting with her.

But what is the most important is eye catching.
In the middle of the crowd and the noise, you catch her eyes, one second is enough to feel either attraction or repulsion.

Her look will tell you what she wants and if she wants you indeed!

Same thing for sex, when a woman wants sex, you can see it in her eyes, she’s asking for it when she wants you!

Looks and eye catching are decisive in the process of seduction. If attraction is present on both sides, it is a chance to take, then you go for it!

7 Seducing without looking desperate.

In the art of seduction, you must keep in mind that one of the fundamental rules is to never be in demand.

And that’s true! It is always when we are no longer alone that the others are attracted by us like flies!

Simply because you release an unstoppable subliminal message, you have self confidence, you love yourself, you don’t need anybody anymore, “don’t bother me! ”

If you don’t want to need somebody else, you must love yourself first, and to have just envy.
To be desperate and to seduce don’t go along.

The more you look in need of affection, the less you look seductive.
Even if you really lack affection, you don’t show it, it is the art of seducing.

Our needs will be met at one time or another, but maybe not now: it’s a mere delay in satisfaction!

You seduce more girls when you are not hungry nor desperate and when you know who you are, where you are heading and what you are worth.

8 Go talk to her!

At this point, the flirt and the seduction game is already well engaged.

The woman has clearly shown her attraction to you, and you, the man, has not missed her micro-body messages (body language).

Everyone then has to ignore shyness to get to the stage of conversation.

Everything can end at this moment or, on the contrary, open the doors to a beautiful story!
The content of the discussion is not of great importance.

In any case, much of the communication is based on non-verbal language.

Be careful not to talk too much about yourself and not to make jokes without any consistency.
Again, remain simple, and let everything come naturally.

9 Push yourself forward into the conversation.

There are some things you must do in conversations and in the art of seducing.
Even ordinary people can be very attractive in a discussion.

To be cultivated, to know how to play with words, …? So many assets that can seduce a sensitive and receptive person to the finesse of certain spirits.

The voice is an undeniable asset in the art of seduction, for both men and women.
Do not hesitate to work your intonation, your rhythm and your laughter.

Moreover, if you have a rather atypical accent, it can also become a fantastic weapon of seduction.
We also rely on our gestures. Your allure, charisma, elegance… All these qualities come from the way in which you manage to move your body.

In flirt and seduction, we work on our style, and we learn to have beautiful gestures.
Even better when you train to roll your eyes in order to have a peripheral look!

10 Be confident but also listen to others.

Confidence is art setting to seduce without appearing arrogant and pretentious.
In order not to cross this point, attention is paid to the other person.

To seduce and flirt is also to observe, to listen and to act.
The trick is to know how to show some interest, be simple and attentive.
In this way, we adopt confidence that is both venomous and instantly creates an addiction for the other person.

The bridge will be immediately created between you and the “prey”.
If you talk too much, she won’t be able to say one word.

If you just listen to her with a distracted ear, you will never know quite who she really is, and she will feel decidedly alone.

In short, it is only by digging the surface that you can discover treasures, and it is by going seeking desire that you will find it.

11 Use humor!

People often say, if you make a woman laugh, it means that she is almost in your bed!

And it’s equally valid for men too.

To make another person laugh is a way to show who you really are, showing that you are free, not afraid and that you have confidence!

And it’s not complicated, no need to be a professional actor to do this.

Even if you are not really good at jokes, you can always make fun of yourself, easy.

Being able to criticize and make fun or yourself proves that you do not wear a mask and do not hide yourself.

It is a proof of self awareness, it is attractive and often shows an intellectual level of high rank.

In addition, studies have shown that men who have humor and the desire to play indicate non-aggressiveness, while in women they indicate youth and fertility.

12 Keep a mysterious side.

Like you don’t tell your life to anyone, you don’t show your soul either before the first comer!
In the art of seduction, let the other one discover you little by little, we must give this person the desire to do it.

Rather than talking about everything and nothing and unpacking your whole life in her face, opt for the tactics of chosen pieces and small mysteries.

For this, there is nothing better than to rely on strong experiences or events that have profoundly affected you.

Whether it concerns the loss of a little pet, argument with your boss or your crazy passion for a romantic film who touched you a lot, go for it!

That’s how you talk about yourself truthfully, but in parsimony, while giving the other person the desire to know more. This share of secrecy certainly gives an aura of seduction, the true art of seducing.

13 Sometimes we have to silence our ego.

There is a big difference between ego and self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the assessment or judgment made of an individual in relation to one’s own worth.

We are therefore aware of what we have already accomplished, and we are proud of the result.

For fear of damaging this image of ourselves that we have built, for fear of being turned down or being rejected, we do not dare to leave our bubble. This is ego.

If self-esteem helps to put yourself up, the ego pulls you to the bottom.

The art of seducing involves a good dose of self-esteem and never an excessive ego.
We have nothing to lose, but everything to win when you get into the game of seduction.

14 We show that we are not free at all times.

The company of people who have exciting and busy lives is always solicited.
Better to play this card, giving her some space and let the relationship growing at a more measured pace.

From time to time, when she offers us to meet, we do not immediately say “YES”.

Rather, we reply that we must first see our agenda, and then only after we accept.
Even if we have nothing planned, we play it cool!

Thus, the output will be even more striking, in a single turn!

That being said, try to fill out your agenda with real events and real people

15 Remain patient.

Most of the time, in the art of seducing and in seduction, we tend to go too fast.

We talk to a particular person, but if things do not go as planned, right away, we’re not interested, and we move on to the next person.

We do not even try to go further and see if we want to overcome the obstacle.
The best thing is to arm yourself with patience, give everything, and wait for the desires to finally coincide.

It’s just a matter of time, the other person just needs to find out how great you are!
If you do not believe in it, then you can not seduce anyone.

However, there is always an exception that makes the rule: to seduce someone who seeks a serious relationship while you only want a one night stand is a fundamental error, and the reciprocal is also true.

16 Don’t blame yourself.

Because you did not know how to show interest in the girl you are interested in, you start blaming yourself.

You re-examine everything in your minds, and you regret that you did not have the right word at the right time: it would have been better to say this rather than…

Some wonder why things never turn out the way you wanted. Some even complain constantly that they have no luck.

Now stop! Stop saying “if only”, and get back to reality.

Failures are things that happen, we must admit them and simply take note of them, learn a lesson.

Even those who claim to be pros in seduction often get turned down, me too.
That’s how you learn, with practice.

But their tactics is that they try to understand why they have failed to be able to then progress and not to make the same errors in the art of seducing a woman.

Art of seducing, art of seduction, flirting, it’s a lot of work and preparation by following good advice and tips in my ebook to download, The Top 100 Best Flirting Tips.

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