The best perfumes and fragrances for men 2017

The best perfumes and fragrances for men 2017

The best perfumes and fragrances for men 2017!

The best fragrances for men 2017 to flirt with girls!

These are also the best perfumes for men to flirt and seduce women.

What are women’s favorite men’s cologne?

What are the best perfumes to date and seduce girls?

To flirt well, it is necessary to wear a good perfume, I talk about it in my ebook about flirt and seduction.

The Chanel Allure Sport perfume is one of my favorites but there are others that smell very good of course!

It also depends on your tastes or the perfume that will go with your personality.

So do not hesitate to get advice from a girlfriend or a relative by going to the store to test new fragrances.

– Chanel Allure Sport remains therefore a sure value if you are looking for a perfume that pleases women.

– 1 million from Paco Rabanne.

A spicy fragrance with a bottle that looks like a golden ling.

This is very bling bling of course, the important being what’s in it.
A very good perfume rather oriental and spicy.

A good fragrance for flirt and seduction.

– Bleu de Chanel.

Another good Chanel fragrance different from Chanel Sport.

A perfume that has an enigmatic side, to try in store to see if you like it.

– Azzaro Wanted.

A seductive perfume from Azzaro who proposes a rather woody, spicy perfume with a lime touch.

An ideal fragrance for seduction with an attractive and addictive side.

– Gentlemen only from Givenchy.

A very good perfume from Givenchy, refined and delicate.

A perfume that is not well known because there is not much advertising around this perfume.

This makes it possible to have a fragrance that women do not smell often and to be a little different or original.

– Terres d’Hermes.

A very good fragrance that stays in place among the best perfumes of 2017, a classic.

A very refined Hermes perfume, very classy.

An effective fragrance for flirting and seducing.

A sure value among the perfumes for a seducer.

– Boss Bottled Intense Hugo Boss.

A very good fragrance, elegant and addictive with a fruit touch, cinnamon or Sandalwood.

A very good fragrance to change sometimes with others in this list of the best fragrances for men 2017.

– Versace pour homme.

A perfume that I like a lot and that girls love to smell, Versace for men.

It’s the picture that illustrates this article, Versace pour homme.

A very good Versace fragrance, less strong than some of Versace fragrances which makes it an elegant and refined fragrance.

A perfume that I recommend and which is at a very good price for the quality of this Versace perfume.

– L’homme Prada.

To finish this list that could include other good fragrances, L’homme Prada, a new perfume from Prada that is a very good surprise.

A woody or even spicy fragrance that makes it a seductive fragrance.

All you have to do is go to the store to try these perfumes or to discover others.
There are a lot of perfumes on the shelf, difficult to choose, the ones I quoted in this article are among the best fragrances for men 2017 in my opinion.

Do not hesitate to get advice, a perfume is expensive then better to buy the best one for you! 😉

If you have the means, invest a little bit and have several perfumes to change every day or from time to time.

You will see the reaction of women according to the perfume you wear.

Ask a friend to go and choose with you, a friend who has good tastes of course.

Wearing a perfume or a fragrance to flirt and seduce is important but you must especially wear a good perfume and not a cheap supermarket fragrance!

Perfume is part of your personality, like your face, it is the first thing a woman will smell when you meet her or approach her!

Having a good perfume is an asset and a weapon to flirt and seduce.

A man who smells good will attract and seduce girls!

If you have other men’s fragrances to advise, feel free to write a comment at the end of this article.

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