The first thing to do in bed with a girl

The first thing to do in bed with a girl

The first thing to do in bed with a girl!

Want to be good in bed with the new girl you picked up at a club or in a bar?

You found a one night stand or you will make love with your real new girlfriend?

So you have to know what to do right from the start to get things started in bed with a girl.

Knowing how to give pleasure is knowing how to be generous in bed and in many other situations in life.

It is the same with a girl in bed, to please her from the beginning you will have to do to her what she likes or what she prefers in terms of sex.

Surveys report that to achieve more pleasure in the bed, you must give the other what she expects in bed.

This will therefore depend on what pleases your female partner but in many cases she will expect a good cunnilingus from you.
Oral sex for women is a bit like oral sex for men, if you know how to do it of course.

I also wrote an article on how to give a good cunnilingus:

Often, in bed, a man wants to go directly to the goal, penetrate, ejaculate.
In order to please a woman in bed, the first thing to do in bed is to please her and to give her what she loves.

Ask her what she likes, who knows, maybe she’ll tell you she would like something better than a good cunnilingus.

She may like you to spend time on her breast or she may be asking you for an anilingus, be prepared for anything to please your partner.

So before you get serious in bed, the first thing to do is to satisfy your girlfriend with foreplay that she likes.

Of course, in return, you can ask her for the same thing.
A blowjob, a 69, a fellatio to wake you up in the morning so you are in a good mood. 😉

Studies show that couples who enjoy foreplay and sex like that in bed have a better orgasm.

Sex is not just penetration and ejaculation, you cannot neglect foreplay and a woman’s clitoris is very sensitive.
Be careful, be gentle, learn how to give a good cunnilingus by following for example the advice of Vanessa Flores on

So you know now the first thing to do in bed with a girl, make her happy with foreplay and things she prefers in sex. You will be good in bed and make her happy.

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