Flirting with girls abroad

Flirting with girls abroad!

Flirting with girls abroad!

You can flirt in your own country but to be frank, it can be easier to flirt abroad.

Yes, when you are a foreigner elsewhere, you have more charm, you are different from the other guys that girls already know.

So, if you’re traveling, flirt with local girls, this is going to be a lot easier believe me.

Just being a foreigner does half the job, and if you come from the United-States, Canada, Australia, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, these are well-known countries abroad.

If you come from Guinea, it may be more difficult for sure.

When traveling or flying, we can already flirt, I talk about it in this article about this mobile dating app

Just on the plane or at the airport, you can flirt with girls but this may be girls from your country who also go on a trip but hey, you have to look everywhere to flirt.

So what are the best foreign countries to flirt?

We could say that all foreign countries are suitable for flirting but there are some countries where it will be easier to flirt and have a girl in bed.

If you go to Norway for example, it may be very hard, the foreigner will please girls but they will not go any further.

We must therefore choose a country more festive where the girls like to have fun and have sex, let’s say it frankly!
We do not flirt to play cards! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, what are the best countries to flirt with girls abroad?

I’ll give you a few examples, in very different styles.


A very nice country to flirt with girls who seek to meet “farang” (foreigners) often hoping to get married.

But Thai girls like to have fun, they are Buddhists and very open.

In Thailand, people like to party, girls know how to have fun and if you are a foreigner, it will interest more than one girls there.

You are going to have fun there, I guarantee you.


There too, you can meet nice and open girls but be careful, go to Bali where people are Buddhists.

The rest of the country is Muslim and you might run into problems with the locals if you flirt with girls there.

South America.

I say South America because there are many countries where you can flirt easily abroad.

Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Cuba.

Girls are hot in South America, they love to have fun, dance and make love.

You can also use mobile dating apps like Badoo or Tinder that tell you about the single girls next door to you.
An ideal tool to select girls in a country abroad and meet them on the spot to flirt with them.

These girls are waiting to meet foreign men to have fun.

Eastern European countries.

There, too, Russia, Hungary, Estonia.

The pretty girls in eastern Europe like to meet foreigners to live something different.

Russians girls meet only alcoholic men in Russia, they are happy to meet foreign men.

On the other hand, it is not Brazil or Thailand, people are much colder due to the climate in particular.
But once you get acquainted, they are very friendly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have traveled in many countries, local girls just want to have fun and meet a nice little cute foreigner!

Flirting is difficult in your own country?
Abroad, you are going to be the king of flirt!

To meet girls and flirt, travel!

Organize your next trip to flirt with girls abroad.

Go to Brazil or Thailand, you will have fun with local girls and in addition these countries are very nice to visit.
Life is cheaper too.

The best thing is to meet a local girl and travel with her so she can show you her place or her country.
In bed, she will also make you discover her local culture! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do not forget that flirting abroad can annoy the local men who will see in you someone who steals their women…
I have heard this before on a trip and it is better not to bother the locals, avoid problems with them, you are not at home.

Try to joke with them, pay them a drink or leave if necessary to avoid any conflict there.

You can find other places to flirt with girls abroad.

So, do not wait any longer to go flirting abroad, nothing better than an experience abroad with pretty local girls.

You will learn to dance Samba or Salsa and discover beautiful landscapes that will make jealous all your friends who stayed at home!

Flirting with girls abroad is a great way to meet girls and have a nice holiday!

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