Good reasons to have sex every day

Good reasons to have sex every day

Good reasons to have sex every day!

Good reasons to make love all the time, everywhere, every day.

Do we really need a good reason to make love?
Certainly not: it is generally a rather pleasant activity itself, and it would be very wrong to deprive it. But know that besides the fact that it is pleasant, sex also includes countless benefits!

Here are some good reasons for which you should make love every day: in the living room, in the bathtub, in the office, in the kitchen, in the car…

It’s relaxing.
Who is not stressed today?
During sexual activity, the body produces dopamine in quantity, a substance that has soothing effects (among others) as well as endorphins (the famous “hormones of happiness”).

A study on male rats showed that sexually active rats were less anxious than those who were sexually deprived.
We are willing to bet that it works for female rats too…

If you make love in the morning, you will feel relaxed all day until night time!

Feeling relaxed all day, you will work better also, greater performance at work thanks to sex!

You exercise.
Between work and outings, it is not always obvious to go to the gym or to have a session of swimming.

The best is sex!
Making love is a non-negligible form of physical activity: if you have sexual activity three times a week in a 15-minute session (but you know you can do better than that!), you will burn 7,500 calories in one year.

The equivalent of running 121 kilometers!
During sex, you are led to breathe harder which increases the amount of oxygen in your cells.

And you also produce testosterone which helps strengthen your bones and muscles.

It’s free!
Finally a leisure that will not make you run out of money (normally …)

Sex is one of those little joys of existence that do not cost you money, just like watching the sunset one summer evening.

You lower blood pressure.
Sex can improve your blood circulation, and also allows to oxygenate your blood without pressure!

You strengthen your immune defenses.
We already talked about this a little bit in this article.

Immunoglobulin 1, an antigen produced by the body and which in particular helps fight the flu, increases proportionally with sexual activity. In bried, make love, don’t get the flu.

It is a good way to forget someone. Or revenge. Or to make emotional blackmail…

You gain experience.
After all, it is necessary to seek to continually improve yourself?

The more you have sex, the more you will learn about it and will become good in bed.

It makes you younger.
Making love at least three times a week could make you look 10 years younger, at least according to a Scottish neuropsychologist named David Weeks.

He even wrote a whole book about it: “Secrets of the Superyoung”.

Despite this title that looks like an internet ad for a so-called miracle rejuvenation product, the guy is smart and works for the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

It’s good for your heart.
Scientists have examined the effects of regular sexual activity on patients’ hearts.

Men are about 45% less likely to have cardiovascular disease.

But the study did not succeed in studying the effects of love on the hearts of women (who, as everyone knows, is a little more complicated to understand …)
Be careful, however, if you are a cardiac person:
Having violent and infrequent sexual activity can, conversely, trigger heart attacks in sensitive individuals.

The solution is to have sex as for sport and to go progressively, regularly, and to adapt the efforts provided as a consequence of your physical capacity and your “training”. Do not improvise crazy sex for an evening!

You become more confident in yourself!
Obviously, since you are desired, it is always flattering…

It relieves pain.
Sex allows the release of endorphins, which creates a sensation of pleasure and cancels the sensations of pain.

So if you have migraine, you just need to have sex then!

On the other hand, if you have back pain, obviously, it is better to see a doctor.

Sex allows to build a certain intimacy and a feeling of mutual trust within your couple.
Sex creates a sudden influx of a specific hormone, oxytocin.

It is this hormone that is partly related to the feeling of being in love and feeling filled.

If you feel that your couple is not doing well, or you are afraid your partner will let you go, there’s nothing like a good hug under the duvet to get the train moving again.

Oxytocin creates the feeling of being close and complicit (and Cupid too).

Sex reduces the chances of cancer.
Ejaculating regularly reduces the chances of developing prostate cancer!

Frequent ejaculation is important to reduce the risks of prostate cancer, I talk about it in another article on my blog:

Women are no exception: the oxytocin of which we have spoken may also reduce the risks of breast cancer, although the result is still to be confirmed.

Sex helps you fight daily routine.
When you’re bored, nothing better than a little “sexy time” during your lunch break!

It strengthens pelvic muscles.
Pelvis muscles are very busy during sex (no need to explain you why :)).

Of course, making love allows you to exercise a variety of different muscles: quadriceps, dorsal muscles, pectorals, everything depends on the sexual positions (make your imagination work!)

Sex also helps to keep a good bladder and a good intestine.

It really looks like sex wants you to be well and healthy!

Sex helps to sleep.
The post-coitus relaxation and fatigue caused by your efforts to reach orgasm allow you to sleep well.

Sex may well become the best cure for insomniacs!

Another noteworthy fact: when men ejaculate, they naturally become lethargic and begin to sleep immediately.

Their brain releases simultaneously two hormones: serotonin and opioids which plunge them into a state of deep sleep.

Women do not seem to know this which sometimes causes some clashes…
So ladies, be understanding: it’s biological!

If you want a child, sex is still the simplest way to do it today!

So you have many good reasons to have sex every day, sex is good!

Show this article to your girlfriend or share it with friends so they know what is good about sex.

And if you don’t have a partner, start flirting and seducing or look for a one night stand but having a real girlfriend makes it easier to have sex regularly or every day if your partner is ok with it.
But having sex every day might make you tired of your partner pretty fast.

Anyway, you know that sex is good for your health, body and mind so you have all the good reasons to have sex whenever you can!

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