Healthy High Protein Diet To Build Some Muscle!

Healthy High Protein Diet To Build Some Muscle!

Importance Of Protein To lose weight or To Pack On Serious Muscle!

In order to stay in shape but especially to gain muscle in order to have a better look, let’s talk about the importance of proteins in your daily diet.

Even if you have not yet resumed to sport and fitness, it is important to eat protein daily, here are foods that are high in protein.

Small snacks rich in protein, easy to eat or to have with you.
A diet high in protein helps to gain muscle but also to lose weight in order to stay in shape and to look good.

A high protein diet is associated with decreased body fat, lower BMI (body mass index) and higher HDL (high density lipoprotein).

In addition, with a diet high in protein, you will be more satiated than with another diet where you will become hungry faster.

What foods are high in protein?


Three or four eggs a day, omelette, fried or hard boiled.
Personally, I love hard boiled eggs as a snack.

Cottage cheese.

It’s 13 grams of protein per 100 grams.

Of course, no sweet cottage cheese and 0% fat or maximum 2 or 3%.

Cottage cheese is very good, personally I love it especially with whole grains cereals.
Remember, I talk about it in an article about the importance of eating whole grains cereals to live longer.


A glass of milk has almost as much as an egg in protein nutrition.

Choose a skim milk of course if not it is too fat.

A milk with 2% fat.

Energy bars high in protein.

There are high protein energy bars that are great as a dietary supplement.

Protein bars that can do the trick like Quest Bars, Combat Bars,

Light tuna.

Light Tuna is good, eat some!

But not tuna with oil, natural tuna or light tuna that can contain up to 30 grams of protein per 100 grams of tuna.

It’s three times more than a glass of milk.

Personally, I like to eat it straight from the can or with some tomato sauce to avoid a fatty sauce with.

Turkey and chicken.

White meat is 15 grams of protein per 100 grams of poultry meat.

Eat it with salad, it is very good but not with french fries, uh!

So you got here some advice for a good diet high in protein.

Just know the high protein foods that you should eat every day.

We often talk about high protein diets but often people do not know about high protein foods and which one to eat.

Eggs, milk, chicken, tuna, Cottage cheese, some foods easy to memorize to make small snacks or meals with these foods.

Eating high protein food when you do sports or even if you do not, they are very good for your body and limit the fat intake.

You just have to avoid adding them with fatty products like french fries with chicken, mayonnaise with tuna.

You can take a break sometimes to stay motivated with your diet otherwise the pounds come back quickly if you let it go again!

A diet is to lose pounds or to keep you in shape or to gain muscle if you do weight training.

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