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Flyover Country Mobile App

The Flyover Country Mobile Application

The Flyover Country Mobile Application. Sometimes, when you travel by plane, you look outside the window and you wonder where you are or what you are seeing at the moment. Unless the captain tells you where there plane is at this moment, there is no way you will know where you are. And if you […]


The new Huawei Watch 2

The new Huawei Watch 2. In another article, I told you about the Apple Nike smartwatch. To flirt with girls, you need to have style, class to be noticed by girls. People have to envy you, not pity you, forget about smartphones with a broken screen, a watch that looks cheap, etc… On my website, […]

Closing apps on your iphone is not only unnecessary, it's harmful

Closing apps on your iphone is not only unnecessary, it’s harmful!

Closing apps on your iphone is not only unnecessary, it’s harmful! Did you know it? I did not… Closing apps on your iphone does not save your battery life, it damages your battery life. This time, you can really stop closing your iOS applications running in the background. It does not save battery power. Worse, […]

How to make your phone's battery last longer

How to make your phone’s battery last longer

How to make your phone’s battery last longer. For good flirting, you need a good smartphone, I talk about it in many articles on this flirting tips website in the high tech section. https://bestflirtingtips.com/high-tech. A smartphone is a bit like your wingman when you flirt. You need to have a smartphone that makes good impression […]


New LG G6

New LG G6. To flirt and seduce girls, you need to have a good smartphone. Don’t go out flirting with a cheap phone, broken screen, etc… The LG G6 is a very good smartphone with a big screen, 5.7 inches. If LG knows how to make good smartphones, it is always difficult to be in […]


The New Apple Watch Nike

The New Apple Watch Nike! Apple unveiled a special Nike+ edition of its new smartwatch Series 2. When flirting with girls, you need to have class with a cool look, I say it in my ebook about flirt and seduction and also in my articles in this blog. Having a cool smartphone is one thing, […]


The New Huawei P10

The New Huawei P10. In a previous article, I was talking about the new Xiaomi MI6 (https://bestflirtingtips.com/new-xiaomi-mi6/), so there is the new Huawei P10 which came out recently and which is a direct competitor of the Xiaomi MI6 or The Samsung S8 and Iphone 7. Of course, as for the Xiaomi MI6, the Huawei P10 […]


The New Xiaomi MI6

The New Xiaomi MI6! Xiaomi announced the release of its new super powerful smartphone with 6GB of RAM! Flirting tips but also style advice in order to have a classy look with top accessories. The new Xiaomi MI6 seems to be a pretty smartphone and very powerful. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Ultra Powerful Processor! Dimensions: 145.2 […]


New Samsung Galaxy S8

The New Samsung Galaxy S8, it is here, it is beautiful. To flirt and hit on girls, you must have class and style. I never repeat it enough, your look is important and having a beautiful mobile phone that gives you style is a must have when you go hit on girls. As a pretty […]


The Best Smartphones 2017

The Best Smartphones 2017. Well, 2017 is not over yet but let’s see which are the best current smartphones. Like I say in my ebook, look, style, class are important to flirt and seduce. You have to make a good impression and the first impression is always the most important one. A nice watch, a […]