How to approach and flirt with a pretty girl

How to approach and flirt with a pretty girl

How to approach and flirt with a pretty girl.

How to seduce a pretty woman.

How many times have you not seen, came across or noticed a pretty girl that you wanted to approach and flirt with but did not do it.
And then telling yourself for days, “Hey, why I did not approach this pretty woman or went to talk to her!”
And thinking about it from time to time with regret even after a long time.

Approaching and flirting with an unknown girl can be a difficult thing to do while approaching and flirting with a pretty girl can make the thing even more difficult.
Her physique and her look impress, you tell yourself that a pretty girl is inaccessible to the common human that you are.

You think that this girl is very pretty, I have no chance.
Or, this girl is beautiful, but what I will be able to tell her to approach her and flirt with her.
What to say or what to do to be credible when you want to flirt with a pretty girl or approach a pretty woman.

But why would flirting with a pretty girl be different from flirting with a normal girl or a less beautiful woman?
One could say that there is no reason that flirting with a pretty girl should be different than flirting with a girl with less attractive physique.

We think this because a girl who is pretty is clearly aware of it, feels watched, desired, and other women are jealous of her.
We can therefore think that a pretty girl is going to expect more from men who approach her to flirt with her.
It may be true, there are surely some pretty girls who say that it will be more difficult to seduce them or to even approach them.

A pretty girl looks for sincere love.

A lot of guys do not hesitate to approach them but often in an inappropriate way, thinking that they know how to do it, saying something like “Hello pretty!”
Their big mistake is that a pretty girl is also looking for sincere love and especially not to be approached in relation to her physique of which she is already well aware that it is more attractive than other girls.

This will be one of your advantages when flirting with an attractive woman, not making the same mistakes that those who awkwardly approach these pretty women.

We often have prejudices about pretty girls and the apprehension of going to flirt with an attractive woman.
It is often said that a pretty girl expects to be approached by a handsome man and not a normal guy, simple, mister everybody.
But we often meet pretty girls with precisely normal men who knew how to flirt with a pretty girl.

Beautiful or not, a woman will look for sincere love and not especially a beautiful guy who will only have his physique to offer in a romantic relationship if he does not bring her what she really seeks in a man.

Many men do not dare to approach a pretty girl.

On the other hand, we often hear pretty girls say that men do not dare to approach them and flirt with them (the models in particular).
Pretty, attractive, pretty girls impress men who say they have no chance to flirt with them and to seduce a pretty girl!

It’s on this point that you have to make a difference and to flirt with a pretty girl!
Play on the fact that no one dares to approach a pretty girl and to flirt with her.
If many men do not hesitate to approach and flirt with a pretty girl on the internet because there is no direct physical contact, they are much less likely to try to approach and to flirt with a pretty girl in the street, in a shopping center, bar or café terrace.

Flirting with a pretty girl on the internet will seem easier and if she is not interested, you do not get turned down like you would be in a normal place to flirt with girls.
We think that if she answers, it’s great, if not, too bad but in real life, candidates to approach and flirt with a pretty girl are much rarer, it makes sense.

Still, why leave the chance to another while you might perhaps flirt and seduce this pretty girl that you like!

Being handsome is not enough to flirt with a pretty girl, be yourself, sincere and with confidence, you can approach and flirt with a pretty woman.

  • Concretely, there is the apprehension of approaching a pretty girl and flirting with her.
    Then there is the concrete aspect of flirt, how to approach a pretty girl, how to flirt with a pretty girl.

As I talk about it in my ebook about flirt and seduction, there are various important points in your preparation to go flirting with girls.

In the case of a pretty woman, you will also have to prepare yourself physically and look after your style.

How to seduce a pretty woman.

1. Improve your look.

In my book or in other articles on this site, one of the main flirting tips is of course your look, your style.

Be clean, smell good, nice haircut.

All these details that a girl will see first in you, the first impression is always the most important one as I often repeat.

The girl you are going to approach is going to look at all these details, and the girls have the eye for that.
What may seem trivial to us may be a very important and revealing detail for a woman about your personality.

Nails badly cut and badly maintained for example, we do not put gel nails on our nails, we often neglect to do a manicure or a pedicure but women will look at this kind of detail and especially your nails.

Your hairstyle, if you don’t have a nice haircut, it is the same, if a girl sees you as someone neglected, it is negative for you.

Smell good, how often I repeat this too, wear a good deodorant and especially a good perfume like Chanel Allure Sport.
Women are very sensitive to perfume, if you wear a good one, they immediately notice it, you score points directly.

A perfume can play a diversionary role, if there are physical elements that you want to minimize, a good perfume will focus her attention. It is a very positive aspect that girls notice, you are considered a man who has taste and knows how to take care of yourself.

And if you approach a pretty girl who may also pay attention to her look, it’s better to show that you too do the same.
If you just look normal physically, you have to work on other points that will make you look better and send positive signals to the pretty girl you want to flirt with.

You have to put forward positive things if your physique is not your best advantage for example.

Do not forget your breath and your teeth.
Have white teeth and a good breath.

This means brushing your teeth several times a day with a good toothpaste like Fluocaril.

An anti-bacterial mouthwash that refreshes your breath as well.

Have sugar-free mint candy on you, this will be useful when you approach or talk to a girl.
(Sugar free to protect your teeth from cavities.)

You do not want to have the breath of a camel when you flirt with a girl and especially with a pretty one.

I often see men who neglect all the points I have just discussed, work on them to improve your look and put all the best things on your side when you approach a girl to flirt with her.

Invest in nice clothes.


Another point to put forward, your clothes and your look.

A girl will notice a man who has style even if he is not super handsome, she will see other details about him that make him an interesting man.

Wear nice clothes, classy, invest a little bit of money if necessary, get advice from a friend who has taste.
This is the best way to buy clothes that will appeal to girls when you go flirting.
That’s what I do and it’s one of the best flirting tips, go shopping with a friend or (girl) friend who has taste for fashion and clothes.

There are also lots of shops with nice clothes and cheap prices.
We quickly tend to neglect our look, we do not want to spend time or ask for advice and we end up with washed-up shirts in which you feel good but unsuitable for flirt and seduction.

There are also great deals to find on the internet, sites with online sales, destocking brands, etc…
Spend some time improving your look and you will see the difference in the look of girls and with your entourage.

To prepare yourself physically before going flirting, it is quite some work as I say in my ebook about flirt and seduction to download.

Your look, perfume, nails, hairstyle, important details that count in flirt and that girls notice right away!
A nice hairstyle can completely change your look and your power of seduction, just find a good hairdresser who will know how to cut your hair so as to give you a better look!

A pretty girl wants to be with a man who pays attention to his look, that has style without however having to be super handsome but who has some style in her company.

Flirting accessories.


A nice watch, a nice smartphone.

I also talk about it in other articles and in my flirting advice.

These are accessories that girls notice, there are nice watches and not very expensive.
Or a connected watch, a smartwatch like Armani or an Apple Watch Nike, you will attract attention and curiosity.

A good smartphone too, do not go out an old and broken mobile phone, you will look cheap!
And no need to have the latest Iphone either, there are Samsung phones, Huawei, Xiaomi that are as good as an Iphone and half price!
See my high tech section and smartphones that I recommend:

And to take a selfie with a girl you are flirting with, or to show her something on your smartphone, to take her phone number, you need to have a nice mobile phone, not a smartphone with a broken screen.

Enhance your look through all the details that the girls will notice.
These physical details or accessories will put you forward in a positive way when you approach and flirt with a girl.
You draw her attention to what you want her to notice.
First your look, clothes, watch, hairstyle.
Then she will smell a good fragrance on you.
Your breath must then be impeccable as I said before.

Work all these physical details upstream to optimize your look and seductive power when approaching a girl.

2. Confidence.

The stress of approaching a girl and especially a pretty girl is the topic of this article.

We hesitate to approach a girl we like and then we regret it.

So do not hesitate to do it otherwise the regret is even worse than being turned down, doubt and regret not knowing if this girl would have accepted your proposition!

An important point with a pretty girl is that many men do not dare to approach them.
The fact of approaching her, surprises her, which must therefore be an element that must help you to approach a pretty girl precisely.

The surprised girl sees in you a man who dares to approach her, she sees in him a confident man who has audacity in approaching her.
If this is done the right way of course and not approaching her telling her that she is pretty. (She already knows it.)

So, to have confidence in yourself, think of the fact that many men just do not dare to approach her.

Nor should you wait, asking yourself too many questions, it increases stress and hesitation to go and approach her.
If you see a girl you like, do not wait and especially that another guy will perhaps do it before you and you will hate to have waited too long.

A pretty girl attracts eyes and pretenders, a man by his reproductive instinct is naturally attracted by a pretty girl in order to make beautiful children.
And to spend a good time in bed with her of course. 😉

To improve your confidence in yourself, you can train yourself by approaching girls that you are not interested in.
This allows you to practice your flirting technique, you art of seduction, the fact that she rejects you is not important, you did not want her from the beginning.
It is a very good flirting exercise, training to flirt and seduce.

Many men do not think about it but yet everybody needs training in any sporting or professional activity in order to be ready and performing.
Flirt and seduction is the same, train yourself to be better and have more confidence in you.
With training, approaching a girl becomes much easier even if it does not have to become an automatism and tackle everything that moves around you!

Spend some time talking with girls, it’s also a good training by becoming familiar with the feminine gender precisely.

We talk about having confidence when you will approach a pretty girl you like in order to flirt with her.

When you approach a girl, you have to show that you are confident and not the other way around, appear shy and hesitant gives you the image of a man who does not trust himself and a woman looks for a real man and wants to feel secured by his side.

If you approach a pretty girl, do not put extra pressure compared to another girl, this girl is exactly like you, she is not superior to you because her physique is more attractive than another girl.

3. How to approach a pretty girl.

How to approach and flirt with a pretty girl

Which flirting technique to approach a pretty girl?

Well,  the same flirting technique you would use to approach a girl with normal physique!

There is no pressure to have, she is a person like you or like other girls, that is what must be kept in mind.

If you have worked the flirting tips regarding your look and physique, you will score points with her from the start.
She will notice these details as I explain at the beginning of the article.

To approach and to flirt with a pretty woman, check out many flirting tips and seduction advice that I give you in many articles and in my ebook about flirt and seduction available at Amazon or other ebook stores like

And as explained just before about the confidence to have in yourself, if her attractive physique can give her some assurance when she is approached by men, the fact of approaching her normally shows that you have confidence in yourself to approach a pretty girl precisely!

If it is not you, it will be another guy who will do it so do not leave your chance to a competitor.

Look for eye contact.

Depending on where you are, bar, club, beach, etc…

Always seek first for visual contact to attract her attention.
You want to flirt an interested girl, look for eye contact, and observe her body language.

In seeking visual contact, you send her a signal and wait to have hers.

A girl who notices your eye contact will observe you and if there is a visual feedback or she does not show complete refusal to cross your eyes, you can go and approach her and initiate contact. The flirt can start.


When making eye contact, smile.

Smile when you approach her too, smile is contagious and communicative!
She wants to be approached by a nice guy, sociable, smiling, who invites her to have a discussion and to have a good time.

That’s why I talk about taking care of your teeth at the beginning, have white teeth for a beautiful smile when you flirt.
Make your teeth whiten if necessary, it does not cost very much.

Smiling, you give a positive image of you, a man who smiles at a woman will reassure her about his attentions, being open and friendly.

Look at her in the eyes.

This is a very important detail, someone who avoids eye contact does not trust himself, is shy or afraid to confront the other.

But you are the one who is flirting with girls, you have to show that you control the situation precisely by looking at her in the eyes, visual contact.

You must use your eyes to flirt and seduce a woman.

Looking at her in the eyes, you make her understand that you want her, she will feel it in your eyes precisely.

If you are in a bar, go and toast with her with a smile to approach her if you have initiated a visual contact.
Don’t surprise her coming from nowhere.

Look at her in the eyes also for the fact that you should not look at her body, if she notices it, your flirting plan is pretty much compromised.
If it is a pretty girl, it’s tempting to watch her ass or her breast, it’s normal, we are not attracted by her brain when we approach and flirt with an unknown woman.

She must not think that you approach her for her physique because being pretty is what she most suspects when a man approaches her and flirts with her.
You have to stand out from others just by showing that you are interested in her and not her physique.

Looking at her in the eyes, smiling, in addition to the details about your look and style, you havethe best advantages to flirt with a pretty girl.

Make her laugh.

You can approach her by asking her if she often comes here, or talk about something that she is wearing.
Girls love compliments about them, about clothes she chose for example but nothing about her body or physique of course!

A woman who laughs is halfway in bed!

Be funny to flirt with a pretty girl precisely.

This is also valid for a pretty woman, girls love to have fun and pretty women too.

The smile will already be a positive point, the next step is to make her laugh to seduce her.

A girl who spends a good time with you will appreciate you right away, that sociable, festive and friendly side that girls look for in a man.

You can read my article on how to make a girl laugh:

If you are with friends, this can also help, a girl who sees you having fun with friends, being sociable makes you an attractive man by his sympathetic and communicative side.

By discussing with her, you will then see what is the outcome, there is nothing guaranteed, she will be interested or not.
You can also approach and flirt with a pretty girl to realize that you are not interested in her in the end for various reasons.

The important thing is to try, to approach her as if you were approaching a normal girl.
A pretty girl is not exceptional except maybe her physique but inside, it is a woman like the other ones who are looking for a nice boyfriend with whom to have a good time.

That’s what to keep in mind, she drinks, eats, sleeps like you and the other girls.
To approach her is to show her that you have the confidence in yourself to do it and the audacity to flirt with her while she can impress many men.

It is this effect of surprise that can make a difference when you flirt with a pretty girl, to see a man who dares to approach her by showing her that he has confidence by looking at her in the eyes.

If you spotted a pretty girl at the beach, see my article on how to flirt with girls at the beach:
There is a good way to approach and flirt with girls at the beach.

If you saw a pretty girl on the street, do not ask yourself too many questions before it is too late to approach her, see my article on how to approach a girl on the street:

You do not want to regret not having approached a pretty girl in the street, in a park, in the mall or elsewhere.
It is better to be turned down than to tell yourself for a while that she might have agreed to be seduced by you if you had approached her right away.

4. Flirting with a pretty girl on the internet and Facebook.

Approaching and flirting with a pretty girl can happen in many different places.

And there is also internet or Facebook to flirt with a pretty girl.
One day, you will probably flirt with a pretty girl online or it already happened.

It’s about online dating and how to flirt on the internet.
I also have a section on my site about it with plenty of flirting tips to seduce girls on the internet.

A little like improving your look to approach a pretty girl, on the internet, you will have to look after your photos and especially the profile photo of course, it seems obvious.

Put some nice holiday photos, original photos, something different in order to impress.

When you go somewhere or on vacation, consider taking original photos. (Pretty landscapes, festivals, animals, etc…)
You want to show a sociable image of you, with friends and someone who does activities or original things in order to stand out especially if you flirt with a pretty girl on the internet.

If your profile looks like all the other ones, girls won’t be attracted to you and especially not a pretty girl who gets a bunch of messages every day.

So think about putting different things that make you a man that stands out.
If you want to attract and flirt with a pretty girl, you need to have something different compared to the other guys in line.

And when you send her a message, look for clues on her profile in order to talk to her about something that she is interested in to arouse her interest so that she answers you.

Read the articles in the online dating section for more information:

Anyway, you have here some good flirting advice to flirt with a pretty girl and to seduce a pretty woman!

Work on these flirting and seduction tips, work on your look, your confidence (do sports if you need, it releases stress and it will relax you).
Practice with other girls to improve your flirting and seduction technique.

The art of seduction demands work to optimize your physical attraction and your power of seduction.

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