How to approach and flirt with a woman at the supermarket

How to approach and flirt with a woman at the supermarket

How to approach and flirt with a woman at the supermarket.

How to approach a woman at the grocery store.

How to seduce a woman at the supermarket.

You can flirt and seduce anywhere, you can meet a girl you like on the street, at the mall and at the supermarket too.

Do not leave a chance to flirt with a girl you spotted and the supermarket is a place where you meet a lot of single girls (or not).

You went shopping, you might go back with a girl!
You just need the right flirting technique at the supermarket.

There is the shopaguy dating site, why not a shopagirl at the supermarket then? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s see how to approach a girl and how to flirt at the supermarket, whether planned or unintentional by accidentally spotting a pretty girl you like in the chips section.

Here are some flirting tips for the supermarket.

Put on some perfume!

At the supermarket, no need to be super well dressed even if it is better to have a good look, it remains important.

On the other hand, for me, there is a super important thing in this kind of place to flirt, it is perfume!

You will meet girls at the supermarket shelves, you want them to notice you and I can tell you that a good perfume will excite more than one of them when you pass by them.

If a girl smells a good fragrance passing by her or if you are next to each other at a shelf, she will turn around to see who is wearing this super nice fragrance that smells so good.

Perfume is your wingman in a supermarket if you want to flirt with girls there.

Put on enough to make sure that when you go around the supermarket, girls can smell it and notice you, this is the most important flirting advice for me in a supermarket.

  • The good reasons to flirt at the supermarket or the grocery store.

Everybody goes to the supermarket or the grocery store especially women and single women.

Looking for your favorite pasta, you will come across a beautiful woman doing just the same so the supermarket is a great place to approach woman and to flirt.

Read my flirting tips at the supermarket and you will see that it is a great place to pick up girls.
You just need the right flirting technique to do it.

  • Most women go to the supermarket alone.


You hate to be turned down by girls at a bar or in a club?

So many guys around hitting on girls that flirting is a nightmare?

Well, at the supermarket, girls shop alone so it’s not like looking for a girl at a bar who is aware of being watched by many guys.

In a supermarket, women are not in a flirting place like a bar or a club so they are not in the same mood.

Check out their basket or cart. A woman pushing a cart will take her time to shop and walk around the supermarket.
It gives you time to see where she is going, what she is looking at to approach her in the right section like I will explain later in this article.

A woman with a basket might be in a hurry and it might be more difficult to approach her and to flirt with her.

A woman who is not in a hurry will be more available to talk to you.

On the other hand, a basket might indicate you that she is single as she does not need to buy many items.
So, you can also look and see what she is doing and approach her in a section of the supermarket.

Looking at what is in the basket also gives you an idea if she is single or not.
If she starts to buy baby food, you know that she has a kid then…

  • Women don’t expect to be hit on or approached in a supermarket!

Like I was saying before, a supermarket is not a bar or a club, women don’t go there to hit on by men.
And they don’t expect to be approached by a guy to flirt with them.

When a girl goes out in a club or a bar, she will dress up, put on some make up, make herself look beautiful.
She will have fun, drink and wait to be hit on by guys to flirt with her.

At the supermarket, women just go grocery shopping! They need to buy food just like you.
They are dressed normally and buy things.

So, they really don’t expect to be hit on by a guy in the chips section. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you compliment a girl in a bar, she will take it as something that was expected as you try to flirt with her.
In a supermarket, the girl will be surprised to be complimented by a guy at the check-out line.

She is then open for a discussion with you as there is no stress around her, no other guys looking to flirt with her.
Just a nice guy who comes to compliment her in a supermarket.

Later, when you will see her again in fruits section, she will be more open to give you her phone number. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • You have many things in common to share in a supermarket or a grocery store.

How to approach a woman at the grocery store

Just like you, a woman goes buy chips, meat, milk, wine, etc…

So, a supermarket is a place where you have this in common with all the people there and the women especially.
Talking about food is the best way to approach a woman in a supermarket and to flirt with her.

You see a girl holding two different packs of chips, and she does not know which one to choose?

Approach her and tell her: “Lays are a classic but Doritos are so good!”

Be funny and smile when you go talk to her, she will smile back.
She might be surprised to see someone coming to talk to her about chips but being funny and smiling will make her feel comfortable.

Food is a great way to approach and talk to a girl in a supermarket.
That’s why a supermarket is a great place to flirt and seduce women, you already have the discussion topic right there.
You know that she will be interested in your discussion because you will talk about something she is looking at to buy.

It looks natural to her but you are flirting with her!

Being funny or giving her an advice will surprise her and make her smile.

You spotted a pretty girl in the cheese section?
Ask her if the Emental cheese is good.
Tell her that you have a dinner with friend tonight and that you are looking for a good different cheese than usual.

Women love to give advice and to help, maybe their maternal instinct.

That’s another great way to approach and to start a discussion with a woman at the supermarket.
Food again, but this time, you ask for her advice, it also looks natural but you are in fact flirting with her.
And if she is in the cheese section, it means that she likes cheese and she is interested in it.

The best way to approach a woman in a supermarket to flirt with her is to go talk to her about a product that she likes ou wants to buy.

She does not feel like she is being hit on by a guy to flirt, it looks natural.

Don’t forget your smartphone to take her number.

  • The best places in a supermarket to approach a woman and to flirt with her.

The line for check-out.

If there a line, you can stand behind a girl that you spotted before.

But be natural, don’t be creepy like you are following her.

You don’t have to approach her but to position yourself behind her and wait like everybody does.
It will look natural, like you are waiting to pay too but in fact you have a target in line.

You can start a conversation saying that you thought it would be an express line to check out.
Say it being funny like it’s always long to wait in line to check out.

A great topic discussion with a girl at a supermarket as she does not want to wait either.
She has time to talk to you as she has to wait her turn to pay so it’s a great opportunity to approach a girl in a supermarket and to flirt with her.

But don’t wait for her turn to pay, she will be busy with her items and will not be able to talk to you.
You have to talk in line, but you can maybe help her afterwards with her grocery shopping, we will see that later.

  • Another good section to approach a girl in a supermarket is the wine section.


A man who knows wine is sexy for a woman, for them, it means that he has taste for delicate things.

Wines are complicated even for many men and even more for women who generally know nothing about it.

If you know a little about it like me, the wine section is the perfect place to flirt with a girl in a supermarket.
You will save her from this hard time which is to choose a red wine or a white wine.

Like a knight, you make her gain time by helping her choose the right wine.

  • The deli section.

You are waiting in line with her for the butcher to call your number.

Ask her what meat or sausage she suggests for something special and see what she tells.

Again, you approach her for advice, girls love to give advice, their maternal side surely. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As you have time while waiting for your turn, the deli section can be a good place to approach and flirt with a girl in a supermarket.

  • Helping women in a supermarket.

Women shop alone at the grocery store or at the supermarket.

They won’t might some help from a nice guy!

Many guys tend to forget to be a gentleman sometimes as we oftent say that women don’t go for nice guys but love bad guys.

If you see that she is not tall enough to catch something, go help her.
You will get a big smile and a great opportunity to start a conversation.
She be happily surprised to get some help from a man in a supermarket.
I often do it in a supermarket, it works great!
A good samaritan is always welcome.

It also looks natural but you are in fact flirting with her again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

If the handle of her bag just broke, go help her as nobody else will…
She will be grateful to you and it’s a great way to start a conversation.
Luck happens, in some situations in a supermarket, you will not even have to approach her, shopping will make thing happen.

Be confident, be nice and smile with girls in a supermarket.
They are shopping alone and will be happy to get some help if needed.

When you wait in line to check out, you can propose her to go in front of you.
She will probably say no but it’s another way to start a conversation naturally at the supermarket.
She sees that you are being nice so it makes her feel comfortable if you start talking with her.

  • Did i convince you that a supermarket is a great place to flirt with girls.

The supermarket is a fantastic place to meet and pick up girls but many guys don’t even think about it.
Women shop alone and don’t expect to be approached and to be hit on buy men there.

Your approach looks natural, you go talk to her about things she wants to buy or you ask her for advice about something she knows.
The discussions topics are right there, easy.

You could also flirt with the cashier but that’s another story, this article is about approaching and flirting with women at the supermarket or the grocery store, the customers.

If you follow these flirting tips and seduction advice at the supermarket, you could go back with a girl in your cart instead of grocery shopping. (Joking of course) ๐Ÿ˜‰


Remember that you can flirt and seduce anywhere, at the beach, at the airport, in the street, on the plane.

You do not know where you are going to meet a pretty girl, so you have to approach her and flirt with her according to the circumstances in order to seduce her.

Flirting at the supermarket is a great opportunity to meet girls.

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