How to attract girls

How to attract girls

How to attract girls.

How to attract women, physically and mentally.

You don’t have to be a top model to attract girls.

In the following lines, you will discover how to do it, to attract the women you want to seduce.

But above all how to attract girls in general.

Maybe all this seems like a test.
Maybe you think that all this “looks hard”.

Many men find it complicated.

Many men feel they do not understand women.
But you will see that it is not so complicated.
It’s very easy when you know how it works.

You will soon have all the cards in hand to attract girls.

How to be physically attractive to girls.

Many guys are wondering how to attract girls when you are ugly…
And they should not.
In fact, we men, we tend to believe that we must be a pure handsome guy to seduce girls.

And do you know why?
Just because that’s how girls are chosen.
Often, you are first attracted to a girl because she is beautiful physically.
Then, there is a tendency to think that girls also select guys on the same criterion: his body and physical attraction.

That would be lying to you to say that physical attraction does not count.
Because yes, it counts. But not the way you think.

The important thing is not your “beauty” in the proper sense, but it is the image you send back:
The way you dress, the way you comb your hair, your hygiene, etc…
But also your way of talking, your way of looking, etc…
That’s why to please girls, you have to look after your image.

A girl must feel that you are taking care of your appearance.
She must feel that you will be able to take care of her.
That’s why you have to look after your appearance.

I talk a lot about it in my ebook about flirt and seduction.

A guy somewhat “ugly” can quickly become handsome if he takes the time to build an attractive look.
But there is a trap in which you must not fall: you must be careful not to overdo it.
Because if you take TOO much care of you, this could provide the opposite effect.

If they feel that you spend too much time in the bathroom, they will see you as a girl.
It is the girls who spend two hours in front of the mirror before going out, not you.

This is why you should always be careful to add a little touch of neglect.
In such a way that they can say to themselves:
“He did not pay attention to all the details, it means he did not spend 3 hours preparing himself, he is naturally like that.”

Concretely, adding a little touch of neglect can consist of:

Not to be totally shaved, to have a 3 days beard (a great classic, it must be years that I always keep a small beard of 3 days).
Wear sneakers a little worn (especially if they are white).
Have hair disheveled (use wax, not gel, it’s more natural).

Be careful, I said you must look a little neglected.
Do not fall into total neglect.

Avoid greasy hair, unbrushed teeth, etc…
In short, do not skimp on hygiene.

So to summarize: you have to care about your look.

How to attract girls on the psychological level.

Open yourself to their world, a female world.

To be able to attract effectively, you are going to have to show them that you can connect a minimum with them.
As with your buddies.

You will show them that you have some things in common.
That you have some interests in common.

I see you coming, you may say to yourself: “But what interests would I have in common with girls? (Apart from sex… and kids, of course)

Maybe you do not have one yet.
This is why you are going to open up to the world of these ladies (on the other hand, open-mindedness is an essential element to develop your charisma).

Concretely, you are going to be interested in girls’ stuff… to have matter to discuss with them.

To do this, you will occasionally throw a little glance at women’s magazines and news/people.

You will see, some of these magazines are really fun and interesting to read. Especially stories about famous couples (Gossip, they love it) and other seduction stories (because yes, women also are interested in seduction).

In short, these women’s magazines will give you material to discuss.

If you feel like you do not understand women or never know what to talk about with them, consider these magazines as gold mines.

Here are some examples:

Cosmopolitan, Closer, etc…

I reassure you, you do not need to spend hours there (you should not turn yourself into a girl of course…).

An hour or two a week is enough.
Maybe a little more at first (if you are new to flirting and ​​seduction).

Men who are interested in things that arouse women’s interest are men who attract women.

One last thing:

With girls, avoid from your discussions the typical guys stuff like soccer, cars, etc…
Because they do not care.
It does not make them vibrate.

Use your humor instead.

Humor is a formidable weapon of seduction.
“A woman who laughs is halfway in bed”.

Humor relaxes everybody. Don’t forget to smile.

Watch some one man show to find some ideas about humor to make girls laugh.

You will see that over time, you will develop a humor of your own that will make you a magnet for girls.

It is not about becoming a clown:
Women must not laugh at you, they must laugh with you.

Be confident!

It is a rather simple advice, but if you look closer, you can easily see why male confidence is terribly sexy!

First: How to be confident and how to be attractive?

To show that you are confident:

– Say what you think.

– Walk with your body straight, hands out of your pockets.

– Proudly smile when you see women you like.

– Speak up.

– Be at the center of a group and show yourself as the leader of this group of friends.

– Go talk to girls you have never met.

– Act strong, manly and charming and you will become confident!

– Be positive and funny!

You have here some key elements to attract girls.

There are more flirting tips and seduction advice in my ebook to download.

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