How to be romantic

How to be romantic

How to be romantic.

Women need romantism.

What is being romantic?

Tips to be romantic and seduce the girl that you are flirting with or to be romantic with your girlfriend if you already have one.

Women often complain that men (or their man especially) are not romantic enough or not romantic at all.

A woman needs romanticism, it’s like that.
Many men are not romantic, do not want to be or do not know what to do to be romantic.

A little bit of sweetness in this brutal world, your girlfriend or the girl you are flirting with will love to see you be romantic with her.

For many men, it is not easy to forget their selfishness to love their girl in the manner of the great romantic guy.

That’s what many women complain about, their boyfriend is not romantic enough or not romantic at all!

However, we must endeavor to be a romantic lover the most “acceptable” way.
I’m going to give you some explanation.

Being romantic means constantly looking for the satisfaction of your beautiful girlfriend.

Giving her the feeling of being unique.

It is necessary that she feels that you have eyes only for her, that without her you would be completely lost, and that it will be like this forever.

How to show her that she is unique and irreplaceable? The response is in you.

Do you really like her more than anything?
Do you really make her happy? If this is the case, let your heart speak… and keep reading these lines.

Women say that a romantic man is “magical”.
That a romantic relationship is “magical”, that having the impression to be unique, it is “magic”.
A short guide to romanticism for men to help you to be romantic.

Being romantic, obviously, it’s not being a magician. Doing card tricks will not help you much.

But gentle attentions, nice words, gifts and kindness are true philters of love.
There is the true magic of romantism. That’s why she wants you to be romantic.

• A romantic man also knows the key to eternal love.
Life is its ability to give emotion and transmit your own emotions.

How to offer her all this emotion, this magic, and this sensation of being unique?
To be romantic, you need to know your partner by heart.

  • What are her tastes, her desires, her preferences, her ambitions?
  • What are her needs, expectations, his hopes?
  • What are her strengths and weaknesses?
  • What makes her happy or sad?
  • Being romantic is an exciting work of detective.

Once you have deciphered her emotional codes, you can offer her exactly what will please her.
You will know what to do to be romantic with her but it will take time to be romantic, duration, every day.
One can not be romantic for three months, and then become a dull, self-centered being, forgetting the importance of being sensitive, attentive, exalted, passionate and idealistic…
The romantic guy lives for the beloved in a long-term logic.

• Trust is also essential.
Your beautiful must be sure that your love story is based on solid foundations and common objectives, that you are reliable and that you will remain faithful all your life.

She wants to feel safe, and she has to have confidence in yourself to surrender to you, without worrying the next day. Uncertainty does not allow development of a harmonious relationship.

The know-how to be a romantic man.
Let us now see what it is necessary to DO and BE, to be called a romantic guy.
Being romantic is above all a state of mind, a way to behave.

• The romantic guy must be present!
If you go fishing on weekends, if you are a little too often with friends.
If you get home from work exhausted, or if you read your newspaper when she tells you about her day, you are not present enough.
A girls wants to see that you are there when she needs.

In other words, be there, physically and intellectually when she needs you.
Especially when she does not feel good, or feels depressed.
It is better to cancel a mountain bike outing with friends than leave your girlfriend alone with her problems.

• The romantic boyfriend must listen to his beautiful partner.
Women kike to talk, even when they have nothing to say, they like to discuss their worries and fears.
And find within you an understanding ear and a shoulder to rest.
Be available, even if you do not really want to do it, you do it for her. She will be grateful.

• The romantic guy must establish complicity in his relationship.
You have to understand each other half-way, be on the same path (Easier said than done, of course), enjoy the same things…
A small, infallible exercise: sit back and take a coffee at a terrace, and make fun of people passing by.

• The romantic man must pay attention.
You will know how to please her if you spot the clues that your beloved does not miss to give you.
So that every gift you will offer her, she will be happy.

• The romantic guy must be respectful with his sweetheart.
A man who knows how to listen to his wife, who considers with interest what she says and what she thinks, who willingly implements what she suggests and who considers her body as a sanctuary and not a simple object, is undoubtedly a romantic man.
It is essential for a woman to feel respected.

• The romantic man must be a fine psychologist.
Women are complex. (Really? ;))

They have their mood swings, according to their period.
Some books of psychology can be of precious help.

• The romantic guy must be diplomatic.
He has tact. He knows how to bring and manipulate conversation topics without annoying his sweetheart.

• The romantic guy must be generous.
Women love gifts.(Indeed! ;))

They love to receive as well as to offer.
The thing is that women are more talented than we are in this field. 😉

You will in this article different gift ideas, it can be flowers of course, fragrance, perfumed candles, and even a sex toy.

  • Yes, a sex toy!


A sextoy to show her that you still want her and want to play kinky games with her.
Like this G-spot stimulator for women.

What a better proof of love to offer a sex toy to your girlfriend in order to spend time together in the bath or the bedroom along with nice candles.

Just be sure your partner is into this, don’t buy this to a girl you just met. 😉

But to spice up your sex life and relationship, a sex toy can be a good idea, they have sex toys for couples.
You just express your desire to spend time with her, many girls fear that after some time, their boyfriend or husband will not be attracted to them anymore. This is the opportunity to show her your attraction to her.

• The romantic guy must know how to express his feelings.
He has an emotional intelligence, which he uses wonderfully.
It is Listening to her emotions, her sensitivity and her feminine side (Which does not mean effeminate).

Remember moments when you were deeply shocked, happy or sad to better understand what women are experiencing daily.

• The romantic guy must be gentle and sensitive.
Women appreciate these two qualities, without excess of course because they do not like hardly timid or apathetic men.

Tenderness is a way of loving, without brusqueness, without stirring…

• The romantic guy must know how to handle humor.

You don’t have to be the new comedian in town, but to know how to make her laugh or smile, her.

Every woman enjoys different things.
Yes, you are not especially funny, watch some comedy or comedians.

She will laugh with you, and that will be enough.

You can see my article on how to make a girl laugh:

• The romantic man must be “intelligent”.
If you are intelligent, you will quickly understand what your beautiful girl expects from you.

• The romantic guy must be courteous and gallant with his girlfriend.
Every day, he has little attentions and marks of politeness, even anodyne.

• The romantic boyfriend must be a little bit jealous, but not too much.
Jealousy is not the best way to show that you care for someone, but it is obviously difficult to control.

Some women find it worthwhile to be with a man a little bit jealous, but when jealousy turns to pathology, the relationship becomes difficult with the most unpleasant fights.
Excessive jealousy is the enemy of romanticism.

• The romantic guy must be reliable.
Reliability is one of the most great qualities of the romantic guy.

Your darling must see in you a real man to rely on in a sometimes disconcerting world.

You must and above all be faithful to her. A true romantic relationship can not exist without reliability and fidelity. Do not Believe those who assert the contrary.

How to be romantic?


Concrete examples.

• The romantic cook in the kitchen.

Yes, pizza is good in front of football games and burgers are so nice.

What if you would bring out the kitchen book that your mother offered you and which you have so well hidden?

The attention will be appreciated for sure (and the dish too, maybe…)!

• The sweet and romantic words.

You can tell something in her ear sometimes, by surprise.

Go for the post-it too!
A simple sweet word stuck to a strategic location (jacket, bathroom, fridge) will melt her!

• Listening to music together.

Make a compilation with all her favorite hits.

Listen to it together.

Better: make a “mix” of songs that remind you of the precious moments of your story (first kiss, a concert together, …).

• Romantic Text Messages.

You know her mobile number by heart?

Send her some funny text, or sweet messages during the day so that she knows that you think of her at the moment.

• Perfume and romance.

Women love gifts.

Buy her one of her favorite perfumes, a nice gift.
And kiss her in the neck when she wears it to show her that she smells good.
The privileged moments are the most romantic ones.

• At least one night a week, turn off your computer, unplug your laptop and make a real one-on-one without “parasites” around.
In the program? Confidences and gentle gestures.

Rent a romantic movie, buy popcorn, strawberries and chocolate, or even champagne.

And order in secret a pizza in the form of heart (just ask when ordering). Surprise guaranteed!

• Watch the sky together.

Stroll to the countryside, find a romantic spot and watch the clouds together.

Play as two children to discover shapes in the sky, or admire the stars during a night walk.

• Prefer the little things.


When women complain of men’s lack of romanticism, guysthink that grls ask them too much.

In fact, when girls expect a bit more romance, they do not expect you to compete with Romeo (ready to die for his beautiful girl in Romeo and Juliet) or even with Richard Gere in Pretty Woman!

Retain the golden rule #2 that little things are enough!

To touch the heart of a woman, you can for example:
=> Have a surprise for her (a gift not necessarily sumptuous but well chosen).
=> Take her on weekend somewhere romantic.
=> Prepare her a bath when she comes back from work. With perfumed candles.
=> Send her love words (by text message and emails, you no longer have excuses not to do so even if you do not feel talented enough to write a love letter)
=> Bring her breakfast in bed.
=> Make her deliver a bouquet of flowers.
=> Burn a compilation of her favorite songs (and why not take advantage of it to choose YOUR song together?).

• Do not break the bank into sumptuous gifts!

Also remember that women find far more romantic surprises and small things than gifts that are very expensive.

An expensive gift often makes people uncomfortable, especially if she does not have the means to do the same for you.

So, even if you make a good living, you do not want to show off with her.

You might also give the gift recipient the impression of wanting to “buy” her love…
This feeling cannot be controlled nor bought…

Of course, being romantic means being generous to the one you love.
But generosity is not only a matter of money, it is also being present and being attentive when your girlfriend needs you.

It’s time to spend time and time together.

• Do not overdo it, too fast.

When you do too much, it lacks naturalness and sincerity.

This can even become intimidating or even bickering and be interpreted as a sign of a terrible lack of self-confidence.

Attention gentlemen: going too fast and being around her all the time make women run away!

To be romantic, being polite and gallant is a good base (Hold the door for her).

On the other hand, avoid doing too much and looking completely in love right at the beginning with a girl you just met.

Remember that you must balance your attentions not only to the extent of your feelings but also to the progress of the relationship.
To avoid falling into the higher bid, stay yourself and allow yourself time to get to know her first.

• Be a gentleman on a daily basis.


Of course, to be romantic, one must seize every opportunity to express one’s love.

This means celebrating Valentine’s Day and do not forget to wish her her birthday or the anniversary of your meeting.

Note, however, that you should not wait for a particular opportunity to show your feelings.

If you are really an attentive lover, then you have to be it every day.

Again, make it simple!
Leave sweet words on the fridge or the mirror of the bathroom (a post-it and a pen and the trick is done).

• Cook or offer her help so she does not have to do it alone.

Organize one-on-one evenings and especially turn off your mobile phone so that you are not disturbed (nothing more rude than messages and beeps of all kinds that sound at a romantic evening).

During a shopping spree, stop and take a selfie together, preferably during the golden hour when the light declines before the sun goes down.

Find a nickname for your darling.
Calling her “my heart”, “my love” is a little ridiculous in the eyes of others, but it is so nice.

• Cuddle: never miss an opportunity to hold her hand, caress her cheek, kiss her.

At the beginning of their relationship, couples do it spontaneously, but then tend to forget these tender gestures. However, it has been proven that couples who touch each other are also the ones who agree best and last in the long term.

Humor also plays an important role in a lasting relationship as you can read in my article:

In order to last, a romantic relationship must be maintained, under penalty of dying out.

But love feeds on emotions.

So to be a true romantic guy, think about what you could do to:
=> Surprise her.
=> Make her laugh.
=> Make her blush.
=> Make her jump with joy.

You have here some good advice and dating tips to be a real romantic guy with your girlfriend.

Being romantic is more on a daily basis like said a few times in this article about how to be romantic.

The most difficult thing about being romantic for a guy is what I just mentioned before, after some time, we get used to be with someone and it just becomes normal to be like this every day.

And we forget to show attention and care, a man can be ok with it but women are different and need romanticism.

So, sometimes, read this article to remember how to be romantic and to make your girlfriend happy with little things.
She will be happy and will smile to see that you think about her and show it to her.

It allows your relationship to stay alive and like for sex who can get boring after some time together, you need to spice up your daily life sometimes.

Surprise her with some little attentions that will make her day happy.

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