How to flirt with a waitress

How to flirt with a waitress

How to flirt with a waitress.

How to hit on and attract a waitress.

How to attract the attention of a waitress that you like?

We can meet girls anywhere and flirt in various places, bar, beach, flirting in the street, etc…
So it can happen to meet a waitress that you like, in a bar, a restaurant.

You can also try new places to find pretty waitresses to flirt with, bars, restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, ice cream shop, etc…
There are plenty of single waitresses to flirt with, you have to wander around to find the rare pearls that hide in shops.

The advantage of flirt with a waitress is that you can watch her and see if you like her.
As she walks around the bar or in the restaurant where she works, you can watch her work without looking for a serial seducer hunting girls.
It’s the good thing about flirting with a waitress, the girl walks around you and you can have a good look at her.

If the girl likes you, you must hit on her, flirt with her and see if the girl is interested in going out with you.
The main problem is that she is working and is therefore busy with her job and has other clients to deal with around you.

So how to flirt and seduce a waitress?

If you go to a restaurant just to see her sometimes, you might think that she is interested in you while others will think that she simply offers you a polite and efficient customer service.
While this nice waitress might have several admirers, you can attract her by using some simple but effective flirting techniques to attract her.

As for any effective flirting technique, it will be necessary to test her and initiate contact with the waitress.

You will need visual contact, eye contact to be able to initiate a conversation that will be first your order.
Then, you will have to look for the good time to talk more with her when she has time of course.
If she is too busy, wait until the right time, otherwise come back later when the place seems more quiet.

If she is too busy, she will be stressed and it will not be the right time to flirt with her in the restaurant or bar where she works.


A good conversation is essential when trying to attract a waitress.

Whether you meet a waitress for the first time or you are a regular customer, you have a good chance of attracting her if you can hold a fun and entertaining conversation with her.

You may be intimidated to start a conversation with her.
This is relatively common, try to break the ice by asking a question or speaking about a different topic from her workplace.

After having taken your order, as a conversation opener, ask her something or ask about a particular business in the neighborhood, or compliment her on her ability to manage multiple clients with ease but change the subject because a waitress does not specifically want to talk about her job where she is permanently…

You need to find a way to initiate contact with her and then flirting with her talking about various things.

Once you have initiated a conversation, you can talk about different topics and make her laugh to relax her from her stressful work.

Body language.

Of course, as in any flirting session, your body language is very important and so will her body language too.

Eye contact, smile are important especially as a waitress is stressed out by her job and will be happy to see smiles as many customers complain.
Seeing someone who smiles at her will cheer her up if she is busy, seeing someone who does not look at her just to order something.

Visual contact, look for her gaze sometimes and smile if you have eye contact, she will notice that you are interested in her.
Do not look at her permanently of course, be busy looking around, or use your smartphone which is always the perfect companion to flirt with girls.

It will help you get her phone number or to show her something on your phone.
The excuse to show her a place near her working place on your smartphone and ask her if she knows this plac.

So, smile to her, say hello to her with a smile when arriving, your body language must show her that you are interested in her but without being too direct at the beginning of course.

Many waitresses get hit on often and by guys who only annoy her rather than anything else.
Other men wait that a waitress has finished work to approach her, nor is it the right solution.
You must hit on hergently but surely and ask her number afterwards.

Smile at her, little glances from time to time, it must be calculated and not staring at her.

Pay attention to your look and style.

I talk about it in my ebook about flirt and seduction, pay attention to your style and your look to flirt.

This seems obvious but many men do not pay attention to it.

If you flirt with a waitress in a bar, restaurant she will look at your look and style.
You have to be well dressed, to be clean, nice haircut too.

Perfume is very important when you flirt with a waitress or a girl in general, she will be next to you to take your order or when you will talk to her.
She must smell that you are wearing a good perfume, read my article about it on the best fragrances for men:

Girls love to smell a good fragrance on a man, and if you wear a good fragrance, she will love to walk by you or stay chatting with you precisely.
A good perfume is your wingman in flirt and seduction, perfume sends a strong signal to the girl you are flirting with.
A good fragrance shows that you have good taste, that you pay attention to your look, it attracts girls

Have a good smartphone too, when you are at a restaurant, in a café, you will be with your smartphone when you flirt with the girl.
Do not have a smartphone in bad shape, this will give a cheap image of you.

You want to attract girls, not to look cheap.
You don’t want girls to look you down, the waitress walks in the bar, the restaurant, where she works and observes her customers.

She will therefore look at how you are dressed, will enjoy your perfume, and will look at your smartphone.
Additionally, if you ask her for advice by showing your smartphone or asking her for her phone number, she will see what kind of mobile phone you have.

So you have to work out all the details that will give a good image of you in order to please the waitress you are flirting with.
To attract the attention of a waitress, you must pay attention to your look and style to please and seduce girls.

Show your intentions.

Have eye contact with your waitress as a way to flirt with her.

The best moment to approach a waitress is when she is not very busy, it seems obvious but think of it anyway, to properly flirt with a waitress, she must be done when she is not stressed by other customers.
You want to relax her and make her laugh to properly flirt with her.

During conversations, look into her eyes and have a nice smile to show your interest.

If your waitress is next to you, touch her hand gently or her shoulder very gently while sending her a message about your intentions.

A physical contact that should be light and suggested.
The idea is to attract your waitress, do not bother her or give her a bad idea about your intentions.

Waitresses often encounter men who think they are all allowed or who flirt with a waitress in a very vulgar way.
You have to show her that you respect her and that you have manners to approach her and to talk to her.

You want to send her a flirting message while remaining polite, courteous and flirty at the same time.

She does not want a serial seducer who will hit on her and asks for her phone number right away.

You have to flirt with her indirectly, do not ask for her number right away.
You have to initiate contact, create a connection with her so that she comes to talk with you.

Make her laugh!

Given that her job is rather stressful, she will appreciate to laugh with someone indeed.
Flirt with a waitress by making her laugh and smile!

Releasing a bit of stress will make a difference if you know how to make her laugh to master your flirting technique with a waitress.

Making a girl laugh is essential in flirt and seduction, “a girl who laughs is halfway in bed” as it is often said!

See my article on how to make a girl laugh:

As you are probably going to be alone at the bar or restaurant where you will flirt with a waitress, something I like to do and that works great when flirting with a waitress is to show her a funny video on your smartphone.

Everyone is on their smartphone these days, especially girls who are a lot on Facebook, Instagram, etc…
Find a funny video or  a few ones to show to the waitress you are flirting with, girls love to see funny videos, it’s very effective for dating and seducing a girl.

For that also that you need a good smartphone.

You can also make her laugh about something around where she works or about another customer who is funny, without being mean of course, something funny about another customer will make her laugh too, she is often stressed by these customers precisely.

Leave her a good tip.

In addition to your look, your smile and flirting attitude, leave a good tip to the waitress you are flirting with.

If you are stingy, you will give a bad image of you right away!

The waitress you are flirting with does not want to go out with a sham and giving her a good tip will show that you are generous and not stingy indeed.
Without doing too much and leaving an exaggerated tip that will make her think that you try to “buy” her acceptance of going out with you.

Leaving a good tip gives a positive image of you when you are flirting with a waitress or a bartender.

Ask for her phone number.

If you had a good impression and a good feeling with the waitress after a little chat with her.
If you have made her laugh a little, you can ask for her phone number or if not, come back another time if you think it is better to come back and talk to her a little more before asking her to go out with you.

Personally, I like to come back to see a waitress who attracts me and see if she appreciates the contact with me.

In other cases, I met some very nice waitresses who gave me their number after a little chat with them.

If there is a good feeling, she will be happy to want to know you better, it depends how things go, if she liked to discuss with you.

If, on the contrary, she has shown that she is not interested in you, showing that she has better things to do than talking with you, move on to something else, there will be other waitresses more open for you somewhere else.

Like whe your flirt with other girls, you also do not know if she already has a boyfriend, which can be a reason for refusal or disinterest.

A good thing to do before flirting with a waitress and I do all the time, and this will be my last flirting advice to flirt with a waitress, watch the waitress to see if she is not the boss’s girlfriend or if her boyfriend works there too!

You will save a lot of time if you notice that the waitress is the boss’s girlfriend or with another server, which often happens.
Look at how she behaves, her body language with other employees to see if she is not already taken.

And if it does not work with this waitress, well, it will be a good practise and seduction exercise.
Flirting with a waitress is a good flirt and seduction exercise.

You can then go to other bars and restaurants to flirt with other waitresses, many girls do not ask better than to flirt with a customer and to find a new boyfriend.

Many waitresses like to have fun too, there are many good one night stands among waitresses precisely, so it is very interesting to flirt with waitresses, they are girls who like to have fun!

You have here good flirting tips to flirt with a waitress, you just need to go around and find some pretty ones to hit on.

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