How to flirt with girls in a bar

How to flirt with girls in a bar

How to flirt with girls in a bar?

How to attract girls in a bar?

A bar is a place where you can find many lovely girls, especially attractive and single girls. (Even if you can also flirt with a girl who already has a boyfriend of course if you like challenge and difficulty)

And to flirt, you need to go where there are girls, a bar is a beehive full of bees.
Like when you flirt in a club.

Many girls go out with their girlfriends in bars, if you ever spot the rare pearl, it is better that you are ready and trained beforehand to flirt with women in bars.

How to spot a girl in a bar who is open to flirt?

Some flirting tips and seduction advice to flirt with girls in a bar.

Prepare yourself.

Get ready to go out, you hygiene is very important as you will be in close contact with girls.

Take a shower before going out, wear a good perfume but don’t put too much of it, you could scare girls away.

You must feel good. For this, listen to music, play sports, call a friend who makes you laugh.
Laugh a bit before going out and adopt the right energy level for where you are going,

You have to dress nice: elegant, personal style, and adapted to where you are going.
If you go to a nice place, dress nicer otherwise a nice shirt and jeans will do the work.

Choose a good place to flirt with girls in a bar.

Go to a bar where you know there will be lot of single girls to hit on and to flirt with.

Ask your friends where they go flirt with girls, the good bars where girls like to go to have a drink or places that have special nights like “singles night” or a good happy hour.

You can also check online where the good places are and read the comments about the bars you plan on going like on
You can also avoid places where there will be no girls to flirt with, save you time and money.

A bar atmosphere is a great environment to meet girls and to flirt. Girls come to drink and to have a good time.
They feel relaxed and laugh.

And if they have a good happy hour, you will save money buying drinks as you will get free drinks.

You can also go out with other single friends or just good friends who will be your wingman when you go out.
It will make you feel more comfortable, it can be a good way to socialize with another group of girls or just to have a good time while looking at the girls there to see which one you like.

Maybe go out with guys who are already good at flirting with girls, it could be some help.
But don’t go as a big group, it might make things complicated and difficult for you to concentrate on girls and flirt.

Get her attention.

If you noticed a girl in a bar that you like, you need to get her attention and you will do this with eye contact.

Look for eye contact.

First of all, know that the girls like to be watched.
So, flirting with girls in a bar is about eye contact first.

In order to get noticed, start with some games of subtle glances.
Do not stare at her, you might look like a psychopath but play with little glances from time to time, in order to catch her attention.

Look at her sometimes then look somewhere else and come back to her to see if she looks at you too.
If she does, then it’s a positive sign and this girl might be interested in you.

It could also be a girl that noticed you and was already looking at you and you noticed her look on you.

It’s eye contact and body language, someone interested in you will respond to your looks.

And when there is eye contact, you smile to her, she should smile back then.

Show some body language.

Eye contact is one thing, you have also body language when flirting with girls in a bar.

You have to show her that you are open to her and interested in her indeed.

Show her that you are comfortable, confident. Your body must be relaxed when you are drinking or talking to people.
Smile, show that you are friendly and welcoming.

So, if you have noticed that this girl is interested in you indeed, you have to move on then and go to the next step to start to flirt with her.

Pay her a drink and to her friends too if they are not too many.
Surprise her by sending a drink to her table.

See what she’s drinking and order the same for ther or ask the bartender what she’s drinking and order one or something similar.

Like I say in my other article about if a guy should pay a drink to a girl to flirt with her. Never pay a drink to a girl who does not seem interested in you.
Pay a drink to a girl who seems interested in you and give a good tip to the bartender as he can help you when you want to flirt with some girls in his bar.

Buying a drink to her friends also will show her that you pay attention to her friends too.
It’s also very friendly to do so, it does not make you look like a serial seducer who is just focused on her.
Even though she knows that it’s part of the flirting and seduction game.

Buying her a drink does not impose her to do anything back, you are just testing her to see her reaction.
Her body language will tell you if you spoted the right girl to hit on and to flirt with.

If she accepts your drink then it’s a positive sign of interest towards you.
If she smiles at you, you have the green light to go flirt with her and that’s the next step when you flirt with girls in a bar.

Take a deep breath and go say hi to her. You can come to her and say “cheers!” showing your glass.
Smile, tell her what is your name and ask for her name.
Start a conversation with her.

Body language is essential in flirt and seduction, smiling is contagious. If you smile to her, she will smile back and you look friendly and welcoming to her, it’s important when you flirt with a girl in a bar.
You have to make laugh, smile and feel comfortable with you.

Keep eye contact, you are talking to a her, a girl wants to see that you are looking at her and not looking for other girls around.
You can also talk to her friends to show her that you are sociable and that you can talk to other people around you.
But keep your attention on her, talk to her, ask her if she comes often there, if you hear some music you like if she likes it too, etc…

You don’t need to make compliments right away, it would not be very original to try to flirt saying that she’s pretty, be more creative, make her laugh is better.
Talk about her hobbies, passions, etc…

You can propose to play pool if the bar has a pool table or snooker.
A great way to flirt and to have fun at the same time, you can also play with her friends.
And playing pool is also a great way to check her out. That’s what I do usually.
When flirting with a girl, you want to know about her body, playing pool is the best way to find out!

Everybody can have a good time then and you can focus on her at the same time, flirting with her, making her laugh.

Some girls might want to just sit and drink, it’s fine too. You can play some drinking games with her and her friends, ordering shots, it should be fun.
It can be a fun way to get closer to her, to get to know her friends.
Flirting in a bar is usually fun, everybody comes to have a good time, there is a fun atmosphere, girls are happy having a good time.

Learn more about her.

Pay attention to what she says to learn more about her, when she talks to you or her friends.
You might get some precious information and clues about her private life.

Concentrate on her to know her better, you are flirting with her and trying to seduce her.

Stay close to her, having more drinks or playing pool, make her laugh, she needs to have a good time next to you.

Find out if she is single and interested.

After some time, you have an idea if she seems interested in you or not.
But asking her if she is single and a clear move to show her that you are interested in going further with her.
You tell her what your intentions are about flirting with her more.

If she answers no or looks uncomfortable, you are not on the right track then.

You can also try to read her body language to see what she feels like doing with you, if she’s into it or not.
If she keeps eye contact with you, laughs to your jokes, shows some body language open to you in your direction.
If she is getting closer to you.

Test her.

Once you know that she is single (or not) and interested, you can then do a little test with her to see how she reacts.

If for example, you are just looking for a one night stand, you can mention that you live close to the bar or that you two could go to your place to have some drinks.
She will clearly know your intentions with her.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a serious relationship or because you see that she is not the type of girl for anything else, you can show her your phone and ask for her phone number.
You can propose to see her again soon.

The rest of the night you can try to be more intimate with her, get closer to her her.
Put your hand in her back, her tighs, do this only if you see that she is interested in you of course and that she accepts an intimate contact in public.
Her body language will tell you if you can do it, if she is comfortable with you and wants to be close to you.

After a few drinks, she will probably happier too and more fun. More touchy too, that’s the good thing about flirting with girls in a bar.
The atmosphere is joyful, girls have fun so it’s a very good place and environment to flirt and seduce girls in a bar.

The end of the evening will therefore depend on your intentions and how she feels, she wants to have fun with you at your place or it will be for another time then.
Flirt and seduction can take time before you have the girl you like in your bed.

Here you have good flirting tips and seduction advice to flirt with a girl in a bar.
Flirting tips that you can also use when flirting in a night club even if the atmosphere will not be the same of course and especially the sound level.

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