How to flirt with a shy girl

How to flirt with a shy girl

How to flirt with a shy girl.

You spotted a girl that you like but she is shy?

A shy woman also wants to meet men and to be seduced but her personality is a real handicap for her love life precisely.

Flirt is an art of seduction but in many cases it proves to be a test when it comes to seducing a shy girl.

A relatively complex task because we men tend to sublimate women and often mistakenly believe that to be at her level we have to impress them to seduce them.

A technique that does not work for all of them, especially those who are shy!

She is a girl who lacks confidence in herself and hence avoids contact with others.
Flirtin with a shy girl is more a challenge and even more difficult for her, having to talk to a man and not a woman.

Communication problems with others and therefore negative effects on her love life precisely.

She avoids contact with others and especially men, she avoids eye contact of course and blushes when men go talk to her.

Learn to identify a shy girl.

Very often, people confuse lack of interest and timidity.

The shy girl is very sensitive and lacks confidence in the image she sends back to others.

Often, she will tend to be distant and avoid interactions with new people.

Also, in order to confirm that she is really not interested, you have to detect in her behavior her timidity, often hesitant, embarrassed and awkward.

She will avoid your eyes and any visual contact that could lead you to come and talk to her and flirt with her precisely.
She will not take any initiative or action to talk to you, so you will have to look for eye contact in order to make her smile.
You will come across her look but it will take longer before she stops on your visual contact and returns you a smile.

Take the lead with confidence.

Being shy, the girl will be less likely to get involved in conversations for fear of not being up to par.
Very quiet, even if she is interested in you, the shy girl will rarely take the first steps.

Approach her, there are no other solutions but you will have to go slowly so that she does not run away.
Talk to a shy girl when she is alone because if there are people around her, she will be afraid to talk, so go see her when she is alone and available.

Smile of course, smile is contagious, she will also smile and feel at ease.

Take action, help her to reveal herself by leading the conversation with trust, confidence so that she feels comfortable and gets rid of her shyness.

Putting her at ease is the most important thing when you hit on a shy girl.
You have to make her feel comfortable with you, free to talk, you have to get a smile so that it frees herself of her shyness with you.

You will break the ice between you two and she will start talking freely with you.

She might not fuel the conversation, she’s a shy girl and that’s where there is more work for the seducer when he flirts with a shy girl.
She must not be stunned by talking too much, take some breaks, it will surely lead her to say something.

You have to find a discussion topic where she will have things to say, about her, where you are, what she does in life or her studies.

Look at her in the eyes, smiling to reassure her.
It is of course possible and probable that, at the beginning, she will avoid your gaze by timidity.
Talking with you, she will be at ease and will look at you more.

Make her feel important.

Patience will be the watchword this time.
Slowly but surely when you flirt with a shy girl.

She is shy and quiet, so it will take more time than with a normal girl to unlock her shyness.
On the other hand, a shy girl means fewer competitors for you because many will not try to flirt with her and will drop it right away.
Take some time if it’s worth it, there are pretty shy girls that nobody wants to flirt with!

For fear of judgment, or to make a mistake, the shy girl will not invest herself much in social relations.

Don’t impress her, make her feel at ease so that she talks about herself even more.
Avoid physical contact with a shy girl, you will have to wait before touching her otherwise she may be uncomfortable.
After seeing her several times, you will see to get closer to her physically, but at first it is necessary to avoid touching her, flirting with a shy girl takes time.

By being positive, you will gradually open the doors of her intimacy by making sincere compliments to her that will highlight her qualities that she finds it so hard to find in herself.
And above all, by small attentions in daily life that consider and value her.

She must realize with you that she is as interesting as the other girls around and that she has no reason to be shy.

Be friendly and sincere with her in order to get closer to her, she will see you as someone friendly and interesting.

If you see her for the first time, ask her phone number or Facebook page.
This will help to talk to her indirectly, this will make it easier for her to bind contact and to have more confidence in you especially if she can see your Facebook page precisely.

A shy girl will prefer to talk via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, etc…

Ask her to go on a date.

When you see her physically, maybe for the first time, and ask her to go out with you, she may be too shy to accept.

I advise to talk via a messaging app if you can get her contact information and then to ask her on a date, at a restaurant or to have a coffee somewhere.
She will be more comfortable to accept to go on a date with you than when you talk to her in person.

But if you do not have the option to chat with her by a messaging app, at a party for example, you can ask her to go on a date for some coffee, something she will be comfortable with.
Let her understand that you like her and that you want to see her again.

She will have to give you her phone number, you will be able to talk about your future outing before d day.

The most important thing is that she gets to know you so that you become more intimate with her and have access to her comfort zone.
When she knows you a little more, she will be more free to talk to you and to go out with you.

After a few dates, take her to the movies to flirt with her in a dark environment to get closer to her physically and to score!

You have here good flirting tips to properly flirt with a shy girl.
There are plenty of pretty shy girls to flirt with and to seduce!

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