How to have sex on a plane

How to have sex on a plane

How to have sex on a plane.

How to make love on a plane.

The plane is clearly an unusual place to have sex and to spice up your sex life.

Making love in an airplane is one of the most common fantasies.
Surely because it is one of the most difficult to achieve.

You may get into trouble if you are caught according to the company’s rules so be very careful.
Besides, perhaps avoid the companies from very conservative religious countries whose flight personnel is from in particular.

Yet, there is a way to have sex in a plane.

To have sex in a plane, there are not many solutions.

  • Under a blanket in the darkness of a night flight.

In the dark, you occupy the window seat, your partner is on your right.
You put a blanket on you two, she leans on the right side, you lift the armrest and you act as if you are sleeping together during the flight next to each other.

Discreetly, you will be able to have sex in a plane with your partner under the blanket by being always very discreet.

The ideal would be that your partner has nobody sitting next to her, you could maybe pay for the seat if you really plan to make love in an airplane.

There is another solution maybe, more convenient and less risky if you two are both well synchronized.

  • Have sex in the toilets of an airplane.

One of you goes to the toilet, you follow her a little bit later so that nobody sees two people entering the toilet at the same time.

Once in the toilet, you can make love and have sex in the plane by being more or less quick.

The place is cramped but it will do the trick to have sex in an airplane if that is your fantasy.

This is the solution I recommend, it is still more comfortable and discreet in the end.

You are a little isolated, the simplest will be to have sex standing up or sitting on the toilet but it is not very comfortable.

Be careful when you get out, some passengers sometimes spot the naughty couples who go have sex in the toilets of planes like in this amateur video.

This naughty couple is busted going out of the airplane toilet after they had sex on the plane! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The guy who filmed them laughs and has a nice smirk on his face.

Nothing very embarrassing for this naughty couple who will quickly go back to their seats even if they are now all over the internet.

If you are caught with your partner in the toilet, tell the flight attendant that you are sick and that you needed help. ๐Ÿ˜‰
It always works as an excuse.

Here you have two ideas to have sex in a plane.

I recommend the second one which is more practical in the end to have sex in a plane.

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