How to have white teeth

How to have white teeth?

Smiling is important in flirt and seduction, whether you are a man or a woman.

You must have white teeth!.

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Especially if you drink coffee, smoke, wine also can have negative effects on your teeth.

Your teeth also turn yellow over time or by taking antibiotics such as tetracyclines.

To have a beautiful smile is to have white teeth. But if you let it go, it’s like everything, sports, diet, etc…
Well, your white teeth disappear and become yellow!

Fortunately, there are solutions to have white teeth, natural teeth whitening solutions and technological or pharmaceutical solutions.

There are of course toothpastes that supposedly whiten teeth but this may be insufficient and with little effect.

You can also have your teeth whitened by a specialist, it works very well and it has become very affordable.

Laser teeth whitening:

Laser teeth whitening is very effective because it allows to activate by light some bleaching elements with, for example, the LaserSmile technology.
A modern treatment that lasts about 45 minutes.
A laser dental bleaching allows an efficient and fast result.

Teeth whitening kits:

There are also teeth whitening kits that can be purchased in shops.
These affordable teeth whitening kits use hydrogen peroxide. (White Care Box, Just Pure White Strips, White Care Professional Stylus)
This same gel is used by dentists for teeth whitening but that of the dentist is a lot stronger of course.

There are also natural solutions to whiten teeth.


Lemon fruit contains citric acid.
Brush your teeth with a little bit of lemon juice then rinse your teeth.
Once a week maximum, as this can damage teeth enamel.
Lemon helps eliminate tartar and plaque.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is a natural descaler often recommended for whitening teeth.

It therefore reduces plaque and tartar.

A little bit of baking soda powder on your toothbrush, instead of toothpaste, once a week.

In conclusion, you should especially brush your teeth two or three times a day to have good white teeth and eliminate plaque to avoid cavities.
And at least 3 good minutes.

Brushing from top to bottom not to damage your teeth.

Use a soft or medium toothbrush to avoid damaging your gums.

Buy a good toothpaste like Fluocaril, rich in fluoride to protect your teeth well.

Do not neglect to have white teeth, unless you want to scare the girls you will flirt with and try to seduce.
If you do not have white but yellow teeth, this is a sign of lack of oral hygiene.

You have to take care of your teeth to have good breath and white teeth in order to have a nice smile.

This is an important flirting tip and equally valid for women if they read this article.

If you smoke, try to stop, this can only be positive for your health but also for your teeth and your breath!

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