How To Kiss a Girl?

How To Kiss A Girl?

To kiss a girl good is essential in flirt and seduction, I talk about it of course in my ebook about flirt to download.

The first impression is always the most important one, to kiss a girl good also and especially the first kiss!

Whether you are young or younger, whether you do it for the first time or for the umpteenth time, every self-respecting man always asks himself this existential question at some point in his life: how to kiss a girl?

From the propitious moment to doing it to the way of proceeding, through the place where to kiss, all these parameters can generate a whole series of questions that intertwine and that sometimes make you miss unexpected opportunities.

How many times have you regretted not trying to do it?
Indeed, you cannot maintain and succeed in a relationship with a girl if you do not know how to kiss a girl.

The kiss is not limited to the action in itself, it takes on a technical, aesthetic and romantic side, it is an art!
To impress, to leave a positive memory or for your kiss to be able to awaken even asleep princesses for a whole eternity, discover the best advice to kiss a girl!

The best kissing tips to be a good kisser!

1 Prepare yourself properly.

The preparation is equally valid for a first kiss than for all the next ones, remember this!

To kiss, let’s pretend that you do not know anything about it, as if you were a real beginner.
Also, make sure that your mouth, lips, teeth and breath are clean.

I insist on this point in my ebook about flirt and seduction, The Top 100 Best Flirting Tips.
Hygiene is important, if you have the breath of a jackal, it will not help to flirt and especially to kiss a girl!

It is still more pleasant to kiss someone with a beautiful mouth to avoid any drama.
For your breath, you can chew sugar-free chewing gums.

If necessary, make a light mouthwash, but do not become paranoid about oral hygiene!

2 No questions!

Quite often, you put pressure on yourself with a bunch of questions related to the various parameters quoted above.

However, the fear of rejection is generally the most striking.

But how are you going to be able to kiss a girl if you are afraid?

Too much pressure will not bring you anything, it will only stress you further.
The result: a nervous kiss that will not come naturally, or worse, you will avoid kissing!
Tell yourself that if you do not kiss her in the moments that come, you are likely to never kiss her in your life.

3 Never ask if you can do it.

Kiss her as soon as you can, follow your instinct, your body and all your senses that tell you that this is the perfect moment. If you wait too long, you may be placed directly in the “friend-friend” category!
Do not be afraid to be turned down, try!
But most importantly, do not make the ultimate mistake of asking for permission.

You will pass for a guy who is undecided, without any self-confidence, a wimp.
The real guy, he does not ask, he takes. If you want to kiss her, do it!

That’s what girls want, what they expect from you, right?

4 Take her to the first kiss.

The best situation would be in a quiet place and a little away from prying eyes, where you, but especially the girl, will feel good. To make her comfortable, start by touching her subtly.

Touch her to the hip to give her a light kiss on the chick, or caress her earlobe while observing her mouth…

Take her hand, her arm and try to put a hand on her thigh.
Note that at the same time, you talk to her about something else, silence must be avoided!

Now, start caressing her gently and naturally.

If at this stage she has not reacted yet by repelling you, it’s a done deal!

But that it does not mean that you are going to throw yourself on her mouth like a rampant, get closer to her calmly while diminishing the sound of your voice and… kiss her!

5 Go slowly.

If you think you don’t know how to kiss right, do not take the lead!

Do it just with tenderness and benevolence while enjoying the present moment.

On the other hand, to be a good kisser does not consist in just turning your tongue at full speed in the mouth of your partner.

No, to kiss a girl is to give her pleasure, it is to be with her by releasing a maximum of sensuality, tenderness, passion.

Generally for these first moments, you must not stuff your tongue in her mouth, unless it is her who takes the initiative!

Let her simply guide you and synchronize yourself.
In the art of seducing, it is the stage where it is the girl who leads the action.

6 What to do with your hands?

The procedure is well underway, take full advantage of the present moment, take it and enjoy it.

No question of leaving your hands in your pockets or behind your back or even holding your smartphone!

On the contrary, use them wisely, with seduction.

Take her face in your hands, caress her neck, put your hands in her hair, but without messing with her hair!

And as you have two hands, caress her in areas that are not necessarily erogenous like her back, shoulders, hips, neck…

If the kiss becomes hot and intense, you can go down to her ass.
It will depend on whether it’s the first time you kiss her, do not pass for a guy who goes too fast and who just wants to fuck her!

7 Vary the intensity.

Kissing will have many surprises.

You have to vary the enthusiasm of your kisses, sometimes slowly and gently, a romanticism worthy of the biggest movies of the genre, sometimes moving to higher speed by being more wild and more bestial.

Tighten her against you or brace her against a wall. This alternation of dynamism will excite her, every time! You will surprise her by this rhythm and this ardor.

8 Take a break!

There you go ! You kissed her properly and like a real pro!

But it does not mean that you have started a kiss marathon.

She will take you for a little teen who has discovered the pleasure of language games or a real guy in need, worse still, she will eventually choke!

Take a few breaks from time to time, to make her miss your mouth.

Kiss her two or three minutes and then stop to look at her and to exchange a few words, before resuming.

The best thing is that she can no longer restrain herself and that she comes herself to look for your lips.

In my ebook about flirt and seduction, the art of seducing, there is more advice with more details of course.

Kissing a girl is an important step in flirt and dating, it is the first intimate contact with your new partner.

Kissing a girl good, being a good kisser is therefore important, this will definitely be a decisive step if the girl will enjoy it and want to go further with you.

When you make love, you will also have to kiss her good but it will be harder kisses like I talk about it in my ebook about flirt and seduction.

Kissing a girl means knowing how to adapt to the situation and kissing her with the intensity it takes according to her expectations at that time!

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