How to pick up girls at the airport

How to pick up girls at the airport

How to pick up girls at the airport.

How to flirt at the airport.

At the airport, you often spend time waiting and doing nothing like many other single girls waiting like you.

So why not take advantage of the opportunity to firt at the airport when you are traveling or when you are waiting for your flight. A great way to pick up girls who are lonely and looking to talk to someone there.

The girls also flirt at the airport or on the plane, once I was approached by a girl sitting next to me in a plane, I was surprised because I had not planned to flirt with her or even to talk to her, she was with friends and it was her who spoke to me.
What a nice surprised to be hit on by a girl on a plane who wants to flirt with you!

This is when I figured out that there are great flirting options at the airport or on the plane, girls alone or in a group who want to meet guys to flirt.
Never forget that you can meet and flirt with a girl anywhere, you can meet a girl that you find attractive anywhere, in the street, at Burger King or at the airport.

Especially at the airport, girls are relaxed and in a good mood, either they are going on a trip or they are coming back and are happy and smiling.

Moreover, the airport is a safe space, they feel safe if you approach them, they know that you are another traveler, there is something in common.
Plenty of positive things to help you to flirt at the airport!

The airports are full of nice girls to meet and flirt with.

So, how to pick up girls at the airport?

  • Be clean and smell good.

To pick up girls at the airport, you need to smell good and to be clean then.

Yes, don’t be sloppy even if you are going on vacation and you want to be relax.

If you want to attract girls attention, you need to look good and smell good!

Take a good shower before going to the airport, you are going to spend hours there and on the plane, you don’t want to smell bad when you will talk to a girl. You want to pick up girls at the airport not to make them run away.

Wash your hair also so that you smell good there too.

Use a good deodorant and anti-perspirant so that you stay fresh for a long time, keep some with you, sometimes you can go put some more in the toilets.

It might sound evident to you but I still see a lot of men who smell bad sometimes…
I think they don’t realize it and nobody dares tell them.

You need to wear a good perfume, a real one, not a cheap one. If you don’t have one, go to the duty free shop at the airport, you are in the right place at the right time!
Buy some Chanel perfume, Versace, Armani, etc…

You can read my article about good perfumes for men:

It might be a good idea to have some gum too for your breath, you are going to spend hours at the airport or on the plane, you don’t want to have a bad breath.

  • Smile and be positive.

Smile is contagious, smile to girls you go talk to, they will be happy to see someone smiling to them.

One of the main rules in flirt and seduction, smile to a girl so that she smiles back to you.

Many guys might be in a bad mood at the airport because they have to wait there a long time, do the opposite!
Be in a good mood and smile, be positive.

Having a positive energy and smiling are key elements to pick up girls at the airport.

  • You need to look good with nice clothes.

Being clean and to smell good is one thing, you also need to look good to impress and attract girls attention.

Most people at the airport will look sloppy, do the opposite here too.
Look good, wear nice clothes, nice pants, a nice shirt, nice shoes.

It will depend on the season and temperature but you must look good, you will stand out.

Girls will see you right away, you will have class and style.

I talk about it in my ebook about flirt and seduction, you need to look good, it always makes a difference.
And the first impression is always the most important one.

They will notice your look, your style, they will be impressed and attracted to you.

Girls at the airport notice a guy who has style and class, your look and style attract them.

Even if you are going on holidays, leave your flip flops and cheap shorts in your suitcase, wear something nice instead.

Don’t wear office clothes like you are on a business trip, look cool and nice.
Dress to impress.

You will make a difference I garantuee you. They will take you seriously.
Your look and style is going to do a big part of the job for you when you flirt, and that’s important.
Your clothes and your style is like your marketing strategy in flirt and seduction, you need to pay attention to it so that it brings results!

Wear a nice watch also, nice shoes, girls notice these details in a man.

Same about your smartphone, don’t use a cheap or an old mobile phone, you want to look good and you don’t need to buy an expensive smartphone like an iphone, there are really good smartphones who are a lot cheaper and good like Huawei or Xiaomi.

  • Come early.

You need to have time to spend looking for girls or talking to them.

Come three hours before your flight, you will have time to walk around and hunt.

  • Check-in first.

Get rid of your suitcase and just keep a small bag with you.

You don’t want to walk around with all your suitcases or a huge one.

You want to be comfortable to walk around, take a drink, sit at a table.

And when you check-in, you know where is your gate for departure so you don’t have to worry about going to check in, etc…

You can concentrate on looking for girls and flirting with them.
You will relaxed and comfortable.

  • Check out the bars, lounges and restaurants.

It’s time to hunt.

So, go to places where you will find girls, bars, lounges, restaurants.
Many lonely girls waiting for some company.

I personally don’t recommend to approach girls sitting at a departure gate, it’s not really a sociable environment for this.
Unless you notice a girl who looks at you then you can go and approach her to start a conversation.
Better to find girls in a bar, a restaurant, a lounge, sitting alone but in a social environment!

Another good way to approach a girl at the airport is to go help her with her luggage if you see that she’s having a hard time with it.

Be a good Samaritan and help her, she will be so happy to have a charming prince who comes to help her when she has no one with her.
What better way to engage a conversation and to offer her to relax with a drink or a coffee!
Like the girl in the photo, there are some girls who walk alone with three suitcases, this is the perfect opportunity to help a lonely pretty girl in an airport!

So, check out the Bars, Lounges and Restaurants.

If you have access to vip lounges, airline lounges, go check them out.
You should find some nice girls there.
Especially as in private lounges and VIP lounges, drinks are free, girls drink and are happier.
Flirting at the airport is then easier, the girls are in a good mood and open.

Otherwise, do not worry, check out the other bars, lounges and restaurants.

Assuming you have already checked your luggage or that you just have a small suitcase, it will be easy to walk around.
Do not walk around with your suitcases to flirt and pick up girls at the airport.

  • Look for girls.

Looks for girls who are alone or in a group.

The best option is to find a girl sitting alone at a bar or restaurant.

Look for eye contact like you would do at any other place to find a girl interested in meeting a guy.
The thing is that many girls sitting alone at an airport are there because they have to, they did not choose to sit there alone.
So, that’s why they are open to meet or talk to someone at the airport, they are bored to wait alone for their flight.
And if someone comes to talk to them, they know it’s another traveler so they are not afraid, you are someone in the same situation so let’s spend time together!
That’s what make flirting at the airport easier, girls look for someone to spend time with.

And you went through security, an airport is a safe environment for women so they feel comfortable to talk to a stranger because you are another traveler waiting alone like her.
You have something in common to share, it’s an advantage to pick up girls at the airport.

You can approach girls in a group too, it will be kind of the same procedure.

  • How to approach a girl alone in an airport?


If you see a girl alone at a bar for example, you can order a drink for her and have it sent to her.
She will look at you, surprised, she will thank you or will even come see you to talk.
Smile to her, she will smile back and that’s the signal to go talk to her.
Body language, smile is contagious, you have to use eye contact and your smile to seduce and attract girls.

If not, go talk to her at her table or at the bar if she is there, smile and cheer.

Surprise her, the airport is a special environment, you can do this to hit on her.
It’s not like a bar in a street where people go to drink to socialize or flirt.
At the airport, she is alone and bored, she will be more than happy to have some company and a free drink! 😉

You might come accross some girls who will not be interested, it can happen like anywhere else.
That’s why you need to try to filter and look for girls who might be interested in meeting a guy.
If it’s the case, just look for another girl then, just like you would do in another place to flirt.

If the girls are in a group, just go talk to them, you can already have a drink to cheer with them.
It’s easier than a girl alone, girls in a group with smile to see you coming to them to talk.
You will then have to concentrate your flirting technique on the girl you are interested in and make her understand that she is the one you want and not her friends. (smiles and eye contact)
Girls know that you are interested in one of them, you will have to show them your real intentions, the seducer has a target.

  • What to say?

Being at the airport, you have something in common with the other people there, you are waiting for a flight and going somewhere.

Conversation topics are easy and concern the girls who are also waiting alone or in a group for a flight.

You can approach them asking them how long they have to wait for their flight.

Where they’re going.

There is a lot to talk about, their destination, yours, that’s what is good about flirting at the airport, you already have something to talk about and you know that girls will be interested as they are travelling too.
And you show the girl that you are interested in her, girls like to see someone interested in them, what they do, what they like, etc…

You have to be a cool guy, kind of mysterious who is travelling just like them.

It’s easy to go talk to girls in an airport, you went through security so they feel secured and open to talk to strangers as you are a traveler like them.
You are part of the group in a way, you have something in common so it makes it easier to go talk to any girl in an airport. You are part of the travelers family.

Show the girl you are interested in your real intentions, you are flirting, you are not looking for a new friend.
You don’t want to play cards with her, you want to play kinky games in bed.
You are here to pick up girls at the airport.

  • How to score?

Being at the airport can be an advantage to approach girls and to talk to them easier but to go further it’s going to be more complicated.

If a girl feels secured in an airport because the level of security is very high, it also means that you won’t be able to take her to the toilets to do something there.
You will be in serious trouble for sure.

If she is not going to the same place, your best option is to ask for her phone number or her Facebook page.
But getting her phone number is the priority. If you get her phone number, you will automatically added to her Whatsapp contacts, Line, Viber, etc…

If she is on the same flight, you are blessed!
You can plan to switch seats to sit next to her and get to know her better during the flight.
If she is in a group, you can plan to see her there.
If you cannot sit next to her on the plane, you can plan to share a taxi, people love it and a great way to know her more on the way to the hotel.

You can then meet her later at your hotel or hers, plan to go for a drink, etc…
If she is happy to have a new lover, you might end up in her room soon. Or in your room even better.

You might also meet someone at the airport, on the same plane who will avoid you at the destination.
Nothing is guaranteed until you get there or sit with her on the plane.

There is no right way or wrong way to flirt and pick up girls at the airport, my advice gives you a framework to start the process and approach girls at the airport.
As everywhere, it works or not, you first look for an open girl so you don’t waste your time and then you try to go further depending on where each of you is going.

And the other positive thing is that you will be busy flirting at the airport instead of doing nothing and waiting for your flight.
Practicing flirt and seduction at the airport is fun, the setting is friendly, girls are in a good mood in general as they are going on a trip.

But you will be surprised at the number of girls open to flirt in airports and who are happy to have a guy who comes to flirt with them.
Especially girls alone, they get bored and only want to meet someone
And remember the secure environment of the airport, girls feel good and safe, so they are open to discussion.
And if she goes on a journey, she will be in a good mood, the conversation topic is all found, her journey and yours.
You can talk for hours about travel.

You even have online dating sites to meet and date girls at the airport like the website Meet at the airport:

Bon voyage, have a good trip and remember to come early to pick up girls at the airport!

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