How to seduce a woman

How to seduce a woman

How to seduce a woman.

A little reminder of the basics in flirt and seduction.

In my flirt and seduction book, I give you plenty of flirting tips, the best flirting tips.

To seduce a woman,we can say that this is perhaps based on three fundamental elements indicated below in this article.

There are of course other important things to properly flirt and seduce as explained in my ebook to download about flirt and seduction.

Let us therefore consider together these three fundamental elements of flirt and seduction.

How to seduce a woman.

Whether it is the pretty girl next door, the cute colleague at the office or the real beauty encountered in the street, there are no absolute rules to seduce women, but techniques that are not fundamentally different!

Moreover, these are only very simple techniques, no need to play a role, to look like someone else, to manipulate the woman in front of you or to lie about your intentions.

A good dose of self-confidence mixed with a bit of audacity and a little bit of humor, and here you are a true Don Juan.


The so-called handsome guys often succeed in seducing almost all women.

Perhaps they were physically spoiled with just a little more than others, but in truth, they have greater confidence in themselves. And the more women they seduce, the more this confidence grows, the more they appear more and more handsome!

It is the same with the rich guys, some are quite hideous at first sight! But far from their fortunes, they have that assurance and self-confidence that makes them charismatic with women.

And there are others, who find themselves less beautiful and obstinate by this thought.
They do not feel able to please women, which further diminishes their self-confidence and make them less and less confident.

A real vicious circle. No need to be beautiful, not even rich, it is self-confidence that does everything.

Feeling confident and capable, that makes all the difference in flirt and seduction.


Women are not objects of idolatry to put on a pedestal and around which the whole society must look up to!

They are neither pure nor perfect. They are simple human beings just like you, but they are just sometimes pretty capricious.

Also, do not be afraid to approach them, no matter what the circumstances, but simply adapt to situations.

Take things in hand, know that if you do nothing, nothing happens!

A little hello to start will do no harm to anyone.

Stay as natural as possible, you will see that everything can ensue afterwards.

Then try to score enough points in her eyes to get as high as possible in her ranking.


Your good mood will make all the difference.

Having a good sense of humor is a main part in the art of seduction.

People with a lot of humor have a greater seduction potential than the average.

After all, they say “woman who laughs will be in your bed easier”.
No need to draw a picture, smile is the first indispensable element.

It has a two-pronged meaning, that of enhancing your confidence by bringing confidence to your target, notably by presenting your happyness, but also to allow you to de-dramatize the “approaching” situation.

Then comes your ability to tease her that will allow you to be neither too heavy nor not interesting enough.

Finally, your ability to differentiate yourself from other men is just as important.
Do not hesitate to transform ordinary phrases to make her laugh and to seduce her.

Moreover, self-deprecation, an important and smart thing to do, often proves to be a massive seduction weapon!

Self-confidence, daring, humor are the cocktail to succeed in flirt and seduction.

We sometimes notice guys who flirt with some girls, we think that he looks like nothing and yet he manages to flirt and seduce this girl! Why?

Well, because he has the audacity to go for it, he has confidence and he will try to make her laugh.

To seduce a woman, you also have to spend time there, it’s a personal investment otherwise it would be too easy.

All this to conclude that it is not necessary to be handsome to flirt and seduce but to go for it, to dare.

You have nothing to lose except to train yourself at flirting and seducing women!

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