Justin Timberlake’s flirting tips

Justin Timberlake’s flirting tips

Justin Timberlake’s flirting tips.

Justin Timberlake, singer but also actor evokes his seduction technique with Jessica Biel, a very pretty girl.

Recently, he talked about his flirting technique to flirt and seduce Jessica Biel in order to get a gallant date with her.

You can be a star, you also have to flirt and seduce in the showbiz environment.

Which flirting tips Justin Timberlake can he give to flirt and seduce a girl?

Well, here are the flirting tips from Justin Timberlake:

Tenacity and perseverance could be the words that summarize Justin Timberlake’s flirting technique with Jessica Biel.

He was before with other girls like Britney Spears or had also flirted with Scarlett Johansson, whispering something funny in her ear.

Moreover, he wrote a song and made a video related to his relationship with Britney Spears, “Cry me a river”, a good song.


I also recommend the film “In time” 2011 (picture of this article) in which Justin Timberlake plays, good movie a little unknown, Justin Timberlake is rather good actor.


About Jessica Biel, he had met her one evening and spoke to her quickly.

He then asked one of her friends if he could call Jessica to invite her to dinner, she told her friend that it might interest her.

  • Having her number, Justin Timberlake called Jessica Biel on phone to talk to her directly and offered her to go to dinner with him.

What Justin Timberlake advises as a flirting tip is to call the girl you are interested in to invite her for a date.
Justin Timberlake does not flirt by SMS or Text, he calls the girls on the phone to talk to them.
Flirting on the phone is his seduction technique.

Some say it’s a bit old-fashioned but you can flirt in many different ways and the important thing is to flirt and seduce in the way you are comfortable with.

  • If you are good talker, call the girl on the phone if you will know how to make her laugh on the phone, get her attention, etc…
  • If you are more comfortable with texting, send her text messages that will make a difference and seduce her.

Justin Timberlake’s flirting technique is therefore not bad, it is HIS seduction technique and his seduction advice.

Justin Timberlake also mentioned his grandfather and stepfather in an interview, he says he learned from them about gallantry and that if you want to invite a girl to dinner, you call her on the phone to talk to her.

I agree with him, it is not old-fashioned, you have to use new technologies like internet or mobile to flirt and seduce but do not forget the rest either.

Doing everything over text messages is perhaps not the best flirting technique, you can maybe leave this to the very young croud. 😉

Make a girl laugh with your text messages, show her that you think about her, mobile and internet can be very useful to help you in your flirting technique.

But calling a girl on the phone is certainly a very good thing if you want to invite her to go out for dinner or for a date as advised by Justin Timberlake as a flirting technique.

It took time (a nod to the film “In Time”) to have his date with Jessica Biel, because even when you are a star, it takes tenacity and perseverance to flirt and seduce a woman.

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