Kissenger: The kiss messenger to send long-distance kisses!

Kissenger: The kiss messenger to send long-distance kisses!

A revolutionary invention in mobile dating and chat applications.

A kind of messenger to send kisses to your girlfriend or to a girl you are dating or flirting with!

It explains the name Kissenger, a mix of kiss and messenger, a name very well found for sure for a kissing App.
Nothing to with Kissinger of course.

Mobile messaging for remote kiss sharing.

If your girlfriend is away, then this is the perfect tool to send her kisses remotely with your mobile phone or smartphone!

Exchange messages, pictures but also kisses with this mobile application.

Afterwards, this can allow you to also send a kiss to a loved one and not just your girlfriend or a girl you are flirting with.

Kissenger was created by Emma Yann Zhang, a doctoral student in computer science from City University, London.

You put your smartphone on a pad, on this pad there is a drawn mouth waiting for your kiss.
You kiss this mouth that incorporates high-precision sensors under silicone lips to measure the dynamic forces of your lips during this kiss.

The base and sensors will therefore measure the intensity of your kiss and send it to your partner who can be connected at the same time as you.
So you can be both in videoconference when you send your kisses.

A fun mobile application for lovers but also to send a kiss to your child if you are away from him for example.

Here is a video that illustrates how Kissenger works:

This mobile application recreates your virtual kiss to send it to the recipient via the internet.
Feeling a kiss remotely via the pad where you put your mobile phone.

Mobile chat and dating applications are getting more and more sophisticated nowadays.

A good way also to make a girl laugh who you are flirting with thanks to this fun mobile application but well, each person needs to be equipped.

Let’s see if this mobile virtual kissing application will be successful!

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