How to make a woman want to have sex with you

How to make a woman want to have sex with you

How to make a woman want to have sex with you?

How to make a girl horny?

How to get a girl to have sex with you?

Important questions we often have in mind especially after you have seduced a girl or even when you already have a girlfriend!

We flirt and seduce for various reasons, to have a serious relationship but also to make love and have sex.

It’s like the reward of flirt and seduction, having a girl in bed, let’s say things as they are.

Remember also that women love sex too, it’s not only men who hunt, women enjoy making love and having sex, it’s a physiological need. And sex is good for your body, it’s relaxes your mind.

But, nature being what it is, man has a reproductive instinct that makes him want to make love more often than a woman.

So the problem is, how to make your girlfriend want to have sex?

We do not talk about making love and having sex every hour but you will sometimes want to make love and she will not feel like it, sometimes for a while.

After that, it also depends on whether you already know this girl well or she is a new catch!

You will have to make her want to have sex, you will have to make her horny!

This is one of the biggest phases of seduction, making a girl want to have sex.

For a girl to give her body and soul to you, you must, at some point or another, create a sexual bond with her.
It is then a question of creating and increasing her sexual temptation.

It is the most important element that makes it possible to evolve a contact in a sexual relation, even a relationship. To make a girl horny, to turn her on to the point where she would be ready at any moment to have sex is paramount if you want to get her in your bed.

The right attitude to turn her on.

Girls are very sensitive to words, especially about love, compliments.

Sometimes a few words may suffice to stir up their desires.

So it will be a matter of communicating your desire to reassure her and encourage her to follow you.
She must feel involved to be excited.
Put her at ease, small questions games can allow you to steer the exchange in the direction you want.

And communication is not limited to verbal language, you must also adopt an attractive and suggestive behavior.

Touching and cuddling.

Once you have set the right mood by adopting the right attitude, your girl will be relaxed.
Also, slip subtly beside her to start foreplay.

Put your arm around her shoulders, and if she is very comfortable, start playing with her hair.

Let your hands get closer to hers or even grab her hand and cuddle her fingers if she lets you do it.

A little sensual massage on her shoulders, the lower back or even her thighs will help her to relax and awaken her excitation.

Start by kissing her gently, then more and more fiercely.
However, take a few breaks to leave her hungry.

Do not forget to go around her body sensually, her waist, chest or inside her thighs.

As your kisses become more and more passionate, it’s time to start removing your clothes to get to the serious stuff because she is ready for it!

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