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Online Dating Tips

There are many places where you can meet girls, internet is a great place for dating and socializing.

Tinder, Badoo, Parship, edarling, Match, Eharmony there are many dating sites and you will not see the same types of people on every dating website.

Tinder will be for the young people, Parship for people around 40 years old for example.

You have to test the dating websites to see if the type of girl you’re looking for is there so it starts first with your age.

Your username.

Choose a nickname that looks serious, not something like kinkyrabbit, etc.

The nickname may have an attractive effect if well chosen, you must spend some time to choose it.

A ridiculous nickname will repulse girls, it is therefore better not to lose all your chances from the start because of the nickname so take the time to choose it.

It’s like the profile photo, take the time to choose it too.

Do not put your real name or your first name in the nickname for identity issues.

The picture.

Meeting on the internet is much like a real encounter, your appearance will play the most important role because it is your photo that she will see first.
You must choose an attractive picture where you smile and look good.

Do not hesitate to ask your friend to help you choose a good photo of you!
You want the best profile picture on the dating site.

Sometimes we think a picture of us is nice but you need others to tell you how you are on the picture, you might think that you look great but it might not be the case.

Do not put a photo where you are with other people, your dog yes, it will appeal to many girls.

No vulgar or provocative picture.

Look after your look, a picture with nice clothes, without being too serious, a nice watch and voilà!

If you have a nice car or a nice bike, a photo with it in a nice decor will do it.

In my seduction guide Top 100 Best flirting tips, I give you a bunch of essential tips to improve your look and your body.

The description.

Do not write a novel, you will tell her more when talking with the person who will be interested to know you.

Saying too much can annoy the reader, a photo and a brief description should be sufficient to initiate contact.

Avoid spelling mistakes, it does not look good and gives a bad image of you.

Then you will have to contact the girls you are interested in, in another article I will tell you how to dramatically improve the number of responses to your contact requests on internet.
You have to show her that you read her entire profile to show your interest in her.

Then will come the time to meet the person in real life and you will have to be ready for this, download my guide to learn all about dating, flirting and the preparation it takes to put the odds in your favor!

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