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Kissenger: The kiss messenger to send long-distance kisses!

Kissenger: The kiss messenger to send long-distance kisses! A revolutionary invention in mobile dating and chat applications. A kind of messenger to send kisses to your girlfriend or to a girl you are dating or flirting with! It explains the name Kissenger, a mix of kiss and messenger, a name very well found for sure […]

Tinder available on PC and Laptop

Tinder now available on PC and Laptop

Tinder now available on PC and Laptop! Yes, better late than never, Tinder is finally available on PC, Mac, computers, laptop. A long time after Badoo that was already available on PC and computer via web browser, Tinder may have thought that it would be better to do it too. They probably lost a lot […]

How to find a one-night stand

How to find a one-night stand

How to find a one-night stand. On this site and in my ebook about flirt and seduction, The top 100 best flirting tips, I give you tips in flirt and seduction. Sometimes, we can also flirt just to fuck, let’s say things clearly. If dating is to find a girlfriend for a lasting relationship, sex […]


New Samsung Galaxy S8

The New Samsung Galaxy S8, it is here, it is beautiful. To flirt and hit on girls, you must have class and style. I never repeat it enough, your look is important and having a beautiful mobile phone that gives you style is a must have when you go hit on girls. As a pretty […]


Too much sport is not good for sex!

Too much sport is bad for libido and sex! Yes, you read well, an excess of sport is bad for men’s libido and therefore a less effective sexuality. Sport is important to stay fit, to have a nice body that pleases women especially for flirt and seduction! So it’s not an excuse not to do […]


Sex improves Professional Performance!

Sex improves professional performance! It is not me who said it but a serious study on the subject precisely. I was reading an article in a newspaper about this, a scientific study on sex and couples. American scientists observed 159 couples for two weeks and noticed that the day after a sexual intercourse, their performance […]


The Best Smartphones 2017

The Best Smartphones 2017. Well, 2017 is not over yet but let’s see which are the best current smartphones. Like I say in my ebook, look, style, class are important to flirt and seduce. You have to make a good impression and the first impression is always the most important one. A nice watch, a […]


Robots: The Future Of Sex!

Robots: The Future Of Sex! Will you one day have to flirt and seduce robots or rather robot women? There was a very good article on Cnet on this subject which explains the progress in robots which will become look-alikes of women to have sex with, a sex robot. Your next lover might be a […]


Healthy High Protein Diet To Build Some Muscle!

Healthy High Protein Diet To Build Some Muscle! Importance Of Protein To lose weight or To Pack On Serious Muscle! In order to stay in shape but especially to gain muscle in order to have a better look, let’s talk about the importance of proteins in your daily diet. Even if you have not yet […]

hitting on a girl

How To Approach A Girl

How to approach a girl? Whether it’s a perfect stranger or a girl you meet every day at your workplace or during specific activities, approaching her is always a challenge. But what do you want, having a crush on a girl can make you lose all your means! You want to succeed in your approach, […]