The perfect place to have sex depending on your astrological sign

The perfect place to have sex depending on your astrological sign

Depending on your zodiac sign, the perfect place for sex differs.

The best place to have sex according to your astrological sign

It is well known that your astrological sign affects all facets of your behavior and your personality.

We don’t teach you anything by telling you that your astrological sign can affect every facet of your life.
Your personality for example, some of your reactions or your romantic behavior.

Obviously, we cannot summarize you with an alignment of planets just as we will not summarize you with your astrological sign.

However, we have noted some similarities in certain attitudes and habits …

This is the case, for example, with regard to the best place to have sex according to people who share this sign.
So as far as your intimate life is concerned, can you discover a lot about yourself or be surprised … to better try new experiences?

Either way, we hope this can inspire you. It is always good to question your habits or even your sexual routine because you don’t necessarily pay the attention you need, sometimes.

Discover the place that suits you the most for your antics. If you’ve never tried it, go for it!

There is a good chance that this will take you to Seventh Heaven!
Comfort VS adventure! Gemini favors comfort … but does not skimp on effort!

Some love to discover and test new positions, even the most unlikely.
Leo flourishes in the experimentation of new places … We let you discover the rest below!

Here is your star sign’s best spot for sex.

1. Aries:

Anytime, anywhere.

You’re always up for a little kick-ass fun!

2. Taurus:

A 5 star hotel.

You like to hang out.

3. Gemini:

In the marital bed.

You need comfort to discover your partner’s body.

4. Cancer:

Around the house.

There are bound to be places you haven’t tried yet!

5. Leo:

In a public place.

You love the idea of ​​being able to be surprised!

6. Virgo:

In clean, well-ironed sheets.

True to your manic side!

7. Balance:

In a room with a mirror.

Your taste for aesthetics follows you into your privacy, have you ever tried to look at yourself while doing so?

8. Scorpio:

In the dark.

You are a mysterious sign and you love to take control while avoiding his/her gaze.

9. Sagittarius:

In the middle of nature.

How about taking a walk in the woods?

10. Capricorn:

Behind a closed door.

You need to feel like you’re in a safe place to unleash your bestial side!

11. Aquarius:

In virtual reality.

Ultra connected, you love to let your imagination run wild with little sexting.

12. Pisces:

In the shower.

What could be better than doing it in your element? In the water, this is where you are good.

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