Places to take a first date

Places to take a first date

Places to take a first date.

I wrote several articles about a first date with a girl.

What to say on a first date, questions to ask, what to do during a first date, etc…

Then comes the question of the place to go for this first date.

Meeting a girl for the first time, ok but where?

First rule to follow, do not ask her where she wants to meet you for the first time.
It’s you who has to organize everything, to have ideas, to take initiative, to surprise her if you want to do something different.

If you have never had a first date, you do not know what to expect.
A first date, it’s quite simple, it will be a good or a bad surprise.

When you flirt on internet for example, the girl sometimes does not look like the pictures she put on her profile.

Or you find out that she smokes.

Or another example, once I had a date with a girl I met on, she came with her poodle.
Well, I like animals but I did not know that she had a poodle, which means also adopting the poodle if you are going to have a romantic relationship with this girl.

These are things that may displease you among others and that will lead you to end this first date as soon as there is no point in going further if you don’t like this girl for various reasons .

So there are often two possible solutions for a first date with a girl.
Having a drink in a bar or dinner in a restaurant.

I will therefore give you some good flirting advice, directly related to what I said above.

As a first meeting place, choose a bar or a coffee shop.
You should always consider disappointment for various reasons and taking a drink or coffee will not last too long.

Imagine going to dinner with a girl that you do not like at all, the exciting first date turns into a nightmare!

And financially, you will surely pay the bill so be sure to first take a drink and shorten it if it’s not positive.

Choose a quiet place to be able to chat normally.
A place too noisy is going to spoil everything, you will not hear her and her either.

On the other hand, if you like the girl you just met, nothing prevents you to propose a dinner just after having a drink precisely.

Plan to have a good restaurant in the area or you will find yourself without interesting ideas for your new date.
A normal restaurant to be sure that something will please her on the menu.

Do not try a Japanese restaurant for example, imagine that she does not like sushi…

It’s a first date, you do not know her yet.

So to answer the question where to take a girl for a first date?
You will have a drink in a bar or have a coffee.

And if it goes well, you can propose a dinner just after your drink or for a second date.

Later, if you really like this girl, there are places to take her to impress her like the beautiful rooftop restaurant on the featured photo!

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