Questions to ask a girl to seduce her

Questions to ask a girl to seduce her

Questions to ask a girl to seduce her.

Dating conversation questions, the questions to ask a girl you like.

In order to approach a girl or even during the first date, the fear of not finding subjects of conversations as well as moments of embarrassing silence can often happen.

Some anxious people even go so far as to learn by heart a whole list of questions to have with them in case.

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that it is a conversation, and certainly not an interrogation! It is then necessary to choose the best questions likely to seduce.

1. Show her your interest.
Go for the questions that best fit the contexts. A small question about a small detail about her that other guys could miss out on would make you directly rise in her esteem.

Indeed, girls often invest in time and money to please, even for the smallest details of an outfit.

The best way to seduce a woman is to show your interest in her and to have an attentive ear on what she can tell you or confide in you.
So you need to know the questions to ask her.

It is not a matter of asking her a list of questions and responding mechanically. Listen well to her answers and bounce on it, it is also the best way to move on later.

2. What kind of questions?
Focus on open-ended questions, they are the best way to avoid having to run out of topics during the conversation. Each answer can then bring a new question.

Moreover, the open questions to ask to know better are endless as long as you push her to open herself emotionally to you.

However, this does not mean that you will have to avoid closed-ended questions, because through them you can control the seduction tactic as you please.

Also, alternate astutely between closed and open questions.

3. What to remember.
There are no magical questions to ask that would make her instantly like you.

On the other hand, you have to stand out from others by avoiding too trivial questions that anyone can ask if you want to create a real connection between you and your target.

Bet on certain details you notice, for example, what she is wearing, or deepen your questions about her passions and feelings.

The topics of conversation will often be about the same things: family, friends, work, love, etc…

By asking the right questions, it is rather her who will do the conversation, without her realizing it.

The goal is not to annoy her with unnecessary questions, or making your date look like a police interrogation…

You have to choose your questions to know her better, you want her to think “This guy is interested in me, he is not just there to try to fuck me.”

You can find sub-questions to the main question, and especially if the girl talks about her, her passions, and tells you her little secrets, her favorites things, etc…

The best way to seduce a girl you like is to show your attention to her and ask her questions that will interest her.

Questions to ask to avoid blanks during a romantic rendez-vous.

1. Do you like this place?

2. What do you like to drink usually?

3. Have you ever come here before / Do you come here often?

4. How was your day?

5. You listen to what type of music?

6. What is your favorite dish?

7. What kinds of movies / TV series do you like to watch?

8. What is your favorite restaurant?

9. What do you do when you return from work?

10. What do you do for fun?

11. Where did you study?

12. What is your passion in life? What makes you dream?

13. Which journey did you most enjoy?

14. Are you a morning person or an evening person?

15. Tell me about your best friend, who is it?

16. Tell me what your ideal day looks like?

17. What is your favorite song?

18. What were the moments that marked and changed your life?

19. What is the most stupid thing you have ever done?

20. What is the best way for you to relax?

21. What would be a romantic evening for you?

22. Which dish do you prefer to prepare?

23. What are your plans for the next 3 years?

24. What is your favorite movie of all time?

25. What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

26. What is the best concert you have attended?

27. Which 3 places would you like to visit?

28. What is your favorite holiday destination?

29. What is your funniest memory you’ve ever had?

30. What is the most stupid purchase you have ever made?

31. Do you play an instrument?

32. What gave you the most joy or pleasure in your life?

33. What is your funniest but most embarrassing moment?

34. If you were to describe yourself as an animal, would you choose what?

35. What is your full name, you have several first names?

36. What is the date of your birthday, and where were you born?

37. Do you have a little nickname?

38. What are your favorite types of outings?

39. What is your astrological sign?

40. Have you brothers and sisters? If yes how much ?

41. What book can you read and read over and over again?

42. Do you have tattoos? If yes how many?

43. When you accepted this datre, you thought what? What did you expect of me?

44. You smell really good, what is your perfume?

45. Do you practice a sport? If yes which ?

46. ​​Do you like to dance?

47. What were you dreaming about when you were little?

48. Do you smoke?

49. How were you when you were a child?

50. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Discussion topics to avoid:

As you can imagine, you must avoid making negative feelings to the girl you want to seduce.
You don’t want her to associate you with such emotions.

So avoid talking about too serious topics.
Avoid talking about the misery of the world. In short, be positive not negative.
It would be stupid to shoot yourself in the foot right from the beginning…

So avoid some specific topics (unless you know what you’re doing):

Her EX.
Too serious stories that are not fun.

I also advise you to avoid typical guys stuff. Like football, cars and so on.

A discussion is above all an exchange.

You must talk about a topic that arouses a minimum of interest in the girl you want to seduce.

Note: These tips on conversation topics are especially valuable in early discussion / relationship with a girl, when you want to put her at ease.
Once she is comfortable with you and she trusts you, you can talk about deeper issues and take more risks.

A discussion is above all an exchange. Girls like to talk about them…

So if she talks more than you, it’s pretty good. It shows that she is engaged in the conversation and is interested.

Know how to defend your point of view. If something does not please you, say so.
On the other hand, if you like something, do not hesitate to express it.

The art of seduction is also the art of asking questions when you flirt and seduce.

Show that you are really interested in her and that you are not there for a one night stand but for a real relationship.

It therefore takes time and the right questions to ask to seduce a girl.

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