Sex: How to be good in bed?

Sex: How to be good in bed?

On, I give you advice in flirt and seduction but also advice in sex.

Let’s talk about sex and fucking with a woman, yes I talk a little rough but let’s say things the way they are.
We flirt and date to fuck with someone, to have sex or to make love with a woman to talk politely.
But I like to say things straight forward, like talking to a friend, that’s how you learn and get good at something by saying things the way they are.

Everybody like sex, women too!
They let men flirt with them and seduce them because they also want to fuck and have a good time with a man. πŸ˜‰

Sex is very important because generally, after flirting with a girl, we will surely sleep with her.

Sex is therefore very important in flirt, it is necessary to be good in bed with girls.

A good fuck as we sometimes talk about some girls, well girls also rate men with whom they fuck.

A good shot in bed, women for men who are good in bed because many guys are not good in bed and don’t know how to make a woman come…

To fuck a woman well, you need experience, we are not born good in bed, we become it like everything else.

I learned it on the field but also by reading the book of Vanessa Flores, Secrets to be good in bed!

Who better than a woman to tell us how to kiss a girl well or make love to her.

How to fuck a woman good because women like to fuck just like us.

To kiss or to make love is to take pleasure but men and women do not take pleasure the same way, you must therefore learn certain things about female sexuality to be good in bed and give her good sex.

Fuck tips in her ebook to download that I recommend even though here I will give you some interesting tips to fuck good too.

In her ebook about sex and being good in bed, Vanessa Flores reviews all the basics it takes to properly fuck a woman.

The Italian stallion they will call you because if you know how to fuck women in bed, you will be recognized as a stallion actually.

Listening to many women, many told me that they were often disappointed by men in bed.

Those guys do not know how to be good in bed or think only to come as fast as possible, they don’t even see that she does not take pleasure like him and that he can not make her come in the end.

Learning to fuck is like learning to flirt and approach a girl, everything can be learned.

And once you learn, you improve by flirting with new girls to have more sex experiences.

How to kiss a girl, Vanessa tells you everything in her ebook to download, very useful like my ebook about flirt and seduction.


To make love to a woman, you must know her body, Vanessa Flores who is a woman is well placed to teach you more about woman’s body and how to make her happy in bed.

How to make love to a woman starts first by learning about her body and her erogenous zones.

Just like men, women have erogenous zones that may be different from ours, so we must learn them.


How to kiss a girl ?

Knowing how to kiss a girl is essential in fucking and sex.

Girls need to be kissed during love and especially before it starts.

It is necessary to go slowly, girls love sweetness, then you can make things get hotter!

Little kisses before deep french kissing when it gets wild during sex with her, sucking her tongue too, she’ll love it even if she’ll be surprise at first.

But knowing how to kiss a girl is important of course, I will write an article about how to kiss a girl.

While kissing a girl raises excitement, she will love it and be even more excited.

Kissing a girl is part of the program to know how to make love to a woman.



Do you like when a woman gives you a blowjob before sex?
Well, a woman likes to get a cunnilingus before fucking too!

What is a cunnilingus?
If you do not know what a cunnilingus is, you can check it out on Wikipedia or see the book of Vanessa Flores.

First you need to know what a cunnilingus is, then where you give a cunnilingus on the woman’s body.

Women adore cunnilingus, I love to give one to women, you have to know how to make them happy in bed to be a good in bed precisely and cunnilingus is an essential step during sex!

I often hear men tell me they do not give cunnilingus or they do not know how to give one…

How to give a good cunnilingus?
It is also in the book of Vanessa Flores, it would be too long to explain here, soon I will write an article about cunnilingus.

It’s important to learn how to give a good cunnilingus, women love it!

And how often have I heard girls tell me that their boyfriend does not know how to give a good cunnilingus…

There’s work for you guys to know how to fuck a woman good.

It will be necessary to play with her clitoris, maybe you don’t know what it is either, you will have to learn about this also.

If you want to become the sex king, it will be necessary to become the king of cunnilingus even if it is not only cunnilingus that will make a woman come.
Even though some women can come with cunnilingus, if you can do it, you are very good in bed then!


Her favorite sexual positions.

Again, there is a lot to learn about sex with a woman.

You like doggy style during sex? Me too!
But maybe your partner prefers another sexual position, so you should know the preferred sexual positions of your girl.

Vanessa tells you everything in her sex ebook and as everyone is different, a guy will often prefer doggy style during sex but a woman will enjoy sex in another way especially by playing with her clitoris, her most sensitive erogenous zone.

The best thing to do in sex with a woman is to practice different sexual positions to vary pleasure during sex!

She will be even happier to see a guy who is good in bed and knows how to kiss!

You can also learn new things from your sexual partner, girls love to try new things.
Don’t be boring in bed, fucking only in missionary position, you must surprise her like in flirt and seduction.

You will meet women who will love hard fuck and others who will prefer soft fuck, it depends on the personality of the girl who is in your bed.
You can ask her what she likes in bed, I do, I ask what she likes and sometimes there are those who say yes I like hard sex or sometimes even violent sex.

How to fuck and make love like a god can be learned also by asking your partner what she wants a man to do to her in bed!

If she likes hard fuck, you can buy handcuffs in a sex shop and handcuff her, she will love this submissive position.
Some girls like to have their hair pulled, strangled in simulation of course, we’re here to have fun, huh.

You have to dominate and control the situation for some hard sex or hard fuck, you are the man in charge, she expects it.

If she wants to take things in hands and play with you, let her do if she likes it, sex is about sharing and giving pleasure to both partners.

Always nice when you hear a girl tell you: Fuck me harder!
And there you have to be good in bed and know how to fuck a woman, I tell you!

And don’t forget to talk to her, hard talk like You like this, huh?
Or tell her It’s so good! in her ear.

And then, there are soft girls, who love gentleness, romanticism in sex.

It’s up to you to see what she likes in sex and try new stuff with her.


Watch a porn movie with her.

What better way to try new things than watching a xxx video or an erotic film.

Be careful not to shock her, she might think you’re just a big pervert. Haha

But this can be a good idea to learn how to fuck better too, we discover new things by watching xxx videos.
You must make her love sex.

The idea of ​​watching a porn movie with a girl may seem a bit too daring but more and more girls are watching porn.

Girls sometimes even ask to watch an erotic film with me to get horny! πŸ™‚

What more could you ask if a girl asks you to watch a xxx movie with you.

This can only give you new fuck ideas to experiment together and be even more performing in bed.

Do not hesitate to read kamasutra to try new sexual positions too.

You will also learn to make love longer.

Because it is necessary to know how to last in bed and not to come right away in a few minutes, girls want to have fun in bed, at least if they love to fuck, they will want to fuck longer.


– Spice up her sex life.

Fucking can quickly become boring if you do not do anything new.

It is therefore necessary to spice up her sex life, Vanessa Flores talks very well about this in her ebook about female sexuality, giving very specific examples.

Whether it is sex gadgets, sex toys, there are plenty of ideas to try to spice up your sex life and make fucking even more enjoyable for you and your partner.

Do not fall into routine and try new tricks, new unusual places to make love.

Knowing how to be good in bed is a whole program to follow like flirt and seduction.
Flirt and sex are very related, we flirt to have sex, let’s face it, we are men, we want to fuck new partners so we flirt and date new girls.

It’s like the holy grail to win, flirting, seducing to be able to make love with the girl we like.

Knowing how to flirt and seduce is one thing, then there is sex and knowing how to make love to a woman.

If you know how to make love, some women will know about it and some will get jealous of your girl.

When women have a boyfriend who is good in bed and fucks well, they will hide it and not tell anyone for fear of being stung.

If a girl in your entourage knows that you fuck well, she will want to try to have sex with you as there are not too many guys who are good in bed.
Download Vanessa Flores ebook and be one of those guys who are good in bed!

I saw it around me, knowing that I’m a good in bed and that I know how to make love to women, girls around me made me understand that they wanted to fuck with me. πŸ˜‰


How to make a woman come?

How to make love to a woman is also how to make a woman come.

Sometimes, we can say that we fuck well but she does not come, why?

Because it is necessary to know how she likes to enjoy sex in bed,you have to learn it to be good in bed.

It will be necessary to learn how she likes to come, it is then an essential part sex, to make a woman come.

Vanessa Flores explains it well in her book, all the things to learn and master to be good in bed, to know how to fuck a woman well.

What would be sex and fuck without making a woman come?
Boring, it is like the reward you get when you are good in bed, it confirms that you know how to make love to a woman.

If she does not come, something is missing; you have to work harder to make her come.

If you get to know her body and what she loves in sex, you will be able to grow excitation and make her come for sure!

And if you really become a good shot in bed then you will even be able to make her come several times or at least twice.
If you get there, you will surprise your partner and you will clearly be a good shot in bed that she will want to keep treasured! πŸ™‚


I forgot to talk about sodomy and anal sex but I will make a dedicated article or you can read the book of Vanessa Flores, she talks about it in detail in her ebook about female sexuality.

Some women like sodomy and practice it already.

A good part has never tried it as many men also from elsewhere but well, you need to like it.

It is a sexual practice to try so you can see if you like it or not.

Girls fear sodomy because they are afraid of pain, it must be said that it is very tight there. πŸ˜‰

But if we do it well as Vanessa explains in her book, how to do sodomy, this can be a new source of sexual pleasure for both partners.

For men, it is certainly good as it is tighter than her vagina, pleasure is more important and enjoyable during sodomy.

It is up to you to see if your partner wants to try sodomy, first you have to see if her anus can take it.
For some women, it does not fit. πŸ˜‰
Then it is necessary to move on to other things, for other women, a good dilation with specific gel for sodomy and you can gently try sodomy.

She will love or dislike, it is either one or the other, if she loves it and you too, then you have discovered a new source of pleasure in sex for both of you.


Fucking is an inexhaustible source of pleasure to try, but often people easily get into routine and it is often the girl who waits that you make the first step to try new things.

Do not hesitate, surprise there, maybe not the first time if it’s a girl you just met after a long session of flirt and seduction! πŸ˜‰

To seduce well, you have to know how to fuck and to be good in bed, if not, the girl will not stay and will go away.

You are the dominant male, you must be good in bed to be recognized as a real man who gets the job done in bed with women!

There are many things to learn in flirting, seduction and SEX.

Love life is not a long, quiet river, kissing, good sex, all this is learned but fortunately there are people who are there to help you like me or Vanessa.

Your life is made easy with ebooks about flirt or sexuality that deliver all the secrets to be good in flirting and dating or to be good in bed.

At the end of this article, I put the link to Vanessa’s ebook because she is the sex pro who explains everything in her book to download to be good in bed.
A must read if you want to learn to be good in bed.

Me, my thing is flirt and seduction, you already know, my ebook is available everywhere (Amazon, Kobo, etc…)
But today, we were talking about sex and how to be good in bed! πŸ˜‰

Once you have met a new girl, you will have sex with her and you better be ready to give her a good time in bed!


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