Sex Tips for beginners

Sex Tips for beginners

Sex Tips for beginners!

There is always a first time for everything.

Sex guide for beginners: How to do it the right way!

When we discover sex, whether it’s the first time or we’re still new to sex, we ask ourselves a lot of questions: how to make love, how to take and give pleasure, and how do more besides.

Here are some sex tips for beginners, so that their first few times go well for everyone.

Sex: first time

One thing to know when you are a beginner: the first few times are often “disappointing”, even bad, in the sense that we make it a big deal, and that in the end, the day, we are too clumsy / inexperienced / stressed to be the fireworks that was expected.

No worries, sex is like everything: the more we practice, the better we become, and the better it becomes.
Already because we are more relaxed, and then because we know how to do it better.
So do not panic if the first few times are not very good.

If you have problems with erection or if it does not last long the first time, it goes with time, when trust replaces stress.

You should also know that for a girl, the first time can be rather painful: it’s not death, it’s hurts a little, but go slowly.
And do not be surprised or stressed if she has no orgasm, if not no pleasure at all.
If during the first penetration it hurts, stop and let her decide what to do next.
And even times after, it takes time for girls to start enjoying sex.

So do not expect for your first time to get a hot ass as in porn videos that you downloaded, you would probably be disappointed. It happens, but it’s not the most common:

For most people, the first time is not fantastic. It does not matter, everyone goes through it.
You will progress with experience, and will take more and more pleasure.

protection during sex

Precautions, protection.

The number one rule in sex: if you are not tested or not faithful, ALWAYS use a condom.

She can have a beautiful ass and be a sex bomb, if we do not protect ourselves and she has AIDS, you can get it even if she is perfect, and life stops there, stupidly.

The condom is a means of contraception that will prevent your sexual partner from becoming pregnant in 99% of cases, but it is also the most effective means of protection against diseases (AIDS and other STDs).

Then, if your relationship becomes serious and both of you are faithful, both of you will do an STD test at the hospital: then you can stop using condom and go for the pill BUT ONLY if you stay loyal (unprotected unfaithfulness is the best way to bring back sometimes deadly crap into your relationship, so be careful and responsible).


It happens very often (even, almost always) that beginners in sex have some small problems of erection.

Do not panic, it’s stress and nothing else.

No need for viagra, no need for cialis, all you need is to uninhibit, to assume the fact of being inexperienced (we all go through there, including your partner): to discuss with her always helps .
If she is experienced, she will take pleasure in taking you in hand and it will be very pleasant for you, and if it is not, you will grope both, being attentive one to the other and it will be perfect for both.

The preliminaries or foreplay.

It is discussed in the articles “foreplay” and “foreplay tips”: foreplay is very important.

First because it is part of the pleasures of sex and they are very erotic, but also because they aim to “prepare” the girl to sex by making her horny: preliminaries allow her not to to have pain during sex and to have fun.

“Watch your fingers!”

1) Beware of nails, they must be short. And even if they are short, some women are sensitive enough to feel it, and when it’s not really painful, it’s really uncomfortable for some people. Like the teeth for a blowjob.

2) Because if the girl does not have abundant lubrication, putting her fingers will dry the vagina even more.
So it can be good to play with fingers, but for that it is necessary that the girl is already in a state of excitement, otherwise it is not fun.
The best is indeed to extend foreplay, or to gently play either with the clitoris or the area around, depending on the sensitivity of the young lady.

Attention, the clitoris is not a button: if it does not work, it is useless to press harder. Anyway, if the girl is inexperienced, you will not be able to do anything by being in a hurry.


A basic trick is to never try to force it.

Never press her on the head, this kind of thing: it is degrading, humiliating and extremely unpleasant, even disturbing, especially if the girl lacks experience. It must be said that a sufficiently excited girl (thanks to foreplay) will come naturally 9 times out of 10, maybe not the first time, but when she will be comfortable and confident.

To know about fellatio: if she does not have sores in the mouth, you can do without a condom, it is much better, both for her and for you.


Hair keep sweat and bacteria, and cause a strong odor around your sex. Not good.

Not all guys do it, but it’s more pleasant for the girl: if you do not completely shave your pubic and balls, you can at least “brush” with small scissors to remove the biggest ones.

And then you can make your girlfriend do the same if she does not already, it’s still more fun and it allows more enjoyable sex games.

But if you are a beginner, this is your first time, do not take the lead with that.



Sometimes, a girl does not get wet enough, either because she is like that (it depends on the girls), or because the preliminaries have been sloppy: it must be remedied, otherwise the penetration will be painful for her And for you.

Saliva is usually enough, but sometimes it can cause urinary tract infections. You can also use lubricant, but only intimate gels with water or silicone: never oil (kind olive oil) or petrolatum: oil and Vaseline make holes in condoms.


Read our article for detailed tips on penetration, including a question often asked by stressing beginners: “how to find the entrance to the vagina”.

Give her pleasure.

Are you sure to be good in bed and really satisfy women?

How to give her intense orgasms every time?

As with everything, there are techniques that have been proven to give powerful orgasms to a woman.
All you have to do is learn these effective techniques and use them.
If you want to know how to give unforgettable orgasms to your wife, your girlfriend or the Dutch tourist in town, …

Nothing is more bogus for a woman than a man who makes “selfish” love, thinking only of his pleasure.
The girls hate it, talk about it with their girlfriends and you’re done, classified as not good in bed.

To be good in bed with women, you must think about her pleasure.
Besides, the best way to have fun is to make a girl happy in bed, it makes her wild in bed and she gives you 100 times the same.

To give her pleasure, do not hesitate to innovate and take initiatives:

* communicate with her to know if it’s ok (girls like to talk during love, not necessarily “dirty talk”, but they like to communicate.

* change positions, even take a break to resume foreplay: do not believe that sexual intercourse must be “straight”, there can be detours, changes in rhythms, doing like that it can last a very long time and be very good. It can help to catch your breath, even to recover a correct erection.

* Take things into your own hands: girls like it to be the guy who “dominates” (it’s not about being violent, but about “directing”): do not be a slacker.

* Do not do the hammer nonstop: change speed and angle of penetration: girls particularly like “going into the corners”.

* Do not be too brutal: some positions can irritate or even hurt the vagina of the girl, which is quite fragile.
So go ahead frankly, but be attentive to her reactions, and do not insist if she is in pain.


Ejaculation usually means the end of sex: few boys manage to continue afterwards.

It is physiological, you simply can not do more, unless you have been trained with specific techniques, that will be discussed in another article.

Whatever you may have been told, the technique of withdrawal (taking out your penis just before coming) is not a reliable method of contraception AT ALL: again, wear a condom or use the pill if you are in a relationship.

Facial ejaculation.

Even if in your favorite xxx movies facial cumshot is common, few girls really enjoy it: it’s mostly a guy thing that seeks to please himself by reproducing what he saw in porn.

There are, however, girls who like facial cumshot: some even love it, facial cumshot is a practice that relates to certain fantasies, including BDSM, …
If your partner is open to it, why not? But if you both lack experience, it is better to wait a bit to test this kind of thing. 😉

Quantity and consistency of sperm.

Many on the forum seem to ask the question of the amount of ejaculated semen and the consistency of sperm.
The answer is simple:
it depends on people… and days!

Some have a liquid and clear sperm, in others it is more “lumpy”:
it depends on the concentration of spermatozoa in the seminal fluid.
As for the amount, the sperm is produced continuously, but it makes sense that you ejaculate more sperm if you have not had sex for some time.

To know: the amount of sperm ejaculated does not affect your pleasure or that of your girlfriend.
The pleasure of sex does not lie only in ejaculation, even if ejaculation comes with male orgasm.

After orgasm.

After so much action and fun, stay with her, let her snuggle against you.

Some girls (most) like to talk right after.
In general, men prefer to regain their spirits… or to fall asleep: a perfect example of the fact that men and women are not made the same.

The final word.

You are beginners in sex: don’t make things complicated, do not put pressure on yourself, assume your inexperience serenely, it will come with time.

Communicate with your partner, stay tuned (very important) and most importantly, use a condom until you are tested negative for all STDs.

Over time, you will have more experience and confidence, and your sex life will grow and flourish for your pleasure. You can then try new sexual games, new sexual practices, which we describe in the articles in the sex section.

In case of problems, difficulties, or if any question comes to you, do not hesitate to ask it on the sex forum: the other members, men and women, will try to answer you as best they can, without judging you or make you feel uncomfortable. Remember: the key to a fulfilling sexuality is to know and to be able to speak freely, without fear and without embarrassment.

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