Having a sexfriend, benefits and disadvantages

Having a sexfriend, benefits and disadvantages.

Definition of a Sexfriend:
Having a sexfriend means sleeping with a girl who is not your girlfriend or your wife but
who is more than just a friend.

People often say “friends with benefits” about sex friends: a friend, with a few benefits.

Becoming sex friends sometimes goes through a discussion that has value of contract: we see each other but we do not fall in love!
How do you call them? Sexfriends? One night stand? For me, it’s kind of the same thing.

For some seducers, it has become a drug. For other guys, Sexfriends, that’s unthinkable.

What if we opted to be sexfriends?

A deal that allows you to have the benefits of a relationship without the disadvantages.

Let’s see the benefits when you have a sexfriend.

1 – First of al, she’s a friend .

In sexfriend, there is friend. In other words, it is a friend with whom we have sex.

But it’s not just that.

When things go wrong, we need advice, she’s there. Unlike a vulgar one-night stand, you can spend time with her, share things. And usually she will be good advice!

2 – No mother-in-law.

With a sexfriend, no need to stuff the chicken every Sunday.

Not that we do not like it from time to time eh, but right now, we would not stand it.

With a sexfriend, no mother-in-law to visit because she is not your girlfriend but your sexfriend.

3 – Realize all her fantasies.

In a loving relationship, you do not necessarily dare to be kinky with your girlfriend because you never know how the other one will react.

With a sexfriend, there is no taboo! We can talk to her about our desires and ask her to realize our wildest fantasies.

4 – No jealousy.

This is one of the things that annoyed us most when we are a couple.

Jealousy which start from nothing and usually ridiculous, seen from the outside. “Who’s this girl with whom you talked all night?” Why did you like her photo? At least, with a sexfriend, jealousy is out of place. How relaxing!

5 – Save money.

Obviously, we love to give gifts to our girlfriend when we have one.

But it must be admitted that this represents quite a budget, between birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, movies, restaurants … There, at least, we make big savings.

6 – No grief.

To live a beautiful and great love story is nice.

But it is also a source of suffering, sooner or later.

With a sexfriend, we do not have this kind of problems, we just enjoy the good times.

Let’s say we have the advantages of a couple without the disadvantages. What more ?

7 – Maintaining your health capital.

Sex is good for your health. This has been scientifically proven.

Making love helps to strengthen your heart, eliminate toxins and decreases stress.

Sex also has beneficial effects on your mind, especially because endorphins, hormones of well-being, are released in large quantities. As soon as we stress, just call your sexfriend…

8 – Safe sex.

The advantage of making love regularly with a girl we know is that we know where she flirts or the people she sees.

No need to stress as you would with an evening shot. The risk of contracting STDs is reduced.

9 – No reports.

“Where were you last night?” Why you did not call? Who is this girl?

So many things that destroys a relationship.

With a sexfriend, we have no account to render, this is the rule of thumb.

10 – Time for yourself.

Having a sexfriend is the right plan if you want to maintain your independence and have time for yourself.

No arguments, no concessions to make…

Just a good time for you and her, when you want!

Rules to follow in a sexfriend relationship:

Do not fall in love!

Having a sexfriend is about having sex not to start a romantic relationship and to fall in love.
If you fall in love while the basic contract only allowed sex between the two of you, you rush the end of this “story.”

Evaluate your level of maturity.

If you are jealous as soon as you look at your girlfriend.
If you feel rejected if your sexfriend does not call you for two days, forget about having a sexfriend.
You probably need emotional and physical exclusivity and are not ready for a sexfriend.
The best way to find out: are you ready to stop this relationship overnight? If not, you are on the wrong path…

Set rules to follow:
You only want to sleep with her and nothing else. Tell her.

You want her to be free to sleep with other guys, and you with other girls? Talk it over.

You want your friendship to be ok when you no longer want each other or if you fall in love with another person? Talk about it.

You want to sleep alone whatever happens, even if it’s four in the morning? Be clear from the beginning.

Think about addressing the issue of frequency. It can be useful to avoid disputes, especially if you do not have the same expectations.

Some sexfriends do not even kiss in public or in private, it’s up to you to choose what kind of sexfriends relationship you want to have, the limits.
Do not be needy!
According to our girlfriends and ex sexfriends, nothing worse than a sexfriend relationship that begins by sending text messages in permanently.

If the girl does not answer, it’s because she does not want to see you, or she’s not available immediately.

Do not be needy! You can not ask her to be available like with a potential girlfriend.
Tip: if a sexfriend does not respond anymore, it means that she does not want to answer anymore. Drop it!
Move on!

No daylight!
Obviously no date, no rendez-vous in bars, no parties where you introduce her to your friends.

The more secret it is, the better! If you decide to violate these rules, your friends will think that she is your
official girlfriend, and even your sexfriend will start to doubt of your real intentions: “But why he introduces me
to his friends? ”
Doubt is not allowed, keep your sexfriend for you as long as she agrees, and as long as you want her.

Avoid girls who already have a boyfriend.
It’s the kind of story that ends up inevitably wrong.

In your head, the dream scenario is: when i don’t want her, she can go see her boyfriend.

You don’t want problems with her boyfriend who will come and blow your head off.
Forget about having a married woman as a sexfriend, or a girl who already has a boyfriend.

The disadvantages if you have a sex friend:
While having a sexfriend may seem the ideal solution to loneliness for men who do not want a serious relationship, it should be remembered that, by definition, it is a continuing relationship with all the disadvantages that this entails.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for one of the two sexfriends to fall in love with each other over time and then wish to push the relationship a little further.

Often, this ends up the story and causes suffering for the person who is then rejected.

On the other hand, a relationship based on sex and friendship is not constructive.

It is above all a fantasy that can not be transposed into reality.
This can also become complicated when real ties of friendship are created between the two lovers.

If this friendship lasts in time, it can hamper the future serious relationships of one or the other.
In short, a sexfriend is like all good things: pleasant, euphoric but to use with moderation.

So you have a good idea about the benefits and disadvantages if you want to have a sexfriend.

Everything related to a friendship is dangerous so think about it twice before starting something that could end a good friendship.

That’s why you really need to talk with her about being sexfriends, setting rules to follow in order to avoid any disappointment.

But if both of you agree on the terms, having a sexfriend can be very fun!

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