The countries that love Sex Toys the most

The countries that love Sex Toys the most

The countries that love Sex Toys the most!

Who better than Google to tell us which countries are looking for the most to buy sex toys!

Dildo, Geisha balls, anal plug, handcuffs, whip, dildo belt, vibrator, there are plenty of different sex toys to try alone or as a couple.
Like the sexual gadget on the photo, a silicone Yunman anal plug, a whole program to initiate your partner to sodomy and anal sex for example.

Is your country part of the top 5 of the countries ranking for the ones that love sextoys the most?

You will surely be surprised by the ranking where you might think the United States come first but no, it is another European country that leads the ranking.

People use more and more sextoys, women in particular buy more and more of them, sex becomes democratic.

Women love Sex Toys.

A bit like porn consumption on the internet, more and more women are watching porn and enjoy themselves alone.

For sextoys or dildos, it is a little the same, women indulge themselves at home with sex gadgets that make them happy.

There are very fun and very naughty sextoys for women as this clitoral stimulator in the photo.
The sex gadgets today have a modern design, attractive colors, no more white boring dildos.
Perhaps also for this reason that women are more and more fan of sextoys.

There are also more and more couples who buy sextoys to have fun together.
It’s also a way to spice up your sex life as you can read in an article about it:

Very exciting to play with your partner with an anal plug, handcuffs, etc…

In addition, sex toys can easily and discreetly be purchased on the internet and have them delivered to your house.
No need to go to a sex shop on a sullen street anymore, you can buy everything online and on online sex shops.

If there are more and more people looking for porn on the internet, it is the same for dildos.
Internet is certainly the main reason for this popular craze for sextoys.
And it is also internet that allows to have very precise statistics precisely on who looks for sextoys, which ones and in which countries there is the highest demand and search for sextoys!

So let’s see which countries love and seek the most for sextoys on the internet.

1. Denmark.
2. Sweden.
3. Greenland.
4. United States.
5. England.
6. Holland.
7. Russia.
8. Bulgaria.
9. Italy.
10. Australia.

France is only number 15! But where are the French?

We see that Europeans dominate the world ranking in the search for sextoys on the internet.
And especially the northern Europeans, would they be more horny than their neighbors to the south?

It is possible, knowing that it is cold a good part of the year in the north of Europe, people have fun in bed with sex toys and search for them on the internet therefore.
It is necessary to be busy with something when it is night from morning to night for months!

This is certainly the explanation, in other countries, people are busy going out more when there is good weather, while in Greenland, people are stuck in their homes because of the snow, cold and darkness.
It is necessary to make the time that passes slowly more pleasant to live.

There is also a question of income, at the bottom of the ranking logically we find the developing countries.
Buying sextoys is not a priority for these people and they do not have the means to pay for it or simply do not have internet.

After that, there are countries where the sale of sex toys is prohibited as in Thailand for example so it will quickly limit sextoys search on Google in these countries if there is not really possibility to buy sex toys on the internet in these more conservative countries.

Women are men’s future ?

Will the development of the sextoy industry go through purchases of sextoys by women?

The latest fashionable sextoys are all electronic and very sophisticated, even waterproof to go in the bath or pool water.

You can have fun during the bath or with other people as well.

Becoming more and more playful, modern and less taboo, sex toys certainly have a good future ahead.

We are still surprised with France ranking at the 15th position in this world ranking about the search for sextoys on the internet and on Google more precisely.

If you want to see all the countries listed, you can go on this site:,f_auto,fl_strip_profile/sex_toy_world_rankings_ma

And if not, you can always test a sextoy if you have never done it before.

You just have to do a search on Google and you will be part of the statistics mentioned in this article

Surprise your partner with a fun and pleasuring sex toy!

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