Tinder available on PC and Laptop

Tinder now available on PC and Laptop

Tinder now available on PC and Laptop!

Yes, better late than never, Tinder is finally available on PC, Mac, computers, laptop.

A long time after Badoo that was already available on PC and computer via web browser, Tinder may have thought that it would be better to do it too.

They probably lost a lot of customers by not being available on PC or Apple computers.

Yet there are many people like me who enjoy accessing their mobile apps on their computer!
It’s so much more convenient to write with a real keyboard!

Besides, I prefer Badoo to Tinder just for that.

Of course, most of their customers are on mobile or smartphone but they have actually realized that in some countries, mobile connections are very slow and that people prefer to connect with a computer.

Some countries already have 4G on mobile and smartphone, less developed countries are still in 2G…

In some countries, people have mobile phones that have little ram memory and can not access services like Tinder or Badoo.

And that’s why Tinder is only available on computer in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, Sweden, the Philippines and Colombia.
It will soon be available also in Thailand, the land of smiles and pretty girls.
In other countries, Tinder chose not to offer its mobile dating application.

It is a shame in fact, you must let the customer choose even if Tinder prefers to have his customers on mobile.

So this is a bit of a false news all this, Tinder will only be available on computer, laptop and Mac in less developed countries in fact.

It would be nice if all mobile dating application would be available on computer and laptop!

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