Topics to avoid on a first date

Topics to avoid on a first date

Topics to avoid on a first date.

Questions to avoid on a first date.

Questions to avoid asking a girl if you want to succeed and seduce her.

This is the right featured photo for this article, the topics to avoid when you flirt with a girl if you do not want to end up like the guy in the picture precisely!

Indeed, there are topics to avoid if you do not want to make your first date angry.
You meet her to flirt with her, get to know her better as you do not know her at all yet.
It’s easy to start talking about sensitive topics if you do not pay attention to what you say.

In connection with what you saw in the news, you could easily start talking about religion or politics without knowing what she thinks about these topics.
Most wars in the world are related to religion, so you will understand very quickly that religion is going to be a very sensitive topic to avoid during a first date.

When you will know this girl better, you will be able to discuss more sensitive topics but first, you need to know the worst topics for a first date.
Some conversations to avoid having when you meet a girl for the first time and especially if you are flirting with her.

Some of the questions you can avoid asking and topics to avoid on a first date are:

  1. Politics.
  2. Religion.
  3. EX or your last love experiences.
  4. Money.
  5. Sex.
  6. Family and projects.
  7. Your personal problems.
  8. Health issues.
  9. Sports and men stuff.
  10. Don’t complain, be positive.

1. Politics.
Fortunately these subjects are generally avoided during the first appointments.

And for good reason, when they are approached, it is generally totally counterproductive.

Talking about politics can make you totally hermetic in the eyes of someone who does not have your convictions or who is not interested in them.

It’s a sensitive topics to avoid, you have a date to get to know someone not to get into an argument right away.

2. Religion.
Most wars in the world are related to religion, you get a clear idea why to avoid this topic on a first date.

Again, you do not know this girl you are flirting with or her religious opinions unless you met this girl on a dating site reserved for practitioners of a certain religion of course.

But if you do not know anything about her, do not talk about religion even if it’s at the heart of the news.
Religion is perhaps the first of the topics to be avoided during an first date with a girl you are flirting with and trying to seduce.

3. Ex and love experiences.
As part of a first date, it is difficult to ignore your previous relationships but don’t talk about it neither ask her about her EX too.

She will think that you are still thinking about your EX if you talk about it and she does not want to think about EX either.

In other words, do you live with your ghosts of the past or are you really ready to start again.

So, avoid this topic on a first date or even during the next ones, you can talk about this if this girl really becomes your girlfriend.

4. Money.
Of course the question ‘what do you do in life?’ Is quite natural during a first date.

Asking her what is her job or occupation also allows you to find new topics to talk about with her.
You want to show her that you are interested in her so you can talk about what she does in life but don’t ask about money.

Don’t ask her how much she makes, if she has a nice car, if she has money.
It’s too personal to ask when you don’t know someone, you will talk about this if you start a relationship with her.

5. Sex.
Don’t talk about sex with a girl on a first date, you will fail right away!

Indeed, talking about sex with a girl you meet for the first time will give her the impression that this is what interests you most and that you just want to fuck her.

A girl will pay attention to everything you are going to tell her and if you start talking about sex, she will panic right away and leave.
Sex is therefore one of the topics to avoid when meeting a girl for the first time.

She wants to feel you are interested in her and not in her ass or breast.

6. Family and projects.
Here again, it is a common theme at a first dinner, but like for your EX, this topic can be badly perceived if the person sees obstacles to your future relationship.

So if you go to dine 3 times a week with your parents, stay discreet.

Either way you have to be aware of it, building a relationship requires time and availability, it’s up to you to organize yourself accordingly.

In the same way, talking about your family projects is usually too premature also.
First, take the time to get to know her and enjoy time before talking about your family projects.

7. Your personal problems.
On a first date, the girl you meet wants to have a good time with you, laugh, smile.
She does not want to hear about your personal problems like your problems at work, money you owe, your car needs to be fixed, you boss is stressful, etc…

Talk about positive things, avoid negative topics on a first date.

You want to give a good impression, you want her to enjoy your company not to be your psychologist.

8. Health issues.
It’s a little bit like the topic about personal problems even though you might talk about health issues dealing with your relatives.

If you have a health problem or your grand-mother has cancer, don’t mention your health issues or problems.

Again, a first date has to be positive, she wants to have a good time and learn about yourself.

Avoid topics about pain, blood, long term illness, etc…
Everybody faces problems or health issues, there will be a time to talk about it if you get into a relationship with her but not at your first date.

9. Sports and men stuff.
Some women like sports too but many of them don’t want to go to a date to hear about sports.

Many girls are afraid of meeting a man who will spend his time in front of the TV or with his friends to watch football.
So do not give this impression on your first date, don’t shoot yourself in the foot right at the beginning of your flirting session!

Also avoid other typical men stuff like talking about cars, mechanics, etc…
It will not be her thing to talk about this, you will annoy her and make her go away.

Don’t annoy her talking about your computer skills, you last website in PHP or Python.
They will not understand what you talk about and will be very bored on their first date with you.

Show your nterest in her, make her talk about herself, her passions to have new discussion topics with her.

10. Don’t complain, be positive.
Don’t start your first date by complaining about the traffic on the way, the rain, the noise, your annoying neighbor, etc…

Like for other topics to avoir at a first date, be positive, smile, make her laugh, forget about the negative things in your life and think about what you enjoy in life.

Being negative or angry right away will give a bad image of you.

She wants to be with someone who will make her smile, she does not want to hear complaints.

If you had a bad day, which can happen of course, try to forget about it, have a drink and talk about positive things with her.
Being positive will make you feel better too, more confident to flirt and seduce this girl at your first date.

If you see that you get angry often, try to relax, try yoga or something else to get this anger out.
Life can be stressful so you have to learn how to stay positive especially when you go on a first date.

You want things to work out good for you, you meet a girl to have a good time and to find a new girlfriend who will enjoy your company!

Remember that a first date must be pleasant and fun if you want to succeed and score with this girl.

Money, politics, religion, they are the discussion topics or questions that it is absolutely necessary to avoid during a first date.

Any discussion topic or any sensitive issue that might annoy or shock the girl you are meeting for the first time.

In brief, avoid asking questions to a girl that may be too personal at the moment, too vulgar, too controversial or too boring.

With this article, you have a good idea of the topics to avoid during your first date.
The art of seduction is also the art of knowing the topics to avoid that will make her angry more than anything else.

Avoid controversial topics, questions that are too personal and you will be fine during your first date.

Do not forget to have fun with her, to make her smile, laugh!
A smile is contagious, if you smile, she will smile too.

To flirt with her and to seduce a girl, she must have a good time with you and appreciate your company.

Instead, ask yourself what are the questions to ask a girl to seduce her:

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