What to do on a first date

What to do on a first date

What to do on a first date?

The first date with this pretty girl you like, you finally got it!

The first date is already a victory, but it will be even more so if you get a second date, a third one and so on.
Indeed, everything will be played on this first date.

The first date is another step flirt and seduction, the art of seduction on the first date with a girl.

If you are good enough, you will start a relationship, if necessary, this first meeting will also be the last!

Here are some key tips for a successful first date.


If she accepted, it’s because she found you interesting at first, so it’s already a good point to start with.

Also, do not stress, you are there to have a good time together.

The trick is not to set goals on the first date.

Do not tell yourself that you have to kiss her at all costs, or even sleep with her after the first date, it’s the best way to put pressure on you!

In general, a real first date is rather for a more or less serious relationship and not a one night stand which requires a total different approach.

Let everything come naturally.

Learn to know her.

Know how to adapt to the girl who is in front of you.

To do this, you must get to know her, try to decipher her reactions to better imagine what can please and displease her.

Put it at ease as much as possible, demonstrate a frank interest in her person, she will be flattered.

Moreover, girls love to talk about themselves and feel good when people listen to them.

So you have to show that you are interested in her, so, make her talk.
This allows you to observe her and keep her busy by focusing the discussion on her.

Unveil your assets.

She will certainly ask you questions about your life, your passions…

You have to show that you have an interesting life without showing off and, above all, without being eternal.

Talk about you, but sparingly, this is a first date, you will have time afterwards to talk more about you.

And to avoid blanks and uncomfortable moments of silence, plan some topics of conversation in advance.

Make her laugh.

Try to make her smile, but do not run into a risky clown show!

A sympathetic anecdote, a good word, this can definitely relax the somewhat stuffy atmosphere of a first rendez-vous.

The important thing is to create a climate of complicity, making her smile.
With a bit of humor, everything goes better and everyone will be more relaxed.
You have to break the ice as they say to install a good atmosphere and a climate of confidence for the girl you are flirting with.

Create attraction.

It is about physical contact with your target and getting closer to her.
Look at her in the eyes, convey the confidence you have in yourself, speak in a calm, quiet voice…

Get closer, literally, taking her hand briefly for example.

Do not get too close either, but this way you will show her that you like her and that you would like more, without going too fast.

You can also get closer to her to tell her a “secret” in her ear, for example.

If you succeed with this first date, you will have all the opportunities of the world to go further at your next meetings, creating more and more complicity and proximity.

A first date is to set you up, to see if everyone likes each other and wants to go further.
You can also send her a text message or SMS after your first date to share your impressions.
This will also allow you to see if she is open for another encounter precisely.

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And remember that if insisting a lot can be too much, being too distant could also be interpreted as disinterest!

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