When to kiss a girl at the right moment

When to kiss a girl at the right moment

When to kiss a girl at the right moment?

When to kiss a girl at the right time?

How do you know if this is the right time to kiss a girl at a date or when you are flirting?

Know if a girl wants to be kissed.

Kissing a girl for the first time is an important and quite stressful step, especially when it comes to determining the right timing!

Indeed, everything can be played on this first kiss, obviously, because who remembers the second?

You probably put too much importance on kissing. You are scared to kiss her because you are afraid of being turned down and that she stops loving you.
You think that if she rejects your kiss it is that she rejects you / she does not love you / she is not attracted to you. You tell yourself that if she is attracted to you, she would accept to kiss you.

The 2nd thing that blocks you is that you can not see when it’s the right time to kiss her, you do not notice her signs of interest, how to understand her body language.
To eliminate this blockage, you must understand what are the signs of interest that show that you can kiss her and when it is normal to kiss a girl according to the circumstances (night club, bar, street, dates, etc… ).

Do not panic, follow the best flirting tips and seduction advice.

The art of seduction is also the art of kissing.

Female psychology.
What you need to understand is that girls are not the same as guys.
If she rejects your kiss, it does not mean she does not like you, it just means she’s not ready.

We guys are directly attracted to a girl, we could directly kiss her and sleep with her, but girls need time to get to know a guy, be attracted to him and feel comfortable.

The attraction does not happen immediately in a girl, it is built gradually.
The more you show of attractive behaviors, the more she will be attracted.
Imagine that the attraction for a girl is like a volume button, it increases with time, whereas for men it is instantaneous: either you want to sleep with her right away or you will never want.

It’s the same for comfort, girls need time to be comfortable.
A kiss is still something quite intimate, she needs to be comfortable with you before you can do it.

So be tolerant, give her time if you want to kiss a girl.

If she rejects you once, do not take it personally, just take it as an indication that you have gone a little too fast, spend more time with her, be naturally attractive, put her at ease and try again later .

And when she refuses your kiss, change the subject and do not show yourself affected or angry, keep talking as if nothing had happened.
If she realizes that you are affected, she will lose her attraction for you.
You can show empathy (“excuse-me, it’s a little early” for example), but it’s not mandatory.

Just stay normal and try again later.


Do not spend most of your time wondering when to kiss this girl you like, as she intimidates you.

Too much to think about, you will end up missing an opportunity at the exit of the restaurant, then a second at the club bar, and then many hours later you will end by kissing her on hercheeks, like a good little boy!

Follow the feeling.

The best seduction advice remains to follow your desires and not to think too much.

The first kiss is and must be a magical moment guided by instinct.

If the first adate is often the opportunity to get to know each other, the most audacious seducer also sees it as the perfect opportunity for a first kiss, but only when she seems to be receptive and open to receive this kiss from you.

Notice some signs and get her ready for it!

Her body language says it all and can help you gauge your chances of success.

She wiggles her hair, she caresses her neck, she smiles for no reason or she has her bust turned towards you, these are signs that invite you to go for it!

But you can also test your chances by getting her ready for a kiss.

Start by taking her hand, caressing her face, her hair… as long as she lets you do it, you have the green light.

Pay attention to how she behaves during the conversation.

There is no single sign that someone wants to be kissed, various things in her behavior can help you to know if she is ready for a kiss.

When to kiss a girl?

What matters most is the level of commitment you share between the girl and yourself.

Body language will guide you on the way to the kiss, she has to receptive and open for a kiss.

One thing is sure, if you kiss her, it will mean that you expect something more afterwards.
Whether it is simply sex or a serious relationship, this act can be experienced as too engaging for her.

Ideally, you should invite her directly to your house at the end of the evening. I advise you to kiss her when you can consider going further in the immediate future: it works best.
It is more natural to kiss your target in the comfort of your sofa or bed facing a film than in a public place.

If you show tact while flirting, she will rarely object to going further in the evening.
It’s not about rushing on her once you’ve kissed her.
You can consider going faster when you have set up a comfortable atmosphere where she will consider a kiss something totally natural.

It is absolutely necessary that you work on the atmosphere of this first kiss.
You do not not kiss a girl anywhere, at any time, a certain romanticism subsists in certain girls.
Girls will not hesitate to tell you that no, it’s not possible because it’s not the right place, it’s not the right time.

To give you more tips about when you can kiss her, consider that if you have had several indicators of interest, you can try your luck.

Here are a few:

She looks at you intensely.
She smiles a lot.
She even laughs at your bad jokes.
She looks at your lips.
She puts on more makeup when she goes to the bathroom.

Women usually prefer to send signals rather than verbalize their desires.

This is part of a seduction game where you need to have enough social and emotional intelligence to understand what’s going on.

Women particularly appreciate charismatic men who understand these subtleties.
It is a mode of communication quite distinct from men who are more likely to verbalize and to make their desires logical.

How to kiss a girl?

The best way to do it is the most natural of all: stop talking, enjoy the moment of tension and kiss her without saying anything.

There are a thousand ways to initiate the first kiss, and the most interesting for you will be to improvise something that fits you. If you are not in a creative mood, stay with the last solution which is by far the best and most appreciated.

Kissing is simple. Just dare!

Kissing a girl for the first time, it has to be natural and fun.

A kiss is part of seduction.
The bottom line is not being too serious and recreating a romantic scene in your head.
You want to kiss her because you like her and because she likes you too.

You need to have a sexual interaction, with intention (to look at her with intense and playful eyes, to be near her, to be tactile).
So be more tactile at the beginning of the interaction, you have to touch her.
Once you’ve gotten closer physically, that you are comfortable touching each other, it’s time to kiss her.

Don’t wait to long to kiss her (otherwise it means that you are too friendly, you present yourself as a buddy and not like a future boyfriend or fuck friend).
In the case of a date during the day, you can take your time, talk with her, put her at ease, etc…

When you are very close to each other, when you kiss her, or you have your arm around her neck, or you dance together… you can:
– Touch her hair near her face.
– Touch the back of her head, gently.
– Kiss her on the cheek and see how she reacts.
– If she reacts well, kiss her quickly in the neck.
– If she reacts well, bring your face closer to her and see how she reacts.
– Make an Eskimo kiss (nose against nose) to get you closer (optional, but it can help if you are really scared)
– To finish, if she reacts well, you can kiss her.

If you wait too long, it will be harder to kiss her afterwards.
She will Lose her attraction for you, and it goes away because she sees that you do not have the balls to take initiatives and to overcome your fears.

So, in short, if she sees that you can not kiss her by fear, you do not grasp the pole she is holding out to you, she will repel you.

But later on, when you are more experienced, you will be able to choose not to kiss them so they will run after you (but do not do that if you’re still learning).
With time, it will come by itself, you will see right away when a girl can be kissed.

How to kiss concretely?
– Ideally, put your hand behind her head / neck.
– Kiss her lips in a sensual way: the lower lip and the upper lip.

It is rarely useful to use your tongue right away, it has to be sensual and soft to make her happy and comfortable, she wants a romantic kiss first.
Slowly but surely.
Start with short kisses but sensual and romantic, she will love it.

Keep your sexual tension when you first kiss her, it has to be romantic, it’s not time for hot kissing with your tongue.

Another flirting tip, it is often better to kiss her away from her friends.
Iin a place where there are few people, because she may feel embarrassed if there are plenty of people next door ( Including her friends).

Remember that girls do not want to feel judged, so she will not do anything that could potentially be judged negatively.
So take her aside to kiss her: on the dance floor, in a corner of the night club / bar, outside, etc…

And the best of course is to take her home, watching a good movie and kissing her on a comfortable sofa, just you and her.

If she refuses your kiss but she stays, it is fine anyway:
Another thing, if you try but she refuses, it is not a drama, because you will still have progressed in the interaction.

Indeed, understand that if she decided to stay while you tried to kiss her and she refused, it’s because she likes you.

A girl has the opportunity to leave at any time. If she did not love you, she would just have to leave by making up an excuse (I’m in a hurry, I have to go see my girlfriends, I have to go to the bathroom, etc…).

So tell yourself that as long as she stays with you she loves you, even if she refuses to be kissed.

In rare cases, you will come across a girl who will never want you to kiss her, even if she has spent time with you (maybe she has a buddy and she sees the fact to kiss like something intimate…) but it will not stop her from sleeping with you.
Understand that kissing is not an indispensable step, it is just a gesture of physical rapprochement like another.
You can sleep with a girl without kissing her.
If you do not know what to do instead, you can kiss it in the neck for example.

She knows that you like her, some girls are sometimes shy to accept a kiss even when sometimes they would not say no but they choose to refuse it.
This can be very frustrating but women like to be desired or to show that she will not be caught so easily.
Otherwise it would be too easy, flirt and seduction is a path full of pitfalls! 😉

The art of seduction must be learned but above all, you will get results with practice and when it does not work, it will happen another time then.

You have here good flirting tips and seduction advice on how to know when to kiss a girl at the right time.
Body language is of course essential, these signs will be of great help before attempting a kiss.

Now, you just need to practice to be better at kissing and noticing when it’s the right moment to kiss a girl!

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