Xiaomi Mi Mix Smartphone, Design by Philippe Starck!

Xiaomi Mi Mix Smartphone, Design by Philippe Starck!

To flirt and seduce, you must impress and have class!

We do not talk about driving a Ferrari but having style is also having the best high tech gadgets of the moment.

It also shows that you have taste and that you equip yourself with the best high tech tools on the market!

So this requires a high-end smartphone that will impress women around you.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone is a killer, of course, its design is by Philippe Starck, the talented French designer  well known around the world!

Ceramic design, 6.4-inch screen, it is superb!

The screen is more than 90% of the surface of the phone.

No home button or speakers, there is a sound vibration System called piezoelectric system.

16 megapixels Camera, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory.
Apple Iphone is much more stingy on memory than its Chinese competitors.

This is the smartphone of the moment, it costs around 650 dollars.

If you want style and technologoy, buy it, you will get noticed by women and friends who will soon be jealous of your success!

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