This Ebook was written by Alexander Romero.

I wanted to share my knowledge in flirting and seduction after I noticed that many e-books are often very confused and often boring to read or downright useless!

Everybody deserves to be happy and to meet someone special in their life!

…in my Dating Guide Ebook:

  • I simply wrote the Seduction e-book I wanted to find myself when I wanted to know more about flirting and women.
  • Years of experience have allowed me to see and test what works in seduction with women.
  • To succeed in flirt, you must first know women and what they expect of a man who approaches them.

This Seduction Ebook is here to help you know what a woman wants from you.
How to prepare yourself by optimizing your look, your attitude and your speech to properly approach and seduce them!

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