10 flirting tips that really work

10 flirting tips that really work

1. Do not flirt:

The more you show that you want to fish, the more it will put off the person in front of you.

This does not mean that you don’h have to act as if the person in front of you does not exist and not answer questions or interact with her. On the other hand, being about (pretty much, huh, we know it’s not easy) natural, it helps.

2. Be honest about your ambitions

Are you looking for something serious or just an short story? Or maybe neither and you’ll see?
People like honest people who know what they want. Or at least who know how to pretend and do not wring their hands in anguish by radiating wetness.

3. Be funny and generous with each other’s humor

Because the purpose of all this is to have a good time. We do not ask you to joke to joke, but if you are not having fun together, it’s not worth it.
Be funny, prepare some jokes ahead of a date, it’s all about being prepared and pull out your aces when you meet girls to surprise them.

Look for some good jokes on the web and memorize them.

4. Tell her about new things she does not know

About movies, books, groups or countries that she does not know.
Rather than looking for common points to talk about, talk to her about things she does not know and that you can tell her about.

Trips, or whatever might seem interesting to tell her about.

5. Listen without bringing everything back to you

Well of course if you’re stuck in a psychological way in a conversation where the other is just evoking her ex, it’s complicated.

She will probably be happy to talk about her life, her troubles or her joys and it can be unpleasant if you interrupt every five seconds to tell a related anecdote as if you were trying to earn points.

Listen, women like when you listen to them.

6. Don’t play a role

Society tends to make gendered patterns, but needless to follow them to please.

In reality, the more natural you will be, the more the relationship and the dialogue can be established in a natural way.
Except of course if you have super awkward powers or you are part of a secret society, in which case you are advised to hide it.

7. Do not play the show man

The good thing about a show is that we chose to go and we know that it lasts two hours.

In real life, we do not necessarily want to meet the funniest, the most charming, the craziest and the most excited person in the world. We also enjoy chatting with normal people, otherwise we will take you for a nicely funny person but that’s it.

8. If you like each other, make her feel it

And above all, trust in yourself. If you have been chatting with someone you like for more than half an hour, chances are the other likes you in return.

In any case, to address the other in a personal way, using her first name, being attentive to what she wants, to highlight it not in an intrinsic way but in the quality of the moment spent together, it is a necessarily positive signal. And “you make me think of Shrek” does not fit into this positive category.

9. Try to turn the meeting into a unique moment

It’s in a bar?
What if you went together to do an evening activity that neither of you ever did?

During the day ? An unusual museum …

Yes, it looks like no such thing, but the idea of ​​making common experiences also allows us to draw the contours of a moment spent together not necessarily unpleasant.

Then, if the idea was just to find someone with whom to sleep tonight, there are other possibilities, eh…

10. Ask her for dinner

you will make your point and make her understand what you expect from her.

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