6 sex tips every man should master

6 sex tips every man should master

The best tips to give your partner the best experience.

Learning a few sexual tricks can make things interesting, can take you from mediocrity to mastery, and can lead to more intense orgasms (for you and your partner), but, you should know that all tricks are not the same, some work better than others and you have to adapt them as you go in your life.

In the Friends series, Monica gives Chandler and Joe a very good advice to be good at sex, she explains to them that when it comes to satisfying a woman, you have to make an effort and “prepare the ground” with a good foreplay session.

Monica knew that her friends were no longer 18 and not experimenting with anything new, she knew that they were approaching their 30s and that this is a time when a lot of things are starting to change.

At 30, your life changes, your body changes and your sex life changes (it’s hormones’ fault, it’s inevitable), and your sex stuff has to change too. Rather, you have to master a few, which does not necessarily involve crazy positions or weird toys, which make the sexual experience more effective and allow you to achieve a better result (i.e. a orgasm or an intense session that leaves everyone involved very satisfied).

It is true that not all sex tips and tricks, techniques or positions work the same for everyone, but it is also true that there are a few things you can do to make sure no one ends up. as disappointed as Arya Stark after this insignificant encounter with Gendry in the final season of Game of Thrones.

At 30 years old you are an adult, you need to take control of your life and master some sex tricks to keep your partner happy.

What are some sex tips every man should know?

Look for erogenous zones

In very general terms, the erogenous zones or those which have the most nerve endings and which produce the sexual response in the person.

Surely you know the basics, but, going back to Monica Geller’s diagram, there are a lot more you should stimulate before moving on to sex, like neck, back, thighs and a few more.

You should also what are the areas that turn your partner on.

See my article about how to arouse a woman.

The importance of romance and creating a mood

Women are ‘thoughtful’ when it comes to sex.

They are more emotional and need a little stimulation to get ready, so if you want everything to be okay you have to do some foreplay first, otherwise things will. can be very disappointing.

How to “act” more than once in a night

Women don’t necessarily experience round one orgasm, especially if you are a quick finisher, but by round two your body is already prepped and “turned on” ensuring a more intense response.

For this you can train your body to do whatever is necessary to be able to do it more than once, although it is also a good idea to use other techniques, like using toys or others. parts of the body.

The correct sex position

You need to know that the right sex position makes all the difference, and while you don’t have to experience all of the out there, it’s a good idea to try good things until you find something.

Something that works for both of you, and to do it without hurting yourself or causing an unfortunate accident.

Put your partner first

Are you one of those people who are only interested in their own satisfaction?

So, we have to tell you that you will never be good at sex.

You have to make sure that your partner is satisfied, otherwise you are just going to leave them frustrated.

How to seduce a woman

A big part of the success of sex (which is not always an orgasm) lies in the seduction, in the conquest, in creating a mood, in raising the temperature little by little and in the act of get to the point where the two are ready to rip their clothes off.

Seduction helps create an emotional bond so that women feel comfortable with you and know that you are interested, which is essential for good sex.

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