Health Benefits Of Having More Sex With Your Partner

7 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex With Your Partner!

7 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex With Your Partner!

So we have sex for the pleasure we get, share a physical intimacy and love with your partner, to make a child… but if you need additional reasons know that an active sexuality is good to the body.

Overview of health benefits of sex, shown by science.

1. Burns more calories

For the sedentary that we are in the majority, the opportunity to burn some calories must be seized on the fly. According to a 2013 study, sexual intercourse lasting an average of 25 minutes burns 101 calories in men and 69 in women on average.

It may not seem like much, but the more lovemaking and the more physical, the more calories you will consume. Notice to all people looking for thinness…

2. We fall asleep more easily.

Orgasm releases into the body a number of chemical mediators including prolactin, a hormone that promotes relaxation and sleep.

Sex as a cure for insomnia? To try, it’s safe.

3. It reduces tension, stress and protects your heart.

If you have to speak regularly in public or experience stressful events of this kind, be aware that according to a 2005 Scottish study, having regular sex helps reduce tension spikes and better stress management in general.

Moreover, according to an English study, men who have sex twice a week on average for 20 years are less likely to die of heart disease than those who have less than one per month.

After 10 years already this effect is felt since the risk of sudden death was halved for men in the first group compared to the second.

A result to put into perspective since people with fulfilling sex lives are often those who also have a healthy lifestyle.

But sex helps to regulate sex hormones which has a positive impact on the whole body and the heart in particular.

4. Some cancers are prevented.

While cervical cancer can be prevented by responsible sexual practices, an active sex life could prevent certain cancers such as prostate and breast cancer.

Several studies have found a link between the frequency of ejaculations and a lower risk of prostate cancer.

A recent Canadian study found that men who had more than 20 female partners in their lives would have a lower risk of prostate cancer.

A French study has shown that women who have sex at least once a month are less likely to develop breast cancer than others.

5. We are happy longer, as a couple.

Skin-to-skin contact and physical intimacy release oxytocin, the so-called attachment hormone.

Couples who hug each other often reinforce their feelings and thus their bonds.

On the other hand, having an active sex life may allow you to live longer, and the satisfaction and joy that comes with it, being the main causes of this phenomenon.

And continuing to caress and arouse desire after the age of 60 is as important in terms of benefits for seniors as having penetrative sex.

To live longer in joy with your partner, what more to ask for life?

6. Look younger!

If you have a fear of aging in your 40s or 50s, be aware that those in their forties and fifties who have at least three sexual intercourse a week look 4 to 7 years younger than those who have less, according to a study of 2013.

The causes of this better cutaneous appearance?
The chemical mediators released during hugs and orgasms (again them), the effects of sex on stress and sleep, the best hormonal regulation.

7. We have less pain.

Migraine as a pretext for not making love no longer holds.

According to a 2013 German study, it seems that having sex would, on the contrary, improve or even eliminate headaches and migraines.

Orgasm releases endorphins, these natural painkillers.

In addition, by increasing the blood flow in the genital area, orgasm could reduce blood pressure in other areas of the body such as the head, which also partly explain its pain-killing effects.

Sex brings a couple closer, which is nice for both people involved.

In addition, sexual intercourse temporarily reduces the intensity of mental disorders.
Finally, sex stimulates immunity and reduces the risk of cancer and heart problems.

That said, instead of putting your sex life with your partner on hold, try to revive it.

For many, there can certainly be more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to sex.

So, do not neglect your sexual activity.
Show this interesting article to your partner or even send it to your friends who do not suspect the benefits of sex for a couple but especially for the health of each individual.

Sex is good, consume it!

This can only improve your health and bring you closer to your partner to strengthen your relationship.

And if you do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, now is the time to find a partner!

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