How to flirt on instragram


The 3 best tips for flirting on Instagram

In order to be successful in approaching a girl online and hoping to conclude, you must have method.

Yes, gentlemen, seduction on social networks has its own characteristics!

So, to avoid getting blocked, here are the basic rules for dating on Instagram.

Approaching a woman on a social network is possible!

1. Optimise your profile: the basis for flirting on Instagram.
2. Establish contact gradually.
3. The catchphrase, essential to capture her attention.
And to go further…

Approaching a woman on a social network is possible!

With the development of internet, mobile phones and social networks sucha as Facebook or Instagram, our perception of love has changed completely.

And flirting on social networks has become quite an art.
You have to know how to do it, if you want to start a relationship with a girl on the web.

Among the various social networks available to you, Instagram occupies a prominent place.

More modern than Facebook, more visual than Twitter, more “serious” than Snapchat: it is THE social network par excellence to try to seduce online.

Thousands of girls are connected every day and get hit on often in a very heavy or awkward way.

So, in order to hold the attention of one or a few of them, you have to distinguish yourself from other men by your approach.

In this article, we’ll cover how to do it, to increase your chances of success.
Take note: seduction is just a click away!

1. Optimise your profile: the basis for flirting on Instagram

While it is true that at the base, Instagram is a social network dedicated to people who want to have visibility and meet others with the same center of interest as them, today the observation is no longer the same.

It is not uncommon to meet very interesting people by writing directly to people, especially girls.

But there you have it, the competition is tough. As much as you, there are many other men who target the cutest girls and don’t hesitate to approach them, just to give them a try.

In these conditions, it is not always easy to be successful. However, you must already be in the right position.

The right posture to flirt on Instagram is to pay attention to your profile.

For this purpose, you should put a good resolution photo, taken in a beautiful and fresh frame and highlighting you as well as your interests.

Next to your profile photo, you should not forget the hashtag by which girls can linger on your profile, in case they see there areas of common interest.

Also, be aware that Instagram is a very fun social network, where the requirements in terms of photo quality are very high.

So no more traditional selfies (there are millions of them like that!).
Prefer photos on vacation and holidays, or those on which you wear your best smile, with a relaxed attitude, and each time focusing on aesthetics and freshness.

We repeat: the idea is to stand out, to give you a cool and attractive image.

You have to sound like an attractive man, not a stalker or a man who PM contacts all the girls he sees on social media! 🙂

2. Establish contact gradually

It is not obvious that by approaching a girl and directly offering her a date, you can achieve your goal.
You are not on a dating site, the women you discover on the networks are not there to be hit on (basically)…

To flirt with a girl on Instagram and hope to conclude, you have to be more methodical.

With precise tags, start looking for a girl who shares the same interests as you.

Browse his photos and leave likes, to show your interest.
It can be a good way to start a conversation, instead of “falling out of the sky” directly into her DM and wanting to have a date.

Of course, it will take measure. There is no question of leaving endless likes on all photos.
She may take you for an imbalance, or even report your profile!

Putting well-targeted comments under one or two of her photos can also be a smart way to start a conversation, first public, maybe private.

To approach a girl on Instagram, after this step, you can suggest that she meet you on other social networks more favorable to the discussion, Facebook or Twitter for example.

As a good hunter, of course, you should not target a single girl but rather several, in order to increase your chances of having one or two ultimately interested.

If one doesn’t answer you, be a gentleman and don’t push it.
This is one of the basic techniques for seducing a woman.

3. The catchphrase, essential to capture her attention

Flirting on social media is usually not easy.

And when you have to approach a girl on Instagram, it’s even trickier, considering the likely large number of people like you who covet her.

So, you must get her attention by the first message you send her; the famous catchphrase.
While there is no standard rule in this area, it must be said that there are certain types of sentences that (very) often work.

Starting the conversation by showing yourself mysterious from the start will ensure that you get a response back to your message.

So forget the classic “Hi. I’m Simon, how are you?”.
Too classic, too boring, too far-fetched; by reading such a message, she will certainly say to herself “Another one…”.

Whereas if you approach her by saying instead “I know yo’ve been told already…”.
To flirt on Instagram, this is the kind of phrase that is sure to arouse her curiosity and make her want to know better who is behind the screen.

By nature, women love compliments.
And Instagram is no exception to this principle when it comes to flirting.

So, to approach a girl on the famous network, you can start to compliment her on her photo, focusing on subtle details like her eyes, her smile, and not her plunging neckline, no matter how you feel like it.

Some women appreciate more direct approaches.
So, to approach a girl on Instagram, you can capitalize on this aspect after one or two answers obtained, by sending a “I want to get to know you”, or “Do you want to have a drink with me?”.

This kind of sentence has the merit of being direct, and of clearly indicating your intentions.
If she’s interested, she’ll let you know bluntly.
Otherwise, she will block or ignore you.

At least you will know soon enough and you can move on to another girl then.

Make her laugh

Finally, capitalizing on your sense of humor, to make her laugh, would also be a good idea to flirt on Instagram.

Humor has an ounce of originality that wise women can appreciate.

So if you have confidence in yourself, you can play this card.
A message like “Italian or Chinese cuisine?” Will certainly attract herattention, and will make you interesting from the start.

You can also approach a girl on Instagram by evoking your common points, after having browsed her profile: in short, there is no shortage of solutions.

The key to success is simply to avoid behaving like a heavy guy who only searches for sex online.

In this age of social media, the romantic seducer still has a bright future ahead of him!

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