Pubic hair removal for men how to properly shave your penis and genitals

Pubic hair removal for men: how to properly shave your penis and genitals

If there is a subject that men are particularly passionate about, it is… hair removal!

Or, to be more precise, the intimate shave like pubic hair, genitals hair.
Each year, thousands of readers ask me about pubic hair removal, how to shave your balls, tips for shaving pubic hair.

In this article, I will try to answer all your questions on the subject: why do men wax their penis? How to shave your genitals hair properly? With which products?

In short, everything you always wanted to know about men’s intimate shaving without daring to ask!

Why you should shave your balls?

Simply because women and girls prefer to see and enjoy clean and shaved balls during sex.

Soft skin is more enjoyable than hairy genitals, and that’s the same for women genitals, do you like to give a cunnilingus on a hairy pussy? No.

Women are the same, during sex or blowjob, they will enjoy shaved or waxed balls and genitals.

Why do men like to wax?

So it’s no longer a secret: hair removal is popular among men.

And we are talking about waxing the body as a whole: armpits, torso, even legs, but also … sex. Oh yes, gentlemen!
Women love men who remove hair

Moreover, the subject is not only of interest to men and the figures are there to prove it: a poll, carried out in 2017 for the Wilkinson razor brand, reports that 46% of women believe that it is important that a man waxes himself to be attractive.

A proportion that climbs to 56% for the 25-34 age group.
So if women like bearded men, they are also likely to favor well-groomed males!

But while it is quite easy today to go to a beauty salon to have their body waxed, this is much less true for men who want to shave their pubis or balls.

So, how do you easily shave or wax at home? Which products to use?
We tell you everything you need to know about a close shave.

Depilating sex is aesthetic and hygienic

Hair removal or shaving of the pubis and testicles have undeniable aesthetic benefits.

Know that the “virgin forest” atmosphere is no longer attractive, gentlemen!

In addition to this sexual connotation, hygienic reasons are also regularly invoked.
The hairs are accused of promoting the development of bacteria and therefore bad odors.

Their depilation or their shaving allows to limit this kind of inconvenience.

Be careful, the skin is sensitive and the hair is often thick in these areas.

That’s why we’re going to give you some tips and techniques to adopt (or avoid) to get started with hair removal or intimate shaving with confidence.

Our advice for proper waxing or shaving your pubic area and private parts

Intimate hair removal with a razor: be careful!

Intimate shaving with a traditional razor is the most frequently used method.

Disadvantage: it requires regular care, even if it is quick and practical, in the “maintenance” phase.

Because it will take patience the first time to overcome pubic hair.
The use of scissors is even recommended for “brushing” before shaving completely.

But beware! On the testicles, the risk of cutting is greater given the fragility of the skin there.

It is also advisable to warn you against a rather unpleasant risk; severe itching frequently occurs during regrowth.

Regarding the choice of products, Gillette released an “all-terrain” razor, the Gillette Body, which is very effective for shaving the penis.
We have talked about it several times on Bestflirtingtips, but really, we recommend it!

Finally, as with shaving the beard, we suggest applying a moisturizing lotion to soothe and protect your skin after the blade has been through.

The must: apply a little talc to find a real baby’s skin and avoid redness!

The electric hair trimmers: we do not recommend!

Regarding the electric epilator or hair trimmers, the answer is simple: it’s no!

Usually borrowed from a woman, these devices are not designed for male hair removal.

Especially because our pubic hair is much thicker and more abundant than that of female genitals.

Painful operation in perspective.
This is because the trimmer cannot pull out all the hairs at once, and may even break some of them.
This then promotes poor regrowth and increases the risk of ingrown hairs. In short, the next step…

Depilatory cream and foam

Hair removal creams and gels have several advantages for intimate hair removal.

Practical and quick to use, they are also painless.

Among the most effective products, a depilatory foam is specially adapted for men’s privacy: Sold in the form of an applicator pad, this mousse is easy to apply and takes only a few minutes to work.

However, beware of allergies!

Most dermatologists advise testing the cream on a small area of ​​skin before waxing.
Depending on the type of skin, depilatory creams can indeed be the cause of irritation or allergies.

Finally, just like shaving, depilatory creams and gels simply destroy the hair on the surface.
Regular monitoring is therefore necessary to prevent unwanted hair from growing back too quickly.

Waxing: you have to suffer to be handsome

Waxing sex is painful, but oh so effective.

It has the advantage of lasting quite a long time (between 2 and 4 weeks) and leaves the skin feeling soft like baby’s skin.

Institutes generally recommend using hot wax, rather than strips of wax that you warm by hand.

The intimate hair is particularly dense, the latter are not effective enough.
You should know that it is easy to make your own oriental wax at home: it is cheap and very effective!

Finally, be careful, the wax must not be applied to the mucous membranes, which are much too fragile to withstand such treatment.

There is no danger for the pubis and buttocks, but great caution is recommended on the testicles, whose skin is thin and fragile.

Therefore, absolute ban on waxing the inter-gluteal fold with this technique, the mucous membranes of the anus would probably not resist it.

Intimate hair removal in a salon: the must

Although more and more institutes are now accepting men, not all of them practice intimate hair removal.
So make sure you ask at the time of the appointment.

More expensive, this method has many advantages.

Hair removal is perfect, performed by professionals and lasts up to 4 weeks.

For those who want to be done with their pubic hair for good, laser or pulsed light sex hair removal can also be an ideal solution.

You just don’t have to be embarrassed if a pretty beautician approaches your dear anatomy!
But don’t worry, the people who work in these institutes know how to put you at ease.

Products recommended for shaving or waxing sex

Now you have all the cards in hand for waxing or shaving your private parts.

Be careful to choose the most appropriate method according to your hairiness, your skin type… and the result you want to obtain.

In addition to the products we have already told you about above (Gillette Body razor and depilatory foam in particular), we will end this article with two articles that we have tested and approved for you as part of an effective intimate hair removal and painless :

Gillette Body hair removal gel: prevents irritation and makes shaving easier;
Borotalco talcum powder: leaves skin soft after shaving, with a pleasant scent.

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