Best places to meet girls in 2019

Best places to meet girls in 2019/2020

What are the best places to meet women?

These questions, we will see the answer in this article.

Where to find women?
In the lines that follow, you will discover the places where to hang out in order to meet women.

For each of these places, I will give you some tips and tricks that will help you to seduce girls more easily.

We will also talk about the traps to avoid and some rules to follow depending on the location.

Let’s go :

1. The street:

How to approach a girl on the street

Going to talk to a woman on the street can be scary. And it may seem weird when you have never tried.

Yet it is one of the best places to meet women, a continuous flow of girls.

You can meet people quickly and relatively easily.

It just takes a bit of practice, see my article about how to approach a woman in the street.

I particularly enjoy meeting people in the street because you can be yourself.

It’s not like in a nightclub where everyone is drunk and made sure to look nice to differentiate themselves from the competition.

In the street, there is none of this.

No stress, no competition, no noise (with the exception of noisy areas with a lot of traffic, avoid these noisy places).

Talking to a girl on the street, you can straight forward and you have the advantage that she will be taken by surprise like a deer in the headlights. You are in control.

This is the most natural and best received approach.

A smile, a hello, an exchange of name with possibly a small compliment, then the meeting is launched.

It’s simple but it works.

What will really make your approach work is your attitude: your body language, your facial expression, your look, your voice …

In short, how you are going to make her feel when you start talking to her, the emotions that you will communicate.

If you are comfortable, sincere and confident, your approach is likely to succeed.
Which will not be the case if you are ashamed and do not assume your desire.

How to meet women? What you feel about the moment, the girl feels it too.
Emotions are contagious that’s why you need to smile, you will get her to smile too.

It is for this reason that training to approach women in the street will allow you to progress.
It forces you to communicate in an attractive way, practice first with regular people on the street, asking them your way or something else to get used to approach people you don’t know, strangers.

You also get used to taking action in the presence of fear (because in the street the fear of the approach is often very present).

And if a girl is not interested, the next is not far. ๐Ÿ˜‰
That’s what you need to keep in mind, some girls will say yes some won’t but some will, you just need to find the right one and for that you need to meet more women.
It it does not work, well, you will probably never see that woman again anyway.

It’s a meeting place that has no limits.

When you know how to do it, the street is really the best place to flirt.

2. Dance classes:

Tango lessons, salsa lessons, rock classes, hip hop, latin dance, etc…

Dance classes are great places to meet women while learning to dance too.
You kill two birds with one stone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The trap to avoid: don’t look like a horny dog as the concentration of women in one place will make men suspicious to the female audience.
Like a wolf in a room full of sheeps. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do not try to flirt with everything that moves during the first session… Get to know the place, show that you are there to learn to dance too and not staring at their butt.

Go step by step.
Focus first on dance, not on women.

And take the opportunity to expand your social network.
You can meet girls there that are not necessarily about dating.

You can very well make friends (including girls, who may have friends to introduce you later).

A dance class is a great place to meet women as they enjoy this kind of activity.

3. Museums:

The museum is a place to meet women that we rarely think of.

However, you can meet a lot of pretty girls there too.

I am thinking in particular of major museums but there are many others.

You can approach women in the same way that you would approach them in the street: by being yourself, without taking the lead with a lot of ultra sophisticated techniques that some “gurus” or “experts” in seduction pretend to have.

You can also use an indirect approach, using a work of art that the girl is scrutinizing, the best way to approach a woman in a museum, share her interest in something.

The museum is an excellent place to meet a few cultured girls who are interested in culture and civilization.
There are also many tourists, some of whom are very open to new encounters.

See my article about how to flirt with a tourist.

4. Your social circle:

Friends in common is one of the easiest ways to meet people.
The big advantage of this way of doing things is that you are pre-validated by your friends.

In other words, the girl already perceives you as having a certain social status and already give you a minimum of confidence.

She does not need to be reassured.
It’s not like in the street where she does not know you and is suspicious of you.

When your friends introduce you to girls they know, they know you’re not a psychopath or a dangerous lunatic.

They know that you have some attractive qualities (since you’re friends with their friends).
It reassures them, and it makes them want to know you more.

This is why cultivating a quality social network can allow you to meet many women and seduce them relatively easily.

It allows you to have more options, and therefore to be less in need, and therefore naturally adopt a more attractive attitude.

5. Parties with friends:

Private parties at friends’ houses are my favorite evenings.

You are invited to a party with someone you know.
A certain number of people are invited.

The atmosphere is festive, without the inconvenience of a nightclub (where the girls are more suspicious of the guys, and therefore more difficult to approach).

Here, since it is a private party, you are pre-validated (see above what we just talked about, your social network).

It’s one of the easiest places to meet women.
If you do good, you can even score on the spot.

Generally, it’s a great place to meet new people and expand your social circle.
This allows to meet even more girls thereafter.

6. The supermarket:

How to approach and flirt with a woman at the supermarket

The supermarket has the same advantages as the street and it’s a great place to meet women.

You are quietly shopping, looking at women in the supermarket and what they buy, you can guess what kind of life they have.
If they are single or not, have kids, etc…

As to approach a woman on the street, keep it simple.

A smile, a hello, an exchange of names followed perhaps by a small compliment, and the conversation is launched.

Do not try to make it any more complicated (unless of course the situation does not lend itself to a good contextual approach).

The girl must not perceive you as a clown, but simply as a normal (and confident) guy who is not ashamed of his desires and who assumes them.

The best way to do so is to spot a woman looking at something and to start talking about it with her.
She’s looking at some wine, maybe she needs some advice.
She’s looking at pasta, tell her which one you like.

See my article about how to approach a woman in a supermarket.

7. Clothing stores:

The advantage of clothing stores is usually that you can find a lot of pretty girls in one place.

Besides, the best streets to flirt with are often the shopping streets where there are several clothing or cosmetics stores.

In the case where it is a store exclusively for women, two possibilities to justify the fact that you are in a store for women while you are a man:

Either you have seen the girl come in and have followed her inside to talk to her (in this case do not wait too long and approach her quickly after she enters).
Either you are looking for something to offer to a friend or a member of your family. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’d rather be honest and only go into the clothing store if I saw a girl that I like walking in, and then go to it (unless I really have a feminine item to offer).

Now, of course, if it’s raining, it’s a good excuse to stay in the store for a while, waiting for it to calm down.

8. College and university:

College, university, school … if you’re a student or have student friends, it’s a great place to meet pretty girls.

If you are a student, make sure you sympathize with a lot of girls who could potentially introduce you to sexy friends.
In short, broaden your social circle within your college or university so you can meet more girls.

If you are not a student in the school or school but you know a few people, you can take the opportunity to meet girls when you go there.
Or just walk around on campus even if you are not a student, you have a drink there and see the girls around.

One of the big advantages of this kind of place is that a lot of pretty girls are there.

Some nice places to approach easily: the coffee machine, the smoking area, sometimes the hall …
Basically areas where the girl is static and where you can engage in a conversation without stress, posed and without any headaches.

If you are a student apply for dance classes and activities where women go.

9. At work:

How to flirt at work and seduce a female coworker

I am not very fond of dating or flirting at work but I have to admit that many times i have met nice girls that i went out with.
Women that I met at work, an easy place to talk to them like a the coffee machine of course !

Depending on the company and the sector where you work, you will be able to meet women, more or less often.
Both within the company itself and during meetings and external cooperation.

Be careful however:

Flirting with a colleague or female coworker at work can be risky.
If it does not work, it could lead to some discomfort with the colleague in question.

So, be careful flirting with some women at work, just go slowly to see if she seems open to your approach, go step by step.

Work is a good way to expand your social circle if you prefer not to date a woman at work, they can introduce you to their girl friends then.
An indirect way to meet women

See my article about how to flirt at work.

10. Nightclubs:

How to flirt in a club

A classic place to flirt yes I know.

This is the favorite place for most guys.
There are girls in large quantities, they are beautiful to be seduced, the atmosphere is festive and easy contact.

Depending on the night club, it can be more or less easy to meet people.

Your chances of success will depend on several factors, two of which are:

the ratio of men to women.
the time you arrive.
If there is one girl for every 10 guys, you will have a harder time than if there are 3 girls for a guy.

So make sure you go to a club where the ratio of men to women is not at your disadvantage.

And make sure to arrive early enough (it is often easier to approach women when there are not too many people in the club).

And to get into clubs more easily, bring girlfriends with you (it will allow you to be perceived as more attractive by the other girls in the club).

See my article about flirting in a night club.

11. Bars:

Bars (and especially dancing bars) have the same advantages as clubs.

Generally, they open earlier (but also close sooner).
You can go there before going to a night club.

Bars are often a good place to find girls with whom to go clubbing afterwards (which can be useful for entering a select club).

See my article about flirting with girls in bars and also how to flirt with a waitress as there are not only female customers in a bar but also good looking waitresses.

12. Public transportation:

Who has never met a beautiful stranger on public transportation?

Whether on the bus, in the subway, on the train… We all saw one day a pretty girl with whom you would have wanted to get to know her.

Public transportation, and everything that goes with it (I am thinking in particular of subway hallways or bus stops), is an excellent place to meet women.

The simplest configuration is to sit quietly next to the girl you want to approach.

Because in this case, to initiate the conversation is easy: you only need to use an indirect approach with the help of something that she is doing (for example reading a book or playing on her phone) then to follow on something else, without pressure.

13. Dating sites:

A large number of men and women gather there to meet people, you can see them on photos and you know that they are looking for someone too.

There are a multitude of dating sites on the web, not to mention mobile applications (such as Tinder, Happn …) that complete all these channels of dating.

As for in a nightclub, to seduce effectively on the internet, you have to know how to stand out.
Both in your approach and in your profile on the dating site in question.

Here, your physique plays a more important role than in the “real” life, because the girl will have less elements to judge (you will not be able to use your body language, your facial expression, the tone of your voice, etc …) but you can have a nice smile on the pictures in your profile.

You’ll also be in direct competition with a lot of other guys that will not be easy to stand out from (the only things which will differentiate you will be your photos, your description, then subsequently the messages you will send).

Depending on the dating site/app and where you use it, you will have more or less success.

See my article on how to increase your chances on a dating site.

14. Social networks:

Even if in the case of social networks, women do not sign up for the purpose of dating, you can meet people in the same way.

In fact, it works much the same way as dating sites: you contact an unknown woman by sending a message, then you manage the conversation.

You should know that as on sites and dating apps, there is fierce competition: a lot of guys rush to dating sites or social networks in the hope of meeting a girl.

Therefore, a pretty little girl will be probably receive dozens of messages every day or week, and will not usually be interested.

Many girls are saturated by messages from guys.

That’s why I prefer to meet women in real life.
Because in real life, all this competition found in the virtual world does not exist.

Most guys do not dare to take action and their game is too fragile to be a real competition.

See my article about how to flirt on Facebook.

15. The gym:


At the gym, we sometimes meet pretty girls.
And the well-fitting sportswear helps to heat desire ๐Ÿ™‚

Like for a dance class, it is advisable to calibrate your game of seduction, in order not to annoy a girl who just wants to train quietly.

For this reason, you will go smoothly.

No pressure. You will see this girl several times over the weeks (it’s not like a stranger you meet in the street).

If there are not many people there, you can afford to approach her in a rather direct way, asking if she is new and/or what is her name.

On the other hand if there are a lot of people around (and thus a high social pressure), go more smoothly:

For example, you may ask her to help you or assist you with an exercise, give her advice (provided you are credible and you know what you are talking about), ask her about an exercise she performs (girls are often stalled in exercises of legs because that is what they emphasize on), etc…

Find the best place to flirt at the gym, it can also be at the coffee machine or at the water fountain.
You can take advantage of her rest time between two exercises to start a conversation.

Know how to observe and act accordingly.

Keep in mind that you can approach this girl several times, over several sessions, until you are no longer a total stranger to her.

You can also approach a woman at the entrance or exit of the gym, in which case you can do it more directly.

I wrote an article about flirting at the gym.

16. The beach/swimming pool:


I have met several girls on the beach and at the pool (especially at the beach).

It’s the holidays, and everyone is open to new encounters.

You can start a conversation naturally, in a relatively direct way.
Or propose to these ladies to join you for a game of beach (beach volley for example).

The best way to meet girls at the beach is to share activities and to have fun together, that’s why they go to the beach, to have a good time and have fun.
Don’t forget the song by Cindy Lauper, “girls just want to have fun!”

Read my article about flirting with girls at the beach!

17. Meet girls at a coffee shop:

A coffee shop like starbucks is often filled with pretty girls who come to hang out, play with their iphone or their laptop computer.

You can easily sit there and look around to see if there are some good looking girls sitting there or you can just wait until one walks in.

The other advantage is that you can easily observe the girl before approaching her and see what she is doing to find a topic to go talk to her.

See my article about flirting in a coffee shop.


You can meet women every where and you will come across many women everywhere.

What will really make a difference is your ability to seize opportunities.
It’s your ability to take your courage with both hands to take the first step, much more than the places where you will flirt.

The key to success is to practice to get used to approach women and talk to women you have never met before.

Practice on regular people, asking them your way on the street, etc… You will get used to talk to strangers.

Any place can be a good place to flirt and meet women.

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