Dating and seduction tips for people over 50

Dating and seduction tips for people over 50

Dating and seduction tips for people over 50.

After years of couple life, not easy to go back to flirting and dating!

We have changed physically and we are afraid of having lost our ability to seduce…

  • But what is seduction after 50 years?

Its definition is far from that of physical appearance: a pretty person is not necessarily seductive, whereas a person less spoiled by nature can be enormously seductive.

Seduction is first and foremost a way of being, of listening, of coming into contact with others, of knowing how to make a person interested in you.

So if I meet you for the first time and you differentiate yourself from others by your listening and generosity, I will not forget you and I will want to see you again because of this little something special…

  • Seduction has nothing to do with age either.

Seduction has a very specific purpose: to convince the other that one is made to be together.

Easy to say. But when you have lived with a person for 25 or 30 years and you find yourself alone overnight, you are more than 20 years old.

Will I still be able to attract and seduce?
How do I behave?

  • Let us be reassured: love has no age.

Intelligence, playful character, humor, empathy can make you special to someone else.

As long as there are single men and women, and no matter what age, you can hope to find the ideal companion.

The big problem, as people get older, is to find people available.
There are, of course. But you have to look a little longer and expand your social network.

Over the years, you can, indeed, count less and less on the entourage to introduce you to someone, the network of single friends having shrunk.
Nonetheless, family members can give you a little help by showing you their unmarried friends.

And keep an eye open!
At the restaurant, someday, you might notice someone who will give you frequent glances.
You never know where you will meet someone interesting.

Moreover, do not hesitate to start a conversation with people. Even without the intention of seducing, chance can do things well.

Strangely, it is more difficult for a woman of a certain age to find the chosen one of her heart than for a man of the same age.

It is because the more you advance in age, the more women there are.
Another problem: women of this generation are accustomed to seeing men take the first steps.
They do not dare to take the lead.
They also know that men tend to choose partners younger than themselves.
Interesting: this phenomenon is now seen more and more in women too, which widens their choice!

  • Research in psychology demonstrates this: the happiest couples are those who share the same interests and values.

But to discover a partner similar to you, it is necessary to know yourself well.

To do this, you have to work on yourself.
Ask yourself what you love and what you do not like, about your desires, your interests in life, your projects.

Then, try to meet people with whom you would have the chance to share the same experiences, the same leisure, the same values.

You love reading?
There is a high chance to meet interesting people in bookstores and book clubs.

You want to meet dedicated people? You volunteer.

You love dancing? You go to social dance clubs.

You must go! The more you meet people, the more your social network is developed and more, statistically, you are likely to meet someone.

  • You need to broaden our horizons.

It is never too late to discover new passions and to meet other people.

Do not hesitate to launch invitations.
Simple and not too engaging however, like taking a coffee or going to the movies.

After the date, one calls to thank the other for the charming evening in his company.
The other one has to do the same in return then.

Let us not forget: we have assets that young people do not have: our life experience, our culture, our maturity… Wealth to exploit to initiate exciting conversations!

This is known to psychologists: the most anxiogenic situations for the majority of people are the romantic encounters! In fact, every time we meet someone, our behavior is changed by this anxiety.

Some people will even prefer to stay alone and avoid any encounter with a suitor rather than face this stress.

Others will accommodate themselves with the first-comer, preferring to be less anxious with someone who does not suit them at all than to be more anxious with someone who suits them.

To get by, you must first accept that anxiety is part of the encounters in love.

It must also be realized that the other person is living the same thing as you.
Already more reassuring!
Then you have to face it. The more we expose ourselves to seduction situations, the more we invite people, the more we come out with different people, the more anxiety decreases.
You can also apply various relaxation techniques, including breathing, to better control your stress.

  • If we fear so much love encounters, it is often for fear of rejection.

It’s normal to fear rejection.

However, we must learn not to be paralyzed by someone and to overcome this obstacle.

To achieve this, you must interpret the rejection for what it is.
Rejection does not mean that you are worth nothing; It only means that you are not the right person for the other one at that time.
The problem when you get rejected by someone is to think that your opinion is shared by everyone. It’s wrong.

  • Seduction is not innate, it can be learned.

Seduction is first and foremost the ability to communicate with others, both through gestures and voice.

To master the art of seduction, you must first become aware of your qualities and highlight them, know how to initiate a conversation and know the basic rules of courtesy.

And when you pay attention to your look and appearance: when you feel good in your skin and in your own beauty, you can seduce anyone!

  • Finally, you must know how to use all the winning behaviors: a glimmer in the eyes, a pervasive smile, a subtle brushing of the hand of the other…

On the street, you can also hold her arm while walking.
It is a warm sign that also means that the other person attracts you. Nice way to initiate an intimate contact.

To seduce, you must also have a good listening.
Taking the time to be interested in what the other says is definitely a plus!
If you do not want to listen, it’s because the relationship will not get anywhere!

People also have a weakness for funny, dynamic people who do not just talk about their illnesses and problems.

If one feels bad about oneself, if one is hardly separated or mourning, it is not time to go to the singles market. It’s doomed to failure.

  • Besides, do not tell everything about yourself during the first dates.

Numerous studies have shown that the more intimately and quickly a person is revealed, the more uncomfortable will be the other person, and will go away.
In the beginning, we show ourselves in its most favorable light and we discuss current affairs, travel, leisure.
The more you advance in the relationship, the more you can approach intimate subjects.

Essential: look straight in the eyes.
If a pretender looks down, it’s a very bad sign.

The person could have things to hide!

And then to look in the eyes while speaking or listening to the other person is to make understand that this person is the only person in the world who counts at that moment.

Looks say much lmore than any declaration of love. Very, very seductive!

  • Above all, choose the right time to open your heart again.

The fear of loneliness is a bad counselor.

There is a risk of clinging to the first comer.

After a divorce or the loss of a spouse, we are demolished.
You must give yourself time to mourn the loved one.

Gestures to Avoid:
Talking – in pain or good – of your previous love experiences during a date.
Problems, money, politics, sex and gossip are subjects to be banished at the beginning of a relationship.
Going too fast in business: your date will run away.
Being tolerant. The person is funny, kind, intelligent… and a little overweight. And after?
Those who select people for a physical detail may find it very difficult to find someone.
In short, give the chance to know better the other person before making a judgment.
Acting like a comedian. Showing humor is good. Doing too much is catastrophic.

To meet new people, to date, to flirt or for a lasting relationship for people over 50, you must above all know yourself, define what you want.

You must also erase “false fears” in order to be confident.

Better still, you must highlight the assets that you have acquired with age: maturity and experience.

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