Questions to ask on a first date

Questions to ask on a first date

Questions to ask on a first date.

You have a first date with a girl, so you will have to talk to her.

So we ask ourselves what we can say or ask as questions to spend time.

Questions to be interesting and to make her talk.

This is not a job interview so do not stress yourself.

She is also anxious during a first date, flirting is to do the talking.

Questions to show that you are interested in her is what she wants to see and hear.
Not someone who is only going to talk about himself and who does not show any interest in the person he has in front of him.

So here are some examples of questions to ask during a first date.

Simple topics such as:

You can talk to her about where you are and ask her if she’s ever been here before.
This makes it possible to talk about this place and her habits.

This allows you to move on to travel and ask her if she likes to travel and where she went the last time she traveled.
You can talk about other trips you have made and see which trip she would like to do next time.

The kind of discussion topic that allows you to talk a good amount of time and see if she is adventurous or prefers to stay home.

What kind of music she enjoys listening to, an important subject to see if you have something in common about music.
If she likes hard rock music and you like rap music, it might be complicated for a common relationship.

If she has a pet. Very important subject, depending on you too, if you like animals yourself or not.
You will see if you have this in common.

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What she likes to eat. You will see if you have anything in common, if she likes sushi and you don’t, you will have to find other common dishes for future outings to the restaurant.

The movies and TV series that she likes to watch, if she likes “Friends” and you like “Breaking Bad”, it might not work out but hey, fortunately, there are often movies and tv series that we like to watch together.

So here you have some topics to talk with her and questions to ask on a first date.

I talk about it more in detail in my ebook of course.

Flirt and seduction is a series of steps to come to score with a girl.

The questions to ask on a first date are a step to know better the girl you are flirting with and trying to seduce.

The girl is of course waiting for the man to do everything and to lead the conversation unless you come across a talking machine.

So you need to have some discussion topics when you meet a girl for a date or you can observe the girl you’re flirting with to ask her questions about her.

Simple discussion topics that will tell you important things about the girl you are flirting with and trying to seduce.

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