Why women moan during sex

Why women moan during sex?

Are women’s moans real or fake?

A woman who takes pleasure does not scream “naturally”, there is no correlation!

Female orgasm is very powerful, stronger than that of men. So they often make noise during love.

But it’s not mandatory: do not be disappointed if you have not awakened your neighbors.
Your partner may have an intense feeling, and not scream!

It does not mean either that if your girlfriend is silent is because she loves what you do to her.
But it is possible that she appreciates your way of making love without screaming.

Women do not all groan like pornstars when they have fun!

What matters during the sexual act is the emotional feeling.
The sound your girlfriend sends back may be an indicator but it’s not an absolute proof of your sexual skills or the pleasure she takes.

For example, most women particularly appreciate foreplay. Some never come during penetration but they moan.

Conversely, some women moan less during foreplay, while it is sometimes the most pleasant moment for them…

If she moans during foreplay, you’re on the right track.
In a survey, 9 out of 10 women said they preferred foreplay during sex (compared to penetration).

It is up to you to privilege communication, instead of establishing a barometer of noise.

Rather than wait for her screams during sex, ask her questions:
“What do you prefer in bed?” “Would you like me to be more manly? more tender ?… ”

Talking and communicating with her is the best way to succeed in sex.

Tell her to be honest and you will not judge her.
It often happens that women prefer a good cunnilingus to penetration!

Think of The Weeknd song “I feel it coming”: “Tell me what you really like; Baby I can take my time … ”

Moans improve your sexual relationship

Should we think that moans are only a decoy? No, they are even useful during sexual intercourse.

Two English researchers have proved that moans also allow a woman to relax her boredom, tiredness or discomfort.

So even if the sreams do not come spontaneously, it is your partner’s way of emptying their minds, of evacuating their stress and concentrating solely on you.

Have you ever been stressed because of work? Various problems? You can not get those things out of your head…
It’s the same for women! Moaning is a way to empty their mind.
To take advantage of the moment, even to do a little too much.

And imagine two seconds sexual intercourse without NO noise … it would become heavy (and that’s why we are afraid of silent women, frigid women etc …)!

That’s why women often like to be talked to during love.

If she feels more comfortable moaning because you have nothing to say, what is the problem?
This allows her to be more excited, you are a winner.

To moan artificially can also serve to guide you.
By moaning, she can seek to direct you to what she wants without telling you directly so as not to offend your ego.

For example, she may not be able to tell you directly “lick my clitoris”.
But if you touch it, she will moan to make you understand that you have just done something right.

Subtly, it directs you to what she likes… and it allows her to reach orgasm!

To conclude

Moaning does not mean that women feel a lot of fun, because sometimes it’s simulation.

Women moan to make us come, or to boost our ego.
Some women also moan because they enjoy it, some girls make more noise than others like some people talk louder than others.

But if they do, it is also to take advantage of the moment and to guide us.
So, do not be suspicious and just try to take advantage of the report you have.

Communicate before, during or after sex, this will be the best way to know if you are good in bed and progress together!

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