Cooking, a great way to make her come to your home or apartment

Cooking, a great way to make her come to your home or apartment!

When you flirt with a girl and see her on dates, you wonder how you could get her to come to your place.

Cooking for her is a great way to get girls come to your home or apartment!

You don’t have to be a chef or a great cook, you just need to cook something easy like some pasta and ask her to come eat at your place.

How she could refuse, you want to cook for her! 🙂

Girls and women love little attention like this, doing something just for them so that they feel special.

And cooking is even more special as most women think men can’t cook, which is kind of true.

The goal is to get her to come to your place and cooking dinner for her could do the trick if you are looking for some ideas.

If you can’t really cook, buy some food already cooked and tell her you prepared the whole thing, just make sure your kitchen looks like you really cooked before she came to your place. (Every detail counts)

Cooking can be a great seduction technique, and if you are motivated, you could also take cooking classes which is another way to meet women by the way. 😉
Learning how to cook simple dishes does not take long and you could impress your girlfriend or future date at your place.

Cooking at home or eating at a restaurant?

cook for her

When I am interested in a girl I like, while chatting with her, I subtly change the discussion by asking her the following question: “Do you like cooking or going to a restaurant?”

Most women, believing you to give them a Trick-Test, will obviously respond that they like to cook.
And that’s where they get hooked.

This allows you to go on: “Actually, it will be a great pleasure for me to cook for you someday. But then you have to do the dishes!” With a smile, of course.

She will be surprised for sure!

Cooking for her does not mean to be a trap, and you have to do things the right way.

I also make sure to plan something after dinner at my place: go see a movie, have a drink in my favorite bar (when no curfew prevents…).
It puts my target at ease with the idea of coming to my house. She knows she’s not just going to “come and have sex.”

The important thing here is to send her the following message: “I’ll cook for you, yes, but I don’t expect anything in return. We’re going to eat, have a good time getting to know each other better, and go out for a drink afterwards…”

Your target will be amazed by your self-confidence.
Especially, if you know how to communicate your intentions well: all that interests you is cooking for HER. Nothing else.

Teaching her how to cook

And if you are a good cook, which some of you are, you have the big advantage to be able to teach her how to cook!

She would be even more impressed to see you at work.

You can also learn how to cook just to impress women, a great asset to seduce girls.

Besides cooking for her a good dinner, she will see you as a very skilled person.

What if she says no?

If she is interested enough, she will not refuse your offer. Believe me. If, on the other hand, she refuses, then you know what to do next. Just say: “Next”.

“Ah shame. You don’t know what you’re missing. Last week I cooked for my friends, no one wanted to leave my place after. I was even offered to start teaching!”

Anyway … you don’t have to say that, but if she keeps pushing your proposal, tell her: “So, you want to cook for me then?” She might say yes, there is always a way to get her.

Do not neglect anything at home to make her feel comfortable

clean your place

Now suppose she agrees to come over to your place for a super romantic dinner.

You must not sell the bear skin until you have killed it.
Indeed, your apartment must be super clean.
Clean the bathroom, the kitchen… put small candles everywhere… also clean your bedroom and make your bed. 😉

Prepare a towel for her, and why not, a toothbrush.
The last time I did this I got the best compliment of my life: “You are a perfect man, Alexander. A toothbrush just for me?”

What recipe or dish to cook to please a woman?

cook to seduce women

Back on topic. Now comes the moment of truth. What are you going to cook?

Don’t worry. Play it simple: Italian cuisine. It’s easy, cheap, and always works!
Tomato-mozzarella, lasagna, pasta, …

Buy good wine, baguette, mozzarella, strawberries, chocolate, and of course pasta.

Prepare a small starter with bread, tomato and mozzarella (a good burrata for specialists), nothing magic here.

Afterwards, why not some small lasagna of your own?

If you’ve never done it, do a little Google search, it’s ridiculously easy and you can do it in no time.

On the other hand, be careful if the lady is vegetarian, you could offend her!
But don’t panic, there are a multitude of veggie lasagna recipes!


cake and strawberry to flirt

For dessert, prepare a melted chocolate with the strawberries you have purchased.
And by the way, strawberries are sexy.
They are programmed into the brains of girls to turn them on. Believe me, “it always works”!

And if you can’t really cook or don’t want to do it, find a good place to buy the food already prepared and make things look like you did it, but be careful, you don’t want her to find out, be sure it does not look completely fake.

Getting her back to your home after the movie or a drink!

In addition to being good, this meal will be economical: all this will cost you around 20 dollars. No more.

If you go for dinner at the restaurant, then there you will pay around 50 dollars or more, and you will rack your brains: who should pay, me or her?

Usually, at the end of your date, the young lady will be really blown away and impressed. You have played a “unique” card and will easily score points, like a grown-up. Life is Beautiful !

If you feel like everything is going well then after your movie/drink at the pub you can celebrate your little victory.

Now that she has already visited your great apartment or house, psychologically speaking, she is comfortable with the idea of ​​coming to your place. It shouldn’t be hard to bring her back.

A little bonus tip to make her come to you

After your dinner, when you go out of your place, tell her that you have forgotten your wallet, so you invite her to go back to your place to get it.
When at your place, tell her not to close the door, because it will only take a minute.

During this time, she will naturally becomes more comfortable with your apartment, sitting on the sofa while waiting for you.
Convincing her to come back afterwards won’t be that difficult. 😉

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